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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam

Chapter 21: Tianyi Mercenary Corps and Tianyi Arms Manufacturing Company expand their scale

The current attitude of the Mijia Anguo authorities towards Long Fei is always referring to him as Mr. Long before Mr. Long and after Mr. Long.

Strictly speaking, Mikaang Kingdom is a kingdom, and the real collective name is Michaang Kingdom, and the ruler who controls this country is the king.

The full name of the king of the Michaon Kingdom is Thracian Michaon. He is a king who is over 70 years old. He has silver hair. It's silver hair.

This generation of technological humans will live longer than the age of humans who will still be in space colonization.

If there are no accidents, it is common for human beings in this era to be over 120 years old. Now 150 years old is considered to be officially entering old age, and the current human beings have longer periods of youth.

Ages from 20 to 80 are in the young period, and those over 80 are considered to be middle-aged.

So the king of Thracian was still a young man.

King Sareth couldn't sleep well in the past few weeks, because there is a very powerful mercenary group and an arms manufacturing company that can develop powerful armaments in his country.

The past few days have made him very restless. He wonders if this private mercenary group will turn around and destroy his country.

Because of the great war more than ten years ago, there was a very large-scale mercenary group, which collected money from big countries and destroyed those small countries. He wondered if this private armed force called Tianyi Mercenary Group would also take money from other countries. Money, directly destroyed the Kingdom of Michaon.

The gray-haired Prime Minister Dutlan reported to him some national affairs.

"Your Majesty, I know that you have been troubled by the Tianyi Mercenary Corps recently. According to the information I got from the intelligence department, the Tianyi Mercenary Corps has no interest in our country at all. As long as we don't provoke them, we will be fine."

"I know, but I really can't accept that there will be a private armed organization stronger than the national army in the country, so I really can't sleep well."

"The old minister has a way. I wonder if His Majesty wants to listen?"

"tell me the story."

Dutlan whispered his solution in the king's ear.

"Can this work?"

"You can try it, and there is no problem if you fail."

Recently, the Tianyi Mercenary Group and the Tianyi Arms Manufacturing Company have developed very rapidly, and their scale has been expanding.

The Tianyi mercenary group currently has five bases, two of which are bases built by two other countries.

Tianyi Arms Manufacturing Company has also reached six manufacturing factories. In addition to recruiting some workers in charge of production, Sakchi has recruited some technical personnel, engineers and other related employees.

The earliest factory and base were used together, and the scale was not very large at that time, but now it has been expanded a lot, and Long Fei is still doing some experiments in the expanded area.

For example, in several specially-made rooms, some planting techniques were tested. As a result of the experiments, as long as conditions permit, some fruits and vegetables can naturally be grown. There are also several specially-made rooms for raising chickens, ducks, sheep, cattle, and pigs.

Long Fei would like to experiment like this, mainly because there was an old saying before that soldiers and horses are not mobilized for food and grass, and now that the scale is expanding, more and more food is needed.

When importing food, if an accident occurs, the interruption of the food supply will affect the morale of the mercenaries.

Long Fei thought that anyway, food imports should not be stopped, nor should they be reduced, but should be increased, but growing food is a backup just in case.

The food manufacturing company transferred from Sayama Taro has also expanded a lot in scale, and also used part of the production line as food supply for the Tianyi Mercenary Corps, producing some food with a long shelf life such as canned food and military food.

Another issue is the water source. Long Fei has also successfully experimented with the NEWater technology as a backup for emergencies, and the NEWater is used as a reserve water.

Of course, Long Fei also deliberately purchased the mineral water company, and the expanded production line was used as the source of mineral water for the Tianyi Mercenary Group.

Long Fei has been very busy recently, sometimes he didn't even sleep for six hours, and some dark circles could be seen in both eye sockets.

Long Fei was in the bathroom of his bedroom, holding the washbasin with his hands and looking at the mirror in front of him, recalling that his appearance in the previous life was completely different from the appearance in the current life.

In his previous life, his appearance was ordinary and obese, he wore a pair of big-rimmed glasses and his hair was messy. In addition to being interested in Gundam and science fiction, he was also slightly interested in history. If he had any other interests, he was interested in military affairs. Hobbies, and even study any technical theories on arms. Friends in previous lives also joked that he was a technical nerd in the military. He sometimes wonders about those technical and theoretical knowledge, etc., whether he is favored by God, or God is bored and teasing him.

Looking at the mirror's appearance in this life, there is a face of a frail scholar mixed with a tough temperament of a tough guy. If you want to say whether it is good-looking, it is still a bit handsome, and the figure is also considered strong. Long Fei also found that his weight is heavier than in the past few months Also lighter.

If Aunt Long Huijuan saw it, she would definitely say, "Xiao Feifei, you've lost weight."

Long Fei sighed, put on his clothes and went to the cafeteria to eat.

Whether it is the factory employees or the mercenaries, they are all very busy. Although there is an md automatic system in the factory, and related equipment such as mechanical arms can work automatically, there are still many places where manual processing is required.

For example, if there is a problem with some equipment, it still needs to be repaired by the factory's employees.

Many mercenaries and a few employees in the cafeteria are eating.

Meals include rice, noodles, bread, steamed buns, steamed buns, pancakes, dozens of meat and vegetable dishes, and 7 choices of soup.

There is also yoghurt, milk, tea, coffee, juice and soft drinks.

There are also desserts such as fruits, cakes, jelly, and syrup.

Whether it's mercenaries or employees, they can choose their own food, and they can eat as much as they want. The premise is that they can't be wasted. People who waste food will have their wages deducted.

The cooking team of the Tianyi Mercenary Corps and the Food Department of the Tianyi Arms Manufacturing Company are in charge of cooking.

Long Fei had given instructions to the employees, no matter if they were employees or mercenaries, they should eat enough food, but they should not waste food.

Long Fei added a bowl of rice, a bowl of egg soup, some meat and vegetable dishes and a cup of coffee.

Yue Yangchun and his elder sister Yue Baixue sat together to eat, Yue Baixue belonged to the cooking class, now it was her rest time, so she ate with her younger brother.

Yue Yangchun had already eaten a bowl of rice, a bowl of noodles and several side dishes, but he still felt that he was not full, so he ran to get a few fried chickens and came back to feast on them.

Yue Baixue frowned slightly, and advised his younger brother to pay attention to his diet, not to overeat, which would damage his body.

"Your brother is now in the developmental period, and his appetite will definitely be better than usual. Let him eat more."

"Hi boss."

Yue Yangchun, Yue Baixue and everyone at the same table greeted Long Fei.

It happened that an employee was full and stood up: "Boss, I am full, please sit down." He took away his dishes, chopsticks, etc.

Long Fei sat down and began to eat.

While eating the fried chicken, Yue Yangchun said, "It's the first time the boss sees you coming to the cafeteria, so come eat with us."

Many people looked at Yue Yangchun, Yue Yangchun blushed and wondered if he had said something wrong.

"You have been here for more than a month, haven't you seen me come here to eat?"

"I didn't see it." Yue Yangchun shook his head.

An old employee said: "I have been working here for more than three years, whatever the cafeteria does, the boss and we eat the same dishes together.

"Oh, I thought the boss was like those big bosses in the movie, sitting at a high-end dining table and eating delicacies from mountains and seas." Yueyang Chuntong said without restraint.

Yue Baixue reached out and pinched his younger brother's waist secretly, telling him not to talk nonsense.

"Sister, why are you pinching me?"

Yue Baixue stared at his younger brother, telling him not to talk nonsense.

"It's okay, I'm not a very affectionate person either."

After a few more mercenaries had their fill, "Boss, we're off to work."

Long Fei nodded.

"I said boss, you have lost weight recently, you should eat more." Li Xiucheng came to Long Fei's side, followed by Pani and Aviana.

The three of them ate directly at the same table as Long Fei.

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