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The war not only caused a series of problems such as injury and poverty, but also bred a group of thieves and terrorists and various organizations.

The biggest problem in the universe is the pirate problem. However, the problems caused by the pirate group have also caused many mercenary groups to receive a bunch of **** commissions.

When the Tianyi Mercenary Group was first established, there were no merchants who came to the door, but came to ask for entrustment. At that time, only some small merchants entrusted them to deliver goods, and the profits made at that time were very thin.

Later, after completing many **** missions for more than a year, it gradually became more and more famous, and many large-scale merchants have come to ask for escorted goods entrustment.

For more than a year, Long Fei developed Jim MS as the standard equipment of the Tianyi Mercenary Corps, improving the combat capability of the Mercenary Corps.

For more than a year, the mission has never failed, and even wiped out the pirate group that came to rob.

This caused more and more merchants to know the strength of the Tianyi Mercenary Group, and the entrustment information task box of the Tianyi Mercenary Group was full.

The Tianyi mercenary group now only has three frigates, which makes them overwhelmed with entrusted tasks, which makes Li Jiaming decide to ask the boss to expand the scale.

Long Fei looked at Sakeqi.

Sakeqi handed the tablet to Long Fei.

Long Fei looked at the report information on the tablet.

"President Sakki, Micah Anguo and other countries have asked us to sell Jim ms to them. The quotations of each company are different. Although Micah Anguo asked us to sell them at a price close to the cost, but they The terms offered are very generous.”

"Yes, boss, in addition to halving the tax they collected from us in 20 years, three of the abandoned meteorite factories near our factory were given to us permanently for free, and the black base energy stone was directly given to us. 50 tons, and some The materials needed for the construction were also given to us, and their condition was only to ask us to sell them eight GM MS every month for a period of two years."

"In total, we sold them 192 Jims."

"Yes, boss."

"How many Jims can be made in our factory in a month."

"The currently vacated production line, if the factory does not stop for 24 hours, it can indeed manufacture 8 GMs. If the production lines for tanks and fighter planes are also vacated and fully produced GMs, 18 GMs can be produced in a month."

"Then how long will it take for the current orders for tanks and fighter planes to be completed?"

"If we don't accept orders now, we will take a month to complete the orders we have at the moment."

"We accept the conditions of Mijia Anguo, and now we will stop taking orders for tanks and fighter planes, and then the vacant production line can accept orders from other countries to produce Jim ms."

"Okay, boss, then I'll get to work now."

"Well, let's go."

After saluting Long Fei, Sakeqi left the office.

"Boss, can I expand the size of the mercenary group?"

"Yes, yes, how many warships can our factory hold at present, let's take frigates as an example, how many more can we put in?"

Li Jiaming thought for a while, and replied: "At present, we can put two more ships."

"The factory is assigned to your workshop factory. You first manufacture two frigates and Jim MS, and recruit people to join our mercenary group. Then, when I get the three abandoned meteorite factories, one of them will be handed over. Here you go, transform it into a mercenary regiment base, so that you can easily expand your scale."

"Understood, boss."

After Li Jiaming left the office, Long Fei began to deal with the current work. Although the rx78 Gundam was successfully developed, its derivatives and follow-ups and other Gundams had to be handled by Long Fei.

Strictly speaking, Longfei's factory said that if the number of Tianyi mercenary group is not included, the number of people in Tianyi Arms Manufacturing Company, from the president to the cooks, does not add up to more than 40 people .

The reason why there are not so many people in the factory is that Long Fei uses the md system, that is, the intelligent automation system to operate the factory. Whether it is manufacturing mobile suits, fighter planes, warships or individual weapons for mercenaries, as long as the instructions are set, the work can be carried out directly .

This saves a lot of manpower, and the employees in the factory who are responsible for manufacturing are only dealing with some details.

Among the conditions that Long Fei offered to Mijia Anguo, the abandoned factory and tax cut in half did not impress him much, but the 50 tons of black-based energy stones did impress him.

The electricity needed by the factory he owns now was operated by solar panels and some fuel generators in the early days. At that time, the operation of the factory was very inconvenient. At that time, the md system was used to run the factory. It was very power-consuming.

The reason why Long Fei's factory was in such a situation at that time was that he didn't have much money in hand, and the black-based energy stone was very expensive.

Now he uses black-based energy stones to operate his factory, mainly because his company has sufficient funds and can buy black-based energy stones.

1 ton of black energy stone can make his current factory run at full capacity for a year, and the price of 1 ton of black energy stone has reached 100 million yuan.

Moreover, the black-based energy stone is only suitable for such functions as household electricity and factory electricity, and is not suitable for military applications.

Therefore, generally speaking, the factories of ordinary enterprises will not use black-based energy stones, unless the factories are operating for a long time or close to non-stop.

At lunch time, Long Fei went to the cafeteria to eat.

Li Xiucheng sat in front of him.

"Long Fei, are you driving the Yuanzu Gundam mobile phone you developed? Or will it be handed over to members of our mercenary group?" Li Xiucheng looked forward to Long Fei's answer, and he hoped that Long Fei would hand over the mobile phone to him. he.

Li Xiucheng believed that he was the best in driving mobile phone skills in the mercenary group. Although he did not reach the strength of an ace driver, he at least possessed the strength of an elite driver.

"I don't intend to hand over that Gundam to anyone. I'm currently driving that Gundam."

"Okay." Li Xiucheng couldn't hide his disappointment, and after thinking about it, he was relieved. The mobile phone driving skills of his old genius friend were superior to his. It can be said that there is really no one in the entire mercenary group. A bit of driving ms technology outperforms him.

The best ms is given to the best ms driver as a matter of course.

In the next few days, besides dealing with work, Long Fei also arranged some things.

After the third frigate was entrusted to complete the task, it returned to the factory for repairs, and the first frigate was commissioned and ready to go.

At this time, Long Fei arranged for himself and Yuanzu Gundam to take the first frigate, and Li Xiucheng was also a member who set off to take over the mission.

Long Fei would have such an action, in addition to wanting to test the actual combat ability of the Gundam, he also wanted to go out for a breath of air, because he had already stayed in the factory and hadn't gone out for several months, so he wanted to go out by the way. relax for a while.

Li Xiucheng and two other colleagues are making the final adjustments for his Jim MS in the hangar.

Long Fei rested in the room specially arranged for him.

In fact, there are less than 30 people in the whole frigate. In addition to the frigate having md system autopilot, in addition to the captain, there are only two members in the control room who are responsible for reporting and checking the radar. For cover, the captain directly issues orders to the md system.

There are also some automated machines inside the frigate. The frigate can be repaired. There are also some automated engineering vehicles for logistics. Most of the work of the maintenance staff is to give instructions to these machines, and some details are adjusted by the maintenance staff. .

The frigate is a brand-new frigate designed by Long Fei after a series of modifications were selected from many types of frigates in many mobile suit series.

The name of the frigate designed and developed by Long Fei is [Flanker], and it is also a frigate whose performance surpasses that of other countries.

A flank frigate can only carry 4 MS.

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