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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam

Chapter 14: ghost yasha ms

Under the cover of the personal guards, Sayama Taro finally opened the door of his hangar.

The weapons in the hands of the pro-guards are not only rifles, but also rocket launchers.

This made it impossible for the mercenaries to take down the pro-guards in a short time.

After Taro Sayama entered his exclusive hangar, he looked at the MS handed over to him by the mysterious organization at that time. It was an 18-meter-high, extremely pitch-black MS that looked a bit like a ghost. It was mounted on both shoulders. Weapons, a beam rifle in the right hand, a long shield in the left hand, and a long solid naginata hanging behind the back.

He remembered that the organization called his ms Ghost Yasha.

Taro Sayama opened the cockpit and entered the cockpit, entered the password on the keyboard, and the pair of round eyes on the head of Oni Yasha MS showed a red light.

Oni Yasha ms was officially launched, Sayama Taro entered instructions on the keyboard to adjust the driving mode suitable for him.

"Before I took over the old man's pirate group, I served in a country. I was a pilot of the ms special team. After I took over the old man's pirate group, I still drove the ms to rob with the brothers. Now Let me see if the Ghost Yasha ms you are talking about is as good as you say it is?"

At this time, a big hole was blasted out of the hangar door, and countless mercenaries poured in. It seemed that the pro-guards had been eaten by the mercenary group.

At this time, the attack port on the top of the ms has been opened, the catapult platform is ejected instantly, and the ghost Yasha ms is dispatched.

"Call the command room, call the command room, the pirate group has dispatched a MS that has not appeared in the data."

Captain Fix received the report from the suppressing soldiers, and immediately notified all mobile suit drivers, noting that the other party dispatched an unknown mobile suit.

"Find the unknown ms of the pirates and start attacking."

Several GMs launched an attack on the Oni Yasha ms.

Ghost Yasha ms dodges precisely, the light beam fired by Jim ms.

Taro Sayama controlled the Oni Yasha ms to perfectly dodge the continuous beams coming towards him, and counterattacked at the moment of dispersing, shooting down Jim ms with one shot.

Several Jim MSs were shot down in a row.

"That mobile suit is too strong to fight him head-on, immediately call Gundam for support."

The remaining Jim MS near Oni Yasha took the initiative to avoid Oni Yasha.

"When you killed my men before, you had so much fun. Now that I'm on the stage, you all want to run away. There's no way."

Taro Sayama controlled Oni Yasha to rush towards a target, replaced the beam gun with a long naginata, and chopped down the target Jim ms.

Although the Jim MS immediately switched to a beam saber to resist, but helplessly, the Jim MS's output was not as good as that of Oni Yasha.

Within a few seconds, Ms' arm holding the beam saber exploded due to overload.

The long naginata slashed across, splitting the GM MS in half, and then the two halves of the GM MS exploded.

The appearance of Oni Yasha ms defeated many Jim ms one after another, and the morale of the pirate group who was about to drop to the bottom suddenly rose sharply.

Taro Sayama is very satisfied with the performance of Oni Yasha ms, this is the best ms he has driven so far.

Suddenly the alarm sounded from the cockpit, Sayama Taro dodged the control stick to the side, and a particle cannon passed the side of Oni Yasha's fuselage.

Taro Sayama looked in the direction where the particle cannon was fired.

Li Xiucheng drove his Yuanzu Gundam Thunder towards Ghost Yecha ms.

"This is the trump card of the pirate group, then let me try how strong your trump card is."

Oni Yasha fired the double-tube beam cannon on his left shoulder, and the two-barreled beam gun on the wrist of the Yuanzu Gundam Thunder also fired at the same time.

The two beams collide.

"What, the beam output of that ms is higher than mine?" Li Xiucheng screamed, the alarm sounded, Li Xiucheng pulled the control lever aside, and Yuanzu Gundam Thunder stepped aside.

Oni Yasha's twin beam cannons passed by the Yuanzu Gundam Thunder.

Then the particle cannon on the right shoulder of Oni Yasha was fired, and the original Gundam Thunder fired the particle cannon on the right shoulder at the same time.

The two particle cannons collided, and this time neither side could suppress the other.

Li Xiucheng pressed the beam saber button.

The two mobile suits directly engaged in a melee battle, the beam saber collided with the solid long-shafted naginata.

"One defeat, one victory, it seems that my Gundam's output power is stronger than yours." Li Xiucheng held the stick and pushed the joystick.

Taro Sayama listened to the siren from the cockpit, and the screen displayed the current status of Oni Yasha. Oni Yasha immediately pushed back and fired with the weapon on his shoulder.

Yuanzu Gundam Thunder dodges the opponent's shots.

The siren sounded again from Taro Sayama's cockpit, and he was locked on by other ms.

Oni Yasha flew upwards, and two beams of light shot across the bottom of his feet.

Taro Sayama looked at the screen on the right, and there were two more Gundams.

Zhou Ya and Zhou Na drove Gundam to the scene.

Sayama Taro looked at such a bad situation, the opponent was going to fight three against one.

Taro Sayama opens the public channel.

"I thought you were so strong, but it turns out that you are just a group of cowards who bully the few with the more."

"Excuse me, do you think this is a one-on-one duel of ancient chivalry?" Zhou Ya said in a disdainful tone.

"On the battlefield, there is only victory and defeat, understand? Mr. Pirate." Zhou Na said jokingly.

"Don't talk nonsense with him, let's go together." Li Xiucheng took the lead.


If it was one-on-one, Taro Sayama would have the confidence to win the opponent, but now it is three-on-one, Taro Sayama is under abnormal pressure now, and he dare not make a single mistake, otherwise he will be doomed.

"What are you doing? Hurry up and help me block two of them first." Taro Sayama used this public channel to issue orders to his subordinates.

Sayama Taro did improve the morale of his subordinates when he first appeared on the stage, but seeing his boss being besieged by three Gundams, the morale fell back to the bottom.

No pirate ms dared to help the boss.

Because his boss was besieged by three Gundams, he could only dodge and had no ability to fight back.

Oni Yasha blocked the front but encountered an attack from the rear. Oni Yasha did not dare to stop and had to dodge immediately.

Oni Yasha could only dodge desperately, the double beam cannon on his left shoulder had been destroyed, and the long naginata was broken into several sections.

"Damn, if this continues, they will kill you." Taro Sayama was very anxious.

Suddenly, the communication screen video of Taro Sayama's cockpit was hacked, and a video popped up on the communication screen video, in which was a confused figure.

"Mr. Sayama, it seems that you are in a difficult battle."

"Are you here to see my joke?"

"How could it be? Mr. Sayama is our important partner, why would he read your jokes, but there is one important thing that he forgot to tell you."

"Then say it quickly, or you won't have a chance."

"There is a red button on the right side of the right-hand control in the cockpit. Pressing that button can improve the performance of the Black Yaksha."

"Then why didn't you tell me before?"

"I'm sorry for the momentary mistake, but I have to explain that the effect of pressing the button is only three minutes. Once the effect is over, if you want to restart it, you have to wait for 15 minutes before you can restart it."

"okay, I get it."

"I hope Mr. Sagami will not forget that he must win a Gundam no matter what."

"Then you better hope I win."

The communication screen returns to normal.

Taro Sayama immediately pressed the red button.

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