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Serena, who had just kissed me earlier, was breathing lustfully. Her eyes were focused on me, full of lust. I couldn't let this happen to me right now.

I felt something when she forcefully kissed me. Something inside me was hurting, like something inside me was being squeezed. I couldn't make out what it was, unable to break free. I wished this feeling would go away.

"Charlie, I'm so sorry," Serena said, realizing what she had done and apologizing. Tears started to fall from her eyes, realizing the mistakes she had been causing for the past few minutes. She then put her hand on my body, checking the condition of my body.

"That's strange. Why can't I detect any issue with your body?" Serena frowned with tears on her face at her inability to find the source of my illness.

"You're starting to turn pale. Let me try to heal you." Then, using her magic, she started to use mana to heal me. I felt better when she did that, but the feeling I still have hasn't faded away. What on earth could've happened to me? I needed to find a way to fix it fast.

Just as Olivia was outside wondering what was taking so long, she knocked on the door. "Charlie, do you want to go out and look around with your friend?!"

Opening the room, Olivia came in. "Charlie, did something happen? You don't look so well." Worried about me, she ran over to me" I shook my head, telling her that I was okay.

Even though my body felt fine, something inside me felt tense, I can't explain it, but I felt something inside me was trapped, unable to escape. I hope this feeling will go away as soon as it can.

"Heehehe~" Hearing my words, Olivia gave me a stupidly sweet giggle. Serena, who saw us talk, felt jealous seeing their interaction.

"Why don't we go around as we promised?" I didn't know my problem, but I didn't want Olivia to be worried. Wishing to distract myself, hoping this uncomfortable feeling would go away.

? Serena, who saw that we were about to go out, tried to stop me. While I was in pain, suddenly, the feeling had lessened when Olivia came in, I still felt it, but that wasn't something that would hinder me in any way.

See what we were going to do? Olivia grabbed my hand and dragged us out of the house. She was nice to have around.

"Sorry, but I have something that I want to do," Serena said, leaving us without having another word. What's with her? I thought to myself.

Seeing that she had left, I asked Olivia a question. "Did you meet anyone during class?" I asked Olivia. I didn't want her to be alone when I was not there for her.

Smiling at my question. "I made a friend. She is so adorable! Even though she is so small, she acts like a toughie!" Trying to explain how her friend was, I smiled and nodded, glad that she had made a friend. I didn't know what would happen if Olivia was alone with others. She could be bullied because of her personality. I hope that won't happen.

Walking around, I realized this world sucked. There wasn't much entertainment in this world. I forgot this world was similar to the medieval period. People in this world only cared about working to earn a living and to have a simple life.

Having to stop at a theater, the show wasn't special compared to my old world; this one sucked a lot. This is not to be rude, but these actor's doing a play sucked horribly. They used magic as special effects that would hinder their acting.

The story was to cliche, the phrases they used were too cringey, and their decoration looked low budget and could be destroyed like a twig. Having to finish the play, the people here didn't have a positive reaction to seeing them perform. Some of them threw tomatoes at them just for the fun of it.

I left with Olivia, hoping that something like that would never appear.

"To think that the first theater I saw was that bad," Olivia said, downcasted by their performance. I tried to cheer her up along the way.

Next, we went to the clothing stores. They sold low-quality fabric, which wasn't suitable to wear. While their designs were excellent, it was uncomfortable to wear them.

Leaving, we went to the dessert store. The deserts here were mediocre at best. I definitely wouldn't come here anytime soon.

The only thing that might be interesting was the battle arena. A mage who awakens their ability is allowed to fight there to hone their strength and improve their magic. However, I didn't want to ruin my experience because of everything that had happened today.

I wanted to cry. The only thing I could do was try to make friends that could increase the possibility of exposing myself. Or training somewhere emotionlessly, slaving my time away.

I then looked at Olivia with a depressed look wanting to be pampered. Can I survive in this world? The pain that I felt earlier was a bit stronger. I groaned to myself, having to think about it.

Olivia worried when she looked at me. "Is there something wrong?" I didn't want to upset her, so I denied it.

"What do people here do for entertainment?" I asked Olivia to change the topic. I also wanted to know what kind of fun things people do here. I hope you won't disappoint me, Olivia.

"Hmmm!" Thinking aloud, "People here read, shop, talk to friends and watch people fight?" Hoping Olivia would say something that would interest me other than watching people fight struck me hard.

I find shopping to be a pain in the ass. The books in the world are too similar, making it hard to differentiate which one was which. And making friends isn't something I could do right now without having the chance to expose myself.

"Olivia, I hope you can entertain me forever." Hearing that, Olivia stared at me, not knowing what to say.

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