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Shopping with Olivia wasn't as bad as it turned out to be. Of course, things could be better to do out there, but I didn't mind spending it with Olivia.

Coming back from shopping, I still felt like shit. I thought my body would stop hurting, but it was still the same. So while it was bearable, it still made me feel like shit.

I went to the bath, trying to relax my mind. Taking it, I felt my body loosening up. Getting out of the tub, I went to bed. Wanting to turn off my brain, I drifted to sleep, waiting for the next day.

Waking up, I saw Olivia on top of me. She was hugging me tightly. However, I still felt restricted from yesterday's event. Did Serena accidentally curse me or something? Or was it a problem on my side?

Today is the most important day in school. Today's the day we unseal our magic absorption. When females are given birth, their ability to absorb the magic around them is sealed. However, due to studies, people whose magic hasn't been sealed during the day of their birth are more likely to lose control of their magic. They would explode from magic overload.

Waking Olivia was more challenging in my current condition, so I dressed, went to the living room, and sat down listlessly.

Olivia, who had finished dressing, sat beside me. "Charlie, are you feeling unwell?" I nodded, staying still, not wasting any energy. "I will make something light to eat" Hearing her concern, I felt a little better.

"Thanks," I said, using as little energy as possible. I appreciated Olivia's kind gesture. π”¦π–“π§π’“π‘’π–†πš.𝘀oπ‘š

Knowing that today was an important day, she couldn't ask me to stay. Olivia conjured a yogurt with fruit toppings, and we started to head to school to eat it. Entering the classroom, I sat down. Serena, who was already at her seat, smiled at me.

Wondering if her magic is doing this to me. "Serena, did you cast your magic on me during our kiss? I said tiredly with my head plopped on my desk.

"No." She gave me a reply denying such actions. I could tell she was proud, so the chances of her lies were low.

Serena, who was talking to me with me having to listen, the teacher arrived. Ms. Celeste walked in and welcomed the class. "Class today is the day where we let you absorb mana." Then, without any wasted time, she brought out the topic.

"As I call your name one by one, come and grab an unsealing pill." Names were being called, and seeing my classmates awaken their ability to absorb mana wasn't unique.

"Charlie Solaris!" Ms. Celeste called me out, and hearing my name, all of the students looked at me.

With my family's influence, curiosity filled everyone. Although being looked at by everyone was nerve-racking, I was the type of person who liked to stay hidden. Yes, I'm that guy who enjoys being the quiet guy and is proud of it.

Picking up the drug on the teacher's desk, I swallowed it. Then, trying to sense the mana around my surroundings, I began to feel the sensation of mana being absorbed by me. Feeling the mana absorbed, I tried to absorb as much mana as possible.

Ms. Celeste was feeling this and looked at me. For the first time, her expression changed, and her eyes widened even though her face was still expressionless.

"Oh? A special constitution? It allows you to absorb mana five times more than an average person." So I had five times the mana capacity and five times the absorption rate of an average person.

"Ms. Solaris, I suggest you cleanse the mana you absorb." I nodded, hearing her.

Another reason why mana absorption is sealed at a young age. Mana itself isn't one hundred percent compatible with any being. When one doesn't cleanse the mana that isn't compatible with you, your ability to absorb mana decreases over time. And not only that, your control over your power will be weaker.

Sitting on my seat, the sun shone on me. "???" Without doing anything, the mana around me is being absorbed. How? Not only that, but the mana being absorbed is also being cleansed. The unbearable feeling in my body also stopped. With the sun, my speed increased to ten times the rate.

Thinking about it, a realization came to me. I see. I finally realized what was happening. Everything makes so much sense now. The pain that I felt was gone.

Realizing everything, I closed my eyes, trying to absorb mana around me, doubling my absorption rate to twenty times. Stopping my absorption became ten times the speed.

Opening my eyes, everyone was looking at me. Fuck, I messed up. I became so absorbed in my thoughts that everyone could see what I was doing.

"What a monster." The teacher said quietly; there were three types of people looking at me around me. The first type of people was scared of my talent; some were jealous of my abilities, and a minority admired me. Then we got Serena looking at me with her licking her lips seductively.

"Students that don't know how to absorb and cleanse their mana will stay in class. The rest of you may go!" With class over, I left the school.

Saint Maria's Magic Academy is an academy with many advantages, but it is also a cutthroat academy. Coming to this school, people would use this opportunity to improve, competing with your pupil using your chance to gain items that are hard to get.

Only the best of the best would thrive in this school. Of course, students can skip class, but if you do poorly on your monthly exams, that is your fault.

Leaving the class, Serena and another person followed behind. I had recognized that girl. She was quickly identified due to her unique features. Among the group of people in the class that was looking at me, she was one of the few looking at me positively.

"Charlie! Do you mind if we have a talk?" A classmate of mine asked politely.

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