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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam

Chapter 15: synergy and suppression

Oni Yasha's full body armor, part of it split suddenly, and the split part emitted a gas like red lines.

"What's going on here?" x3

Sisters Li Xiucheng and Zhou Ya looked at the changes in Hei Yasha, although they didn't know what was going on, but with years of actual combat experience, a bad thought flashed in their hearts.

Taro Sayama looked at the information on the left screen, and the all-round performance of Oni Yasha was rapidly improving. On the Oni Yasha pattern was written [Enhancement].

The computer running in the cockpit is also running calculations quickly, and the power system, propellers, etc. are all running quickly.

"Let me see how powerful this booster function is."

Oni Yasha instantly sprinted towards Yuanzu Gundam Thunder.

"So fast."

Oni Yasha rushed to Yuanzu Gundam Thunder in an instant.

Oni Yasha instantly pulled out the beam saber, and swept it towards the waist of Yuanzu Gundam Thunder.

The Yuanzu Gundam Thunder held the beam saber to resist.

"What!" Li Xiucheng exclaimed, the siren came from the cockpit, and the data showed that the output of the enemy's MS was far superior to his, and the output load of Gundam's arm was about to exceed the limit.

Sister Zhou Ya came to the rescue immediately.

Kuroyasha immediately raised his foot and kicked the Yuanzu Gundam Thunder, and then avoided the shooting of the two Gundams in an instant.

"Damn it, it's too fast to aim at."

"Damn it, what kind of ms is this? It's just a bug."

The Yuanzu Gundam Thunder that was kicked away, if Li Xiucheng in the cockpit hadn't fastened his seat belt, he might have rolled over in the cockpit.

But it also made his chest tight.

Li Xiucheng suppressed the unhappiness in his chest, immediately controlled his Gundam to balance, and then rushed to support his companions.

Kuroyasha rushed in front of Yuanzu Gundam No. 4, and the beam saber slashed down from top to bottom. Yuanzu Gundam No. 4 blocked the beam saber with the beam saber.

"Damn, completely suppressed by him."

The younger sister immediately rushed to rescue her elder sister.

Yuanzu Gundam No. 5 held the beam saber and slashed to the other side of the black Yasha.

Kuroyasha took out the beam saber with the other hand and blocked the beam saber from Yuanzu Gundam No. 5.

"How is it possible!" x2

The two sisters exclaimed at the same time.

Kuroyasha held beam sabers in both hands, blocking the two Gundams joining forces.

And what shocked the two girls even more was that their two Gundams were suppressed by each other.

Hei Yasha suddenly turned backwards, and a beam of light slashed past where Hei Yasha had just been.

Li Xiuming came to support.

Kuroyasha pushed the propeller with all his strength, quickly rushed to the front of the Yuanzu Gundam Thunder, and instantly circled behind the Yuanzu Gundam Thunder.

"go to hell."

Hei Yasha's two beam sabers slashed directly like an X.

Fortunately, the Yuanzu Gundam Thunder had a pair of shield pendants, which temporarily blocked the beam saber and allowed Li Xiuming to escape immediately.

A pair of shields had been sliced ??in half, and Li Xiuming pressed the button to discard the remaining pair of half shields.

Sister Zhou Ya just rushed over at this time.

"This speed and flexibility are too fast."

"A mere pirate group actually has such an advanced ms."


The three scored 12 points, not daring to make a single mistake.

Kuroyasha rushed towards the three Gundams like a red shooting star, and could change direction instantly.

The suppressed ends of the three Gundams cannot look at each other.

The left foot of Yuanzu Gundam No. 4 was cut off, the right hand of No. 5 was cut off, and all the pendant armaments on the Thunderbolt were destroyed.

Originally, the head of the group gained the upper hand at once, which could have boosted the morale of the other pirates, but unfortunately, several Gundams had rushed into their camp and started killing, causing many of them not to notice the current situation.

Gaining the upper hand, Taro Sayama looked very excited. When he was about to kill a few Gundams, the siren sounded suddenly. Seeing a beam of light coming towards him from above, he immediately avoided the beam of light with the control stick.

Saw another Gundam rushing towards him.

"Hey, hey, is that brat getting a little too big?"

GP01 Gundam White Orchid rushed towards Oni Yasha with a shield in one hand and a beam saber in the other.

Black Yaksha rushed towards Gundam White Orchid like a red meteor like before, circled behind the opponent in an instant when bullying the opponent, and then prepared to kill with one blow.

Li Xiucheng and the others wanted to rescue them, but unfortunately they were too far away and the two mobile phones were so close together, so the three of them didn't dare to shoot.

He could only watch helplessly as his companions were killed by the enemy.

But what happened next made the three of them almost lose their eyes.

The moment Kuroyasha circled behind Gundam White Orchid, Gundam White Orchid also moved instantly, turned around, and the beam saber swept towards Kuroyasha's cockpit.

Kuroyasha had to block the beam saber with a beam saber. Gundam White Orchid fired a 60mm Vulcan cannon from its head, which instantly affected the opponent's screen, then blocked the opponent's other beam saber with a shield, and kicked it at into the cockpit of the Black Yaksha,

Fortunately, Kuroyasha's cockpit is still hard, otherwise Taro Sayama in the cockpit would have been kicked flat.

Taro Sayama suddenly fell into a state of confusion. He thought that the enhancement function had stopped, and there was still a minute to check the enhancement function.

"This guy was just a fluke." Taro Sayama felt that he had made a mistake for a while, and immediately rushed towards Gundam White Orchid.

The ensuing fight left Sayama Taro with his mouth open.

When the two MSs were fighting, the two MSs crossed each other several times in a row, but neither side took down the opponent.

Taro Sayama kept sweating on his forehead, and the more he fought, the more frightened he became. He didn't dare to imagine the opponent in front of him. If his booster function ended, he didn't know how ugly he would die.

Suddenly, Bai Lanhua Gaoda backed away to the side.

Taro Sayama didn't know what was going on at once. When he saw a light in front of the screen and a more intense siren sound from the cockpit, the light in front of the screen became bigger and bigger.

Finding himself locked on and unable to dodge, he can only immediately use the particle cannon on Kuroyasha's right shoulder.

Two beams of light collide.

The alarm sound from the cockpit informed Sayama Taro Kuroyasha that the thrust of his particle cannon was not as strong as that of the opponent, and the beam of light attacking him had broken through his particle cannon.

Taro Sayama immediately controlled the stick, allowing Kuroyasha to avoid it. The huge beam of light swept away from him, but the strong temperature of the beam directly melted the seat cannon on Kuroyasha's right shoulder, and part of the armor on his right shoulder Part of it was also melted away.

Sayama Taro's back felt cold. If he had moved a little slower just now, he would definitely be swallowed by the powerful beam of light. Check the current state of Kuroyasha on the side screen, and the reaction to the damage to his right shoulder has weakened.

The siren blared again.

The Gundam White Orchid struck him again.

Fortunately, Gundam Bailanhua only had a beam saber, so that he would not be at a disadvantage because of his inflexible right shoulder.

But after several fights between the two sides were staggered, Black Yasha's synergistic function officially ended.

"Oh no!"

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