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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 7 Emotionally Unstable

On our way to my house, walking with her was awkward. We started to talk about trivial stuff. The more we talked, the less awkward it was for us. Many people could be seen on our way back. We entered the house, went to my room, and sat on the bed.

"So, how have you been during these five years we haven't seen each other?" Wondering how she felt, I asked her that.

? "Boring, It was lonely when no one could interact with me on a normal base" I could feel the sadness overwhelming her when she said that.

"Do you remember when we were younger, we would always do things together, practically inseparable? Do you remember the promise that we would always be together?" I remembered, but no, Charlie made those promises. I didn't. Accepting her here wouldn't feel right. Taking her here would destroy us in the future.

"Charlie, I heard that a new heir was born from your family." Her saying those words, I knew where this was going.

"Since you aren't the heir anymore, wh-" Just as she was about to finish her sentence, Olivia, who had just come back, entered my room. "Am I interrupting anything?" Interrupting, Serena and I both looked at Olivia.

Olivia, who felt Serena's glare, introduced herself. "Ummm, I'm... Olivia, Charlie's... room mat-'' Olivia, intimidated by Serena's glare, spoke slower and quieter. Finally, Olivia, who was going to say the last part stopped. Serena, hearing that was livid.

"Did I do something wrong?" Olivia asked, unsure why the girl she had just met glared at her.

"You were interrupting our reunion." She coldly said, making Olivia apologetic about interrupting our meeting.

"Sorry, I will come back at a later time." Olivia hurriedly said, scared of facing the girl's wraith.

"Charlie, who is she?" She looked at me with a worried expression that could pierce through the old Charlie's heart.

"That girl who just left is Olivia, a roommate of mine, someone who knows my secret." Without hiding anything, I told her what she wanted.

"Is she threatening you? I can get rid of her if you want." Dangerous, I thought to myself.

"She is not threatening me. In fact, we get along." Serena, hearing that, frowned in jealousy hearing that.

Changing the subject, Serena said, "Getting back to the topic before the interruption, since you're not the heir anymore, why don't you become mine." She looked at me, confident that I would accept her condition.

There were many advantages. If I became hers, I would probably keep my magic. The Solaris would do nothing about it since they don't want to fight Celeste's heir. I would also get a good living conditions, and she is beautiful.

But there were also many disadvantages. Accepting Serena wouldn't feel right to me, and it could affect our relationship if I were hers. She is also not right in the head, making it hard for me to accept her.

Coming to a conclusion, I answered her. "Serena, the time has changed us. Even if I were to accept you, we might not even be compatible." Telling her my thoughts, she answered back.

"You don't need to worry about that. Don't you think this is fate? We were separated for five years without contact, and we couldn't be together under any circumstance. Still, suddenly someone more talented than you was born, kicking you out of your position. Do you think this is a coincidence that we're here alone, without anyone stopping us?" The more she talked, the more uncomfortable I felt, uncomfortable hearing her so passionately about this.

"That's why no matter what, I will do anything for us so we can be together forever." Although I could feel the intensity of her emotion, it was uncomfortable hearing that from someone you barely knew.

"Serena, please stop. I know you miss me a lot, but it's making you think unclearly." The current her wasn't thinking much when she said that. I didn't want her to regret her decision later in the future. So I had to think of a way to calm her down.

"Charlie.." She said slowly. "Don't you miss the times we had together when we were little? Since we separated, my life has been a living hell." She looked angry, thinking about her experience. I didn't want to say anything that would make her burst.

I wish I knew what to do to help her. I wasn't the Charlie that played with her when she was little. If only there were a way for me to help.

"Serena, I have no idea what you've been through, but please think calmly. We may be great friends during childhood, but we should try to get along first." I told her what I thought was the first thought that I had in my mind.

She looked at me silently, thinking about what I had said. Although I had convinced her, I needed more convincing arguments to help her be at ease.

"Why don't we become friends first?" I put my hand towards her, hoping for a handshake. Looking at my actions, she was confused why I gave her my hand.

Do people in this world not use handshakes? I thought to myself. It wasn't very comfortable putting my hand out and not receiving one. I pulled back my arms, wanting to forget about this.

"Aren't we already friends?" She was a bit displeased by my answer. I sighed to myself.

"Then why don't we make a new start?" I gave her my brightest smile hoping that this would work.

"Why do something so pointless when you already become mine?" Is she still in that thought process? If that is how it is, me talking anymore would be pointless.

It was slow but unexpected. Serena moved her mouth towards mine, kissing me. Sticking her tongue out, she gave me a sloppy french kiss.

There wasn't much experience in it, with her only moving randomly. I pushed her off of me, stopping her from kissing me.

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