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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam

Chapter 6: one against one hundred

"What's going on here? When did the Long family develop such a powerful mobile phone?" A middle-aged and young man said in shock watching the video of Yuan Zu Gundam's battle in a control room.

A younger man next to him is also frowning watching the video.

The older one is named Guo Fengmao, and the younger one is his younger brother Guo Fengyu. Both of them are members of the Han Xia family. The Guo family and the Long family are equally famous families, and they are in a competitive relationship in many aspects of business. , especially in all aspects, the two are fighting endlessly.

This time they hired the pirate group to capture Long Huijuan and force Long Dingkun to give up the competition in the next military ms bidding.

And in order not to show their feet, they also bought the ms and fighter jets of the Cowboy Lijian Country to cover up their eyes and ears.

But they didn't expect that the action of arresting Long Huijuan would lead to the mobile phone secretly developed by the Long family to participate in the war. It seems that the owner of the Long family loves this jewel very much, and even released the strongest mobile phone to protect the safety of his daughter. .

Guo Fengmao asked the announcer: "How many pirate mobile phones and fighter jets have been shot down by that special mobile phone?"

"Currently, it is estimated that more than 30 mobile suits and nearly ten fighter planes have been shot down, most of which are Japanese mobile suits and fighter planes from the Cowboy Kingdom."

"Continue to collect the combat data of this MS."

Long Fei has been fully concentrating on controlling Yuanzu Gundam to fight, and the cockpit has been beeping the alarm.

There have been enemy attacks in all directions, and most of the pirates' ms and fighters have locked him.

The rocket launcher's shells have long been exhausted and discarded. Now Yuan Zu Gundam still has weapons, a beam gun, a pair of beam sabers, and a 60mm Vulcan cannon on the head. The shield has been severely damaged, and the body has some craters all over the body.

While avoiding the enemy's shooting to fight back, a mobile suit held a solid sword and attacked the Yuanzu Gundam.

The distance between the two was too close, and Long Fei couldn't control Yuan Zu Gundam to avoid it, so he could only raise his shield to block the arrows. The severely damaged shield collapsed at the moment of blocking the sword, and the solid sword hit Yuan Zu Gundam's left arm, sparks were set off on the arm .

Long Fei controlled the Yuan Zu Gundam, raised his foot and kicked away the ms in front of him, and immediately shot through the opponent's cockpit, Long Fei hurriedly checked the damage of the Yuan Zu Gundam.

The left arm is currently slightly injured, but it is unlikely to cause serious problems.

Long Fei pressed the button to take out the beam saber, and Yuanzu Gundam held the beam saber in his right hand and the beam gun in his right hand.

Another mobile phone rushed to the back of Yuanzu Gundam, Yuanzu Gundam turned around, swept the beam sword with his left hand, and directly cut off the mobile phone behind the sneak attack.

Long Fei immediately stepped on a fast flight, dodging while shooting.

Long Fei attracted the firepower, causing less pressure on the others, and the others rushed to attack the pirate's ms and fighter planes.

"Leader, let's retreat, that MS is terrible, many of our brothers were killed by him."

"Captain, save us."

"Captain, I don't want to die."

Le Tai listened to the near-crying cries from the brothers, and Le Tai looked at the green dots on the radar. As time went by, the number became less and less.

Le Tai's heart was bleeding. His whole life's hard work had cost him a lot in this battle. Le Tai didn't want to suffer any further damage, so he had to issue an order to retreat.

The retreat signal flared up, and the ms and fighter planes of the pirate group fled back to the ship immediately.

In 15 minutes of fighting, Long Fei alone had already shot down more than 100 ms and fighter planes of the pirate group.

Long Fei's battle results can be said to be one against a hundred.

Long Fei also suffered some price, Yuan Zu Gundam's left arm was broken, Long Fei had already stopped the power supply to his left arm, Yuan Zu Gundam had dents of different sizes all over his body.

For such a result, Long Fei came to the conclusion that Yuan Zu Gundam's combat effect at such a level was somewhat ineffective.

The Yuanzu Gundam driven by Long Fei returned to the frigate.

In the picture, he also saw the mobile suits driven by his aunt's bodyguards, many of which suffered serious battle damage.

The Jim ms who saw Li Xiuming and the others in the frigate was also injured, either with a broken hand or a broken foot.

Long Fei walked out of the cockpit, took off his helmet, and handed it to the maintenance engineer.

Long Huijuan came to the scene and wanted to call her nephew to discuss things, but Long Fei directly ordered the eviction, completely ignored her aunt, and went back to her room to rest.

I didn't encounter any harassment in the next few days, and the damaged ms was almost repaired.

In the past few days, Long Fei directly refused his aunt's boarding, he knew what his aunt's purpose was now.

Long Huijuan has been refused by her nephew for the past few days. Long Huijuan understands that her nephew has seen her purpose, and knows that her nephew is refusing. Long Huijuan does not force her nephew, she feels that the future will be bright.

After arriving in the ancient country of Gangze, Long Fei didn't stop for rest, but returned directly to the factory.

Long Huijuan looked at the flanking frigate fading away outside the window, Long Huijuan shook her head and went to discuss business.

Seeing that I have a lot of bodyguards, they are still talking about the ms Yuan Zu Gundam driven by my nephew. The expressions of the bodyguards are full of shock and envy. Every bodyguard who can drive ms can't wait to drive such a powerful ms.

The battle data of the Yuanzu Gundam that Long Huijuan has obtained in the past few days, the data analysis is much stronger than the new generation of mobile phones developed by the Long family.

And what shocked her even more was that the armor of the Yuanzu Gundam was extremely defensive, and it was not destroyed after being attacked by so many shells. Such an armored dragon's arms company could not develop it.

"Strong attack power, astonishing speed, and jaw-dropping defense, such a mobile phone is enough to overturn the entire world. If a few such mobile phones appear on the battlefield, it may be enough to change the situation on the battlefield." Long Huijuan commented on the MS developed by her nephew.

"Miss, a message from the master." Qian Tong handed the phone in front of the lady.

Long Huijuan took the phone.

"Xiaojuan, are you okay?" Long Dingkun's kind and concerned tone came from the phone.

"I'm fine, Dad."

"It's fine, I've received the video and data you sent me, that MS was really developed by Long Fei?"

"Yes, Dad, it's a mobile phone developed by Long Fei. His mobile phone's code name is Gundam, it can also be called Gundam, and its name is Yuanzu."

"Then where is he now, is he by your side?"

"He's gone."

"Why didn't you keep him by your side?" Long Dingkun asked with a tone of reproach.

Long Huijuan smiled wryly: "Dad, Xiao Feifei guards against me like a thief. How can I keep him by my side? He doesn't even leave his contact information to me."

"Then you find a way to cheat his things over. These things of his are really important to our Long family. With these things, our Long family's strength will be further improved."

"Dad, Xiao Feifei is your own grandson after all. Why do you treat him so differently from other grandchildren?"

"That **** mixed with low-level blood, I have given him the surname Long. I am very kind, and I still want to love this bastard, it is impossible!" Long Dingkun raised his voice in the last sentence.

"Dad, if you treat Xiao Feifei like this, you will regret it sooner or later."

"What regrets will I have? Do you think this **** will threaten our Long family? It's already good for him not to kill him."

Long Huijuan took a deep breath to calm her inner anger, "Dad, if you want me to lie to my precious nephew, then I advise you to save yourself, I won't hurt him After speaking, Long Huijuan hung up the phone and threw the phone back to Qian Tong.

Qian Tong has worked for the Long family for many years, and knows that the head of the family has always loved the young lady, and the young lady's attitude just now, if it is the attitude of other young masters, prepare to be punished.

"Qian Tong, prepare the car, I'm going to discuss business."

"Yes, miss."

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