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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam

Chapter 27: The Untold Darkness of the Cosmic Colony

Long Fei suddenly patted his forehead.

"Why am I so confused, the Minovs super-energy thermonuclear reactor has been developed for mobile suits, and it has to be developed for battleships, otherwise Albion, the Pegasus-class MS mothership, would not be able to use energy weapons to fight at all .โ€

Long Fei stopped the superconducting communication first, and first developed the Minovs super-energy thermonuclear reactor for the Ms mothership.

There was a sudden sound on the tablet table, and a line of words appeared, the person who came was Li Jiaming, Long Fei knew that Li Jiaming must be looking for him for something, so he sorted out all the drawings.

The door of the office opened, Li Jiaming entered the office, sat on a chair and reported to Long Fei.

"Boss, this is the list of new members." ๐˜ช๐‘›๐’r๐˜ฆ๐šŠ๐. ๐’„o๐ฆ

Li Jiaming handed over a stack of heavy folders to Long Fei.

Long Fei took it over to check, and quietly looked through the information of the new members. Some of the information of the new members made him a little curious.

"Among the new members, some came from asteroids? What's going on here?"

"It's like this, boss, the residents living in the colonial satellites of many countries have to pay many kinds of taxes, such as residence tax, housing tax, income tax, consumption tax, air tax and a series of taxes. Many residents are unable to pay. From these, after the tax, they will be thrown to the asteroid to be a coolie. It is called an asteroid if it sounds good, but it is not a large meteorite if it is ugly. The meteorite with a relatively large area will be transformed into some factories and so on. Of course, there are also some asteroids that are used as other Closer to home, those residents who want to join our asteroids are mainly exploited too much, plus they donโ€™t have enough food and clothing, and more importantly, the residents of those asteroids who join us are all of them. Asteroid, where there is no government, only gangsters, mercenary groups and other mixed forces, there will be some fights from time to time, the local residents can be said to be precarious, not to mention being able to eat a full meal, and feel comfortable all day long. It's all extravagant hope, they want to join us, for them, compared with the asteroid they live in, our side is a paradise, and..." Li Jiaming explained to Long Fei one by one.

Long Fei listened to Li Jiaming's 15-minute explanation, and he also understood these things. He didn't expect to hear such things for the first time after coming to this universe for more than three years.

"Commander-in-Chief, I know all about road tax, house tax, and income tax. What does air tax mean? Do you have to pay for breathing air?"

Long Fei looked at Commander-in-Chief Li Jiaming with a puzzled expression and asked.

"Boss, although it is no problem to manufacture air with our current human technology, the materials and machines required for manufacturing are very expensive. That's why many colonial countries charge this air tax. The air tax depends on the colonial countries. How much did you decide to charge?"

"Can't those residents buy oxygen generators?" Long Fei frowned and asked.

"Most colonial countries do not allow it, otherwise they will be arrested for criminal offenses."

"It seems that the people of many colonial countries not only have difficulty in living and working in peace and contentment with three meals a day, but even breathing is becoming a luxury."

"Boss, in fact, not to mention colonial countries, even the earth is almost the same. There was an international war more than ten years ago, and there are still wars between countries in many regions. The people at the bottom are a group of people who are suffering. .โ€

"To put it bluntly, we have to take care of our own stomachs first, uh... After all, it seems that I have never heard of the air tax in the Michaon Kingdom and the surrounding countries."

"As I just said, many countries in the colonial countries have air taxes, and a small number of countries do not collect air taxes. Although the Kingdom of Mikaang is a small country, including the surrounding countries, they are all marginalized. Compared with other countries, the small country is relatively peaceful, and the people live and work in peace and contentment."

"In this day and age, it's a joke to be able to live a peaceful life, but then again, Commander-in-Chief, I just checked here. I found that some of the people you recruited from asteroids are still children, but no matter what Itโ€™s adults and children, their faces are yellow and haggard, and their nutrition doesnโ€™t seem to keep up. Is it okay to recruit such employees?โ€

Long Fei shook the file folder.

"Boss, they just can't keep up with nutrition and don't have enough food. As long as they can eat enough and supplement some vitamins and vitamins, they can receive training."

After hearing this, Long Fei checked the information and looked at the teenagers and children in those photos. Although he looked at these children as pitiful, Long Fei didn't want to be a saint, and he didn't think he could do it either.

"Commander-in-Chief, the teenagers and children of the refugees and the teenagers and children of the asteroid, the former signed a voluntary contract, but the latter did not sign a voluntary contract, but a prostitution contract. Is this okay?"

"Boss, in the earth circle, whether it is the contract you just said, the voluntary contract signed by children and teenagers or the prostitution contract are illegal. In the colonies, the relevant legal protection is very weak and even legalized in some countries. If it is those who were driven to the asteroid and used as refugees, trafficking and prostitution are very common. These problems have existed in the colony for many years, but no relevant laws have been amended, mainly because of the source of wealth of those in power behind the scenes in the colony One, this profit involves a very large industrial chain. No one knows how many people are involved in this industrial chain. Even if there is a law to be amended, even if a new law is established, these people will take advantage of loopholes. The people bought from the asteroids are not traded within the sphere of influence of any country, and the contract of sale will not only not protect the relevant rights of the sold person, on the contrary, we buyers have also been recognized and legally protected by the countries of the colonies in the universe.โ€

After hearing this, Long Fei thought for a while, and felt that this cosmic colony really had many hidden secrets that no one knew about.

"Then how do you buy these children and teenagers on the asteroid that you don't care about? For the local forces, they are their source of labor. Can the local forces agree?"

Li Jiaming made a money gesture: "As long as their parents agree in the local area, plus the jurisdiction is that the local forces only need to give a sum of money."

"As long as these teenagers and children are cultivated and educated, it will be easier to make them loyal to our Tianyi mercenary group."

"Yes, Boss, these children are living in despair. We gave them some hope, and then we only need to teach them that we are their savior. It is not too difficult to educate and cultivate their loyalty to us. gone."

"Okay, I'll leave this to the Commander-in-Chief."

"Yes, boss, there is one thing I want to discuss with you, boss."

Long Fei pushed the folder back to Li Jiaming, and asked, "What's the matter?"

"It's about armored combat uniforms."

"You want to know why I suddenly ordered a shutdown, don't you?"

"Yes, boss."

"The main reason is that I have developed a directed-energy laser weapon for shocking soldiers, and I am currently preparing for testing. After my simulation test, the armed combat armor suit cannot defend against directed-energy weapons, and the [Stone] function can only barely block it. It will be invalid in one hit, so I have to re-improved the Armored Armor suit, or I will re-develop a new suit."

When Li Jiaming heard that his boss had developed a directed energy laser weapon for suppressing soldiers, he couldn't believe it. There are many major countries in the world that are still in the process of research and development.

Hearing what the boss said, Li Jiaming let go of the reason why the boss stopped producing the armored combat uniforms.

"Boss, I understand, then I'll go down and do my work first."

"Wait a minute." Long Fei stopped Li Jiaming.

"Boss, do you have any orders?"

"That princess, send her back these few days."

"Yes, boss."

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