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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam

Chapter 22: Tested up to gp04 (Gerbera) Gerbera

"Here, I specially gave you this bowl of noodles." Li Xiucheng put a bowl of noodles in front of Long Fei.


Looking at the actions of these two people, Yue Yangchun didn't seem like an ordinary relationship between employees and the boss.

"Lieutenant Li, what is the relationship between you and the boss? You don't seem to be an ordinary relationship between employees and the boss." Yue Yangchun asked gossipingly.

Yue Baixue originally wanted to pinch his brother's waist, but his spirit of gossip was on fire, and he really wanted to know the answer, so he looked at Long Fei and Li Xiucheng.

"Hey, my boss and I have been childhood playmates since childhood, so we are fellow villagers. When he was about to set up a company, I happened to run away from home, so I went to fight the world with him."

"He actually has another purpose, which is to avoid his fiancée." Long Fei said unexpectedly.

Li Xiucheng's expression was a little embarrassed.

Sakeqi came to sit beside Long Fei with a tray in hand, and whispered a few words in Long Fei's ear.

"I see, you are solely responsible for it."

Sakechi lowered his head to eat, and there were only a few slices of bread, a few slices of ham, a few boiled eggs and a cup of tea on the plate.

Long Fei just finished eating the food he had served, and was about to eat the bowl of noodles that Li Xiucheng had just given him.

Li Xiucheng said suddenly at this moment: "Old Fei, you still remember Zhao Xinlin."

Long Fei, who was about to stuff the noodles into his mouth, paused.

"Of course I remember, why did you mention her?"

"Isn't it just that Lin Yuehua has been bombarding my original mobile phone messages, and I blocked her by the way when I deleted them. Among the messages, I received a message from Zhao Xinlin. She has been looking for you, and she wants to meet you. , Speaking of which, why didn't she send you a message?"

"When I left, I turned off all phone calls, information, personal websites."

"No wonder, she would contact me instead of you. By the way, not only her, but also your three sisters contacted me. Your three sisters also seem to be very worried about you."

"Who is this Zhao Xinlin?" Yue Yangchun asked gossipingly.

"The boss's ex-girlfriend is also his first love."

Many people at the scene looked at Long Fei. Many people were very surprised that the boss had also been in a relationship. Usually, the boss is a scientist who devotes himself to researching things every day. He doesn't look like a person who can fall in love.

Long Fei denied: "She is not my girlfriend, let alone my first love."

"Okay, I'm going to test the new Gundam later, give me a good test, don't lose the chain with me." After eating the noodles, Long Fei got up and packed his things, ready to test the data of the new Gundam.

Long Fei came to the hangar and looked at the three new Gundams developed, gp02 (Physalis) Physalis, gp03 (Stamen) Stamen and gp04 (Gerbera) Gerbera.

"Boss, you have developed these three new Gundam MS, but you haven't found a suitable driver yet."

Commander-in-chief Li Jiaming came to Long Fei, followed by sister Zhou Na.

Li Jiaming looked at the newly developed three new Gundam MS.

"Boss, you developed the gp02 Physalis Gundam equipment A. I was shocked when I saw the design. You actually wanted to equip this Gundam with a nuclear warhead. Although it is only a tactical nuclear bomb, I was shocked. , if you really dare to use it, you will really be wanted internationally."

"Commander-in-Chief, this is just a piece of equipment I imagined."

"Boss, although this is the equipment you imagined yourself, I also believe that you will turn your fantasy into reality one day."

Long Fei looked at Li Jiaming, then at his Gundam gp02 sour berry.

"If I really can turn my fantasy into reality one day, when that day comes, I will also have the strength to challenge those superpowers."

Li Jiaming's right eye twitched twice. He didn't know whether to say that the boss didn't know the heights of heaven and earth, or he was too confident in himself.

Li Jiaming thought that Gundam gp02 Physalis and several other equipment B and C are also powerful weapons, but they are still at a normal level.

"Boss, the Gundam gp04 Gerbera you developed has roughly the same combat concept as the Gundam gp01 White Orchid. Why do you want to develop this Gundam Gerbera? There is no such necessary Gundam." Zhou Ya looked at the Gundam gp04 Gerbera. Gundam speaks out his opinion.

"At first, I also felt that the combat concept was very similar, and there was no need to develop it. But after thinking about it, I decided to add some new tactical concepts to the original combat concept."

Long Fei took two steps forward, looked at the Gundam Gerbera and said, "First of all, the Gundam Gerbera has the extreme speed that the Gundam White Orchid doesn't have, as well as the mobility and superb response that surpass the Gundam White Orchid, equipped with powerful weapons, For this reason, I redesigned it, and the final tactical concept I gave to Gundam Gerbera is to go deep into the enemy's formation, break through the enemy's formation, and take down the opponent's commander."

"Boss, how fast is this Gundam Gerbera?" Zhou Na asked Long Fei.

"The speed surpasses all currently known ms. If the thruster is combined with the propellant tank and the Hurricane thruster, the speed exceeds that of the currently known fighter planes." 𝘪𝑛𝒏r𝘦𝚊𝐝. 𝒄o𝐦

The Zhou Ya sisters look at each other, and the fighters can now be the main force on the battlefield, but the reason why the ms is still unable to become the main force on the battlefield is that the speed of the ms is relatively slow, and it is difficult to lock the fast-flying fighters in terms of reaction. If the missile launched by ms is locked, the chance of ms stopping the missile is very slim, basically it will be blown to pieces by the missile.

Originally, ms was a useless weapon that would be kicked out of the battlefield. If it wasn't for the fact that ms could be loaded with powerful weapons and play a big role in suppression, otherwise ms would have already become a part of history.

Ms is currently in an embarrassing situation. Many arms companies are trying their best to solve the weaknesses of ms when they develop new ms.

Jim developed by Longfei is solving many problems of Ms.

The Gundam MS developed by the boss now is to surpass the speed of fighter planes, break through layers of encirclement, and take down the enemy commander.

Li Xiucheng and other Gundam drivers also came to the scene.

"At present, everyone is trying to test the Gundam Gerbera first." Long Fei gave instructions.

Li Jiaming asked a little puzzled: "Boss, why did you only test this Gundam Gerbera, and not the other two?"

"The armaments of the other two have not been successfully developed, especially the Orchis petals of the 03 armament storage system have not yet been successfully developed, and there is no need to test them for the time being."

"Boss, who do you want to test Gundam Gerbera first?"

"Then let's draw lots."

As a result of the first round of lottery, Zhou Ya may be the first test driver of Gundam Gerbera.

Zhou Ya put on the combat uniform, entered the cockpit, and started the test.

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