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Li Xiucheng has been very aggrieved these few days. He is in charge of entertaining Long Huijuan and Lin Yuehua in the ship, and has to find ways to avoid Lin Yuehua from time to time.

Who told Long Huijuan, the employer, to come to visit the frigate after paying so much money.

Long Huijuan did not expect that there are so few staff members in a frigate, and many tasks are automated and handled by machines.

Qian Tong and several bodyguards used to be retired special soldiers, and found that the automatic function processing in the frigate did not have such technology in their own country, Hanxia.

What shocked Qian Tong and the others was that the mobile phone called Yuanzu Gundam was not only beautiful in design, but also equipped with advanced weapons.

The ms equipped with weapons in many countries are live ammunition and physical weapons. Few ms have beam weapons. ms with beam weapons are usually ms belonging to special forces, or those ace-level drivers will have ms equipped with light weapons.

The captain of the frigate has been very helpless these days. This time, the employer is the boss's aunt. Although his luxury tourist spaceship is surrounded by nearly ten bodyguard frigates to protect it, he still finds them to entrust them with guarding.

In a huge fleet, they are the only frigate of the mercenary regiment, which makes them look very out of place.

Long Fei hides in his room most of the time, trying not to meet with his aunt.

"Xiao Feifei, my aunt wants to discuss things with you."

"If it's about the frigate and the automatic systems inside, I advise you to stop thinking about it."

"No, no, it's the mobile phone you developed, especially the mobile phone called Yuanzu Gundam, Auntie wants to talk to you."

"You give up on that, and I won't talk about it."

Long Huijuan would come to the frigate from time to time these days, in fact, the purpose was to talk to her nephew about the mobile phone he developed.

The Long family has its own private arms company. Long Huijuan wants to bring back her nephew, Long Fei, and if she tells her father about his talents, she might be able to persuade her father to cancel the marriage arranged by Long Fei. Long Fei stayed in the Long family to use his talent and make contributions to the Long family.

The siren sounded, and a pirate regiment consisting of dozens of pirate ships appeared.

"Xiao Feifei, are you going to attack?" Long Huijuan asked worriedly to Long Fei who was rushing towards the cockpit.

Long Fei didn't answer, and directly entered the cockpit.

The 4 MSs of the frigate were all dispatched.

The ten bodyguard frigates responsible for protecting Long Huijuan dispatched all mobile suits and fighter jets.

The mobile phones that Long Huijuan dispatched here are all [Annihilator] mobile phones developed by the Long Family Armaments Company, and they are also one of the mobile phones equipped by the Han Xia State military.

Long Huijuan dispatched 50 MS Annihilators and 20 Cheetah fighters.

The pirates dispatched more than 300 ms and more than 50 fighters.

This pirate flag features a pair of pistols and a wolf.

The name of this pirate group is [Lance Wolf], and the leader is a middle-aged man wearing a blindfold named Le Tai. He will lead his pirate group to appear here, in fact, it is to collect money and do things for others.

His employer's request was to arrest Long Huijuan.

In order for him to complete the task, the employer gave him 50 [Tiger Front] ms for free. This is one of the military-standard MSs of another powerful country, Cowboy Nation. One of the fighters [Wolf] has a total of 20.

"It seems that my employer is determined to capture this lady." Le Tai held a photo of Long Huijuan in his hand and said, "The whole team is dispatched to shoot down all the target ms and fighters, and capture the target .”

All the ms and fighter planes of the pirate group were dispatched.

Long Huijuan's troops can only adopt a defensive formation.

There is a huge disparity in the numbers on both sides.

But the pirates are always a rabble, and they always think that the pilots here are all retired from the army.

The battle between the two sides could not suppress each other for a while.

Bodyguards Long Huijuan, Lin Yuehua and Qian Tong ran to the control room of the frigate.

If it was normal, the captain might have shot the outsider directly, but it was the boss's relative who came, which made the captain very embarrassed for a while and couldn't do anything.

"How's that little Feifei?"

When the captain heard Xiao Feifei at first, his expression was a bit astonished, and he immediately responded: "Boss is fine."

Long Huijuan looked at the control room, except for the captain, there were only two other people who were responsible for reporting the battle situation. π˜ͺπ§π“·π˜³eπ‘Žd. π’Έπ’π‘š

At this time, there was a sound from the console of the captain's seat.

"Captain, currently our ship's missiles have locked on to 20 enemy mobile suits and 5 fighters. Do you want to launch missiles?"


The 30 missile wells of the flank frigates were opened, and 30 missiles were launched instantly.

Nearly a third of the locked-on targets were shot down, and the rest evaded the missiles.

"Captain, a total of 60 missiles are flying towards our ship, 60 missiles have been locked, and the distance from our ship is only 3 kilometers."

"Proximity gun fire."

All missiles were shot down, the last missile was shot down 450 meters from the frigate.

Long Huijuan, Qian Tong and several bodyguards were amazed at the result.

Long Huijuan was even more surprised that the operations of the frigate were completely handled by the automatic system, and the command of the operation was determined by the captain.

At first, Long Huijuan thought that the automatic system in the frigate was only responsible for maintenance and handling some logistics work, but she never thought that the automatic system could also handle combat operations. If this technology of her nephew Long Fei was brought back to the Long family, then her nephew would be the Long family. The great hero.

Because my nephew's technology can reduce the military's manpower pressure, etc., and it can also be used in civilian spaceships, and everyone will compete for this technology.

If the Long family masters this automatic technology, the Long family will receive countless benefits.

At this time, the bodyguard next to her whispered in Long Huijuan's ear, informing her of the current situation on the battlefield.

In the current situation between the two sides, the pirate group on the larger side was subtly suppressed by the smaller group.

"What's going on here? Why is our larger number suppressed by a smaller number?" Le Tai said angrily.

"Head, I found that the enemy has a mobile suit with a distinctive appearance, and many brothers were shot down by this mobile suit." An announcer reported to the commander.

"Bring me the photo of that ms."

Le Tai frowned when he looked at the photo of Yuan Zu Gundam in his hand. He suddenly felt that the matter of his employer hiring him was not as simple as it appeared on the surface.

"Damn, so you used me as a gunman. On the surface you told me to arrest people, but in fact you let my brothers die. You wanted to test the performance of the other party's newly developed ms, so that you can let me go. You can get the data you want." Letay analyzed the purpose of the people who hired him.

"How many brothers did that MS shoot down in total?"

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