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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam

Chapter 12: Taro Sayama and the Mysterious Organization

The two sisters, Zhou Ya and Zhou Na, were drinking drinks and wiping sweat with a towel in the other hand.

Zhou Ya's long hair was tied up, and her younger sister Zhou Na's long hair was tied into a ponytail.

The Gundam of the two sisters is undergoing supplementary repairs at this time.

In addition to the Gundams of the two sisters, there are also Long Fei’s Gundam No. 7 full armor and Li Xiucheng’s Gundam Thunderbolt (FA-78 with full equipment from Gundam THUNDERBOLT).

Long Fei was sitting in the cockpit of his Gundam, looking at the current battlefield situation on the screen with his arms crossed.

Li Xiucheng leaned against the railing and waited for the attack.

Long Fei looked at the screen, not long after the shock troops entered the enemy's camp, the enemy's rescue had already rushed over.

There are more than 20 modified spaceships, nearly 500 MSs and 80 fighters in the enemy rescue.

Almost let the enemy make up for the previous losses.

"The shock force depends on their ability to suppress the abandoned space transfer station as soon as possible."

Yuan Zu Gundam No. 6 returned to the hangar, the cockpit opened, Aviana came out, took off her helmet, revealing her blue hair with short shoulder length, holding the drink given to her by the maintenance staff in one hand to rehydrate her, The other hand held a towel to wipe the sweat, and now she also had to get a temporary rest to replenish her energy.

The Gundams of Zhou Ya and Zhou Na haven't finished resupply yet, and now another Gundam has returned for resupply, and the ms pilots who are fighting outside begin to feel the pressure.

Captain Fix recently ordered Li Xiucheng to drive his Gundam to attack.

Li Xiucheng, who heard that he could attack, immediately became full of energy.

The Gundam that controlled him stepped on the ejection board.

"Lieutenant Li Xiucheng, attack."

The Yuanzu Gundam Thunder ejected and attacked.

"Boss, is the Gundam piloted by Lieutenant Li Xiucheng really more powerful than our Gundam?" Zhou Ya asked Long Fei while standing in front of the cockpit with her arms folded, her sister and Aviana standing behind her.

Long Fei moved away from the screen in front of him, looked at the three beauties in front of him, and the three beauties looked at him with bright eyes.

Although Long Fei looks good and is a handsome guy, he is not so handsome that all three beauties fall in love with him at the same time. The three beauties looked at him with bright eyes, but with admiration and they wanted to know the answer.

"It is indeed much stronger than your Gundam. The Yuanzu Gundam No. 7 I am driving now, if it does not mount a heavy armored backpack, in terms of firepower, it is not an opponent of the Thunderbolt at all. Now he is replacing you with a Gundam. Three Gundams will fight, as long as he doesn't lose the chain and make no mistakes, our current advantage will not be reversed."

"Then why do you want to develop a new series called GP series, boss? You developed this No. 01 machine, which looks no different from Yuanzu Gundam in terms of firepower. I don't understand why you want to develop such a Gundam?" Ivy Na expressed her doubts, hoping that the boss could give her an answer.

"The gp01 Gundam White Orchid I developed was not aimed at powerful firepower, but focused on maneuverability and flexibility. In terms of maneuverability and flexibility, any model of Yuanzu Gundam simply cannot match it. gp01 is as high as white orchids."

"Boss, is the next model of the gp series Gundam you're going to develop focused on a certain outstanding performance?" Zhou Na asked tentatively.

"Your guess is very correct."


"The speed, output, and firepower of this Yuanzu Gundam Thunder really excite me." Li Xiucheng was very excited, holding the control lever in his hand and stepping on the pedal, pressing the button with his finger continuously, shooting down one after another. The ms of the pirate group.

The six-barrel missile mounted on the left shoulder fired a missile, and countless small missiles popped out of the missile body. The small missiles flew around and hit countless pirate ms and fighter planes in an instant.

Then the two-mounted beam gun on the wrist fired a powerful red beam, shooting through several pirate mobile suits in an instant.

Particle cannons on the shoulders destroy the modified spaceship in one shot.

Taro Sayama watched the newly appeared Gundam enter the battle area, and within 5 minutes, he had already destroyed 5 modified spaceships, 80 mobile suits and 30 fighter planes on his side.

Then came the news that made his mood fall to the bottom. Several unknown explosions occurred in the abandoned space transfer station, but there was no trace left by the enemy at the scene.

Suddenly, a projected video popped up in front of his command desk, and the person in the video was the person in charge of the monitoring room.

"Head, take a look at the record left by the video."

Taro Sayama looked at the recorded images in the video. In the video, he saw a pirate member in charge of patrolling. Suddenly, he convulsed and fell to the ground without landing. Then he tilted 45 degrees and was dragged by an invisible force. Walk.

I saw another recorded video. In the video, another pirate member who was in charge of patrol suddenly turned his neck 180 degrees, and then when he fell to the ground, he just landed on his buttocks, his whole body was only slightly tilted, and then followed Just like the previous video, it was dragged away by an invisible force.

Sayama Taro instantly understood what was going on, and knew why those mercenaries who ran in disappeared.

Sayama Taro ordered his men to wear thermal sensors and search every place.

Immediately afterwards, Taro Sayama discovered that one of the monitoring rooms had lost contact. Taro Sayama tried to contact, but failed all the time.

Sayama Taro knew that the monitoring room over there was finished, and immediately dispatched several troops to investigate.

Suddenly, Taro Sayama's secret cell phone vibrated, he walked out of the command room, went to a place where there was no one, and pressed the answer button.

"Mr. Sayama, I heard that you are in serious trouble."

"Hmph, don't be hypocritical with me, you sent someone to punish me, right?"

"Mr. Sayama, you misunderstood, the mercenary group that attacked you has nothing to do with us."

"Hehe." Sayama Taro sneered, obviously not accepting the other party's explanation.

"Mr. Sayama, whether you believe it or not, we do sincerely want to cooperate with you. Do you still remember our sincerity?"

Taro Sayama narrowed his eyes. He remembered that this group of mysterious organizations came to him two years ago and wanted to cooperate with him. At the beginning, this mysterious organization provided him with some advanced mobile phones on the condition that the stolen items nine One share.

At the beginning, the cooperation between the two parties was quite harmonious. Later, this mysterious organization provided him with more advanced mobile phones, but later the proportion of accounts to be divided increased, and in the end it was necessary to divide accounts between six and four.

If the ms of this organization is used to split the account during the robbery, Taro Sayama can accept the split.

But they didn't use the goods that their ms robbed, and they also asked for a six-four split.

This is really unacceptable to Taro Sayama, because if he divides the bills like this, how can his many brothers make a living? 𝑖𝓷𝘯r𝐞𝐚𝗱. 𝙘om

Anyway, this organization only supplies ms, without using any manpower or other resources. He and his pirate group contribute the most. Every time they go to rob, they fight for their lives, even though their pirate group is desperado , but there are also some brothers who have family members. In addition to making a living, being a pirate is also to support their families.

For this matter, he almost got into a fight with this organization. In the end, this mysterious organization backed down a step. As long as they didn't use their ms to rob, the goods won't need to be divided.

However, this mysterious organization sent a mobile phone to him at that time, telling him that if one day there is a strong enemy that cannot be solved, he can contact them, and they will tell him the password of that mobile phone, and then let him drive that mobile phone to deal with the powerful enemy. The enemy, this mysterious organization also assured her that the mobile phone they gave him was a technology beyond this generation for at least ten years.

"Tell me, what are your conditions?"

"There are two conditions. The first condition is that in the future, you will have to pay 55% of anything your Sea Wolf Pirates grab, no matter whether you use our ms or not."

When Taro Sayama heard the first condition, he clenched his fists and became angry, because once he agreed to this condition, he and his brothers would be a group of pirates who could not eat enough and starve to death.

Taro Sayama took a deep breath, suppressed his anger, and said, "What's the second condition?"

"The second condition is that you must capture a Gundam MS."

"Your organization is very interested in this MS called Gundam. Is this MS called Gundam more advanced than the MS you developed? And then you want to be an empty-handed white wolf. I contributed and put away the results." It's you." Sayama Taro took the opportunity to hurt the other party.

"Mr. Sayama, we don't have empty-handed white wolves, but it is undeniable that this mobile phone called Gundam is very advanced. If we get the technology of this mobile phone, we can develop more advanced and stronger mobile phones, and even in the future We can also supply you with better mobile phones, and then your brothers can drive stronger mobile phones and rob more goods, so we are mutually beneficial."

"Then give me some time and let me think about it." After finishing speaking, Sayama Taro hung up the phone without waiting for the other party's response, and then returned to the command room.

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