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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam

Chapter 8: Armored combat uniform

A Tianyi mercenary is wearing a full-body armored battle uniform. The eyes in the helmet have the shape of sunglasses, and the smooth silver-gray armor has streamlined stripes from the body to the thighs. There are a pair of small thrusters.

Hearing the instructions, he entered a special simulated virtual room.

In front of him was an equipment weapon for simulated warfare, and the broadcast sound from the room instructed the mercenary to bring the equipment.

The environment of the room suddenly changed. There were a bunch of dilapidated buildings around. It could be seen that the buildings had many bullet holes, or were blown into broken rubble by bombs.

The mercenaries are in a dilapidated house.

The mercenary immediately hid behind the bunker, and the quantum exploration system immediately scanned the exploration environment within 50 meters with him as the center point.

Finding that there were three enemies upstairs in different rooms, the mercenary immediately activated the stealth function and sneaked upstairs carefully, without thinking of the sound of footsteps every step.

The three enemies didn't realize that the mercenary had arrived at the scene. The mercenary took out a military dagger and secretly killed the three enemies.

Then continue to remain invisible, walk out of the house, scan the scanner on the helmet, and scan to 3 enemies in different dilapidated buildings.

A warning indicator popped up in the mercenary's line of sight, and the invisibility ability was released in 20 seconds. The mercenary immediately hid in a building, and then released the invisibility ability to reveal himself.

A mission instruction popped up in the vision, and the goal was to kill the three enemies found.

The mercenary used the cover to move forward, ran to a sniper point, laid down the sniper rifle on the ground, and the small computer in the helmet had already calculated the distance to the target location and the wind direction.

The mercenary adjusted the scope of the sniper rifle, pulled the trigger with one shot, and the gunshot exploded the target's head.

The remaining two targets immediately took cover to cover their own safety.

The mercenary immediately shifted location.

After the snipe kills the second enemy, move immediately.

However, they encountered an enemy chariot on the way, and the turret of the chariot aimed at the mercenary. The mercenary immediately turned on the thrusters behind him. The moment the chariot fired, the mercenary flew into the air like a rocket.

When landing on the ground, use the propeller to rise and fall a few times and disappear in the building complex.

Then, many enemy infantry squads captured the mercenaries.

With the help of the dilapidated buildings and the thrusters behind them, the mercenaries used the high altitude and the ability to fight in the sky for a short time, and shot and killed the infantry squads who captured him one by one in the above way.

Then it fell straight down in mid-air, landed on top of the tank, pierced the top cover of the turret with a punch, and then threw a grenade inside the tank, turned on the propeller on the back and flew to a dilapidated place. A high-rise building, an explosion occurred in the chariot, and black smoke overflowed from it.

Finally, the mercenary found the third target moving in the high-rise building, and the mercenary killed the target with a single shot from a high place.

After completing the task, the environment changed back to its original appearance.

It's just that there is an extra tank chariot on the scene. The muzzle caliber of the tank reaches 145mm high-pressure smoothbore tank gun, and the muzzle is aimed at the mercenaries.

There was an instruction on the radio for the mercenaries to activate the defensive function [Stone] of the Armored Armored Uniform, and the mercenaries obeyed, and the entire uniform suddenly turned into a marble-like surface.

The tank fired a cannon and hit the mercenary with one shot, causing heavy smoke to erupt. After the smoke cleared, the mercenary was still intact, but the previously activated [Stone] function reached the threshold limit and could not be activated for the time being [ Stone], the appearance of the Armored Battlesuit has been restored to its original state.

On the other side, Long Fei and the team in charge were in the observation room observing the test uniforms of the soldiers and looking at the data given on the computer.

"Boss, [Stone] function has reached the threshold limit." The person in charge looked at the computer data and reported truthfully.

The other two members of the team were stunned. They didn't expect the armored suit designed and developed by the boss to have such a high defense function.

Because, a 145mm high-pressure smoothbore tank gun can directly penetrate the armor of light MS.

"Well, then test the ability to fight in space."

The simulated virtual room changes the environment again, forming a space gravity-free environment.

When the mercenary is testing, there is a balance function in the flight suit. When the mercenary is flying out of balance, the balance function will be automatically turned on, allowing the mercenary to immediately balance and continue flying.

Then it goes on to test combat in a space environment, and then to test combat capabilities in different environments, including at sea and at sea.

The propulsion of the armed combat armor suit can be replaced in different environments. For example, the propeller on the back will be replaced with a propeller propeller suitable for domestic combat.

Then test other special weapons, such as special electromagnetic rifles and sniper beam rifles.

Long Fei was very satisfied with the test results.

However, armored combat uniforms are expensive. A complete set costs 2 million yuan, which is much more expensive than tanks. Now the most advanced and expensive tanks cost only 1 million yuan in the universal currency. about.

Currently, Long Fei intends to equip the developed armored combat uniform for the designated units in his mercenary regiment.

The first reason is that the price is high and the cost of maintenance is not low. The second reason is that the number of mercenaries is not large. For the so-called infantry soldiers who are responsible for occupying and suppressing enemy bases, they can carry out land warfare, naval warfare, and space warfare. Such infantry are collectively called shock troops in the mercenary regiment.

The Tianyi mercenary group's shock troops currently only have about 500 people. πš’nπ§π‘Ÿea𝚍. π’„π‘œπš–

If all the arms of the mercenary regiment were equipped with combat uniforms, the Tianyi mercenary regiment would immediately go bankrupt.

Currently, Long Fei doesn't plan to sell the Armored Battle Uniform, he plans to wait until he develops a more advanced armored battle uniform before selling it.

On the way back to his office, he encountered Li Xiucheng talking with the mercenaries who were testing the armored uniforms.

The mercenary who tested the armored husband was a red-haired young man named Markway.

"Hello boss." x2

"How did you feel when you tested the armored suit?"

"My feeling is that it is very good in one sentence. Such a weapon can allow us to overwhelm soldiers and improve our survival rate on the battlefield."

"Ah That's good."

Long Fei returned to his office and continued to deal with the next work. Long Fei was thinking that it was time to develop a Gundam. Long Fei had wanted to develop something like W Gundam Zero Zero Gundam or Seed Gundam, but the materials needed were helpless. And so on, most of them are not available in this world, so we must find a way to find alternatives, and replace the materials needed.

Just like the Gundamium alloy developed by himself, it is even better than the data of the Gundamium alloy advanced.

Science fiction can be imagined on your own, but it is really very difficult to make reality.

The world's current technology like Gundam 00's solar furnace can't be made, Gundam Seed's phase-transfer armor needs some time to research, and Long Fei can only temporarily pass it.

Some of the technologies that Long Fei has produced so far have surpassed this world by at least 20 years.

Currently he has to use the technology he has mastered and possessed to develop the Gundam and other things that can be made.

Long Fei is now also developing something called a super energy furnace, which is a technology he took out from another science fiction novel.

If the super energy furnace can be developed, it can be used as the power required for the next Gundam to be manufactured.

Originally, there was a Minovsky-type thermonuclear reactor. If it could be developed, it would be more ideal, but the current technology cannot be developed at all, so the developed GM MS and Gundam all use other technologies as power sources.

The super-energy furnace is only a helpless alternative to the Minovsky-type thermonuclear reactor. Although the power energy produced by the super-energy furnace can be no less than that of the Minovsky-type thermonuclear reactor, the endurance is not ideal. If the energy is consumed indiscriminately, it may Combat is exhausted in less than ten minutes.

Long Fei stretched out his hand and rubbed his temples, and sighed in his heart: "When I came to this world, I knew these sci-fi things that I had seen in my previous life, but I don't know why I have the data and technology needed for these technologies. Theories are all in my head, I can take them out and put them on my computer or on blueprints for research, many things are feasible in theory but not in execution, or the current technology does not allow it.”

A few hours later, Long Fei stretched his waist, and suddenly remembered the golden bank card that his aunt gave him.

Check the amount of the golden bank card, a total of 10 billion Han and Xia coins, if the currency is exchanged for Han and Xia coins, 1 yuan is exchanged for 5 yuan of the universal currency.

"I didn't expect my aunt to give me so much money, so I can continue to develop more Gundam MS. In addition to the RX series, the GP series can also be developed."

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