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To think that I, Charlie Solaris, have done the impossible! I managed to wake up Olivia before being late to class. She was a tough nut to crack when trying to wake her up.

With her magic, she made us something to eat. It was nice to eat what we wanted without manually doing it.

Doing some last-minute touches of fixing myself in the mirror, finishing, I left my room. Olivia, who was standing outside the door waiting for me.

It was sad that we were not in the same class. There were ten classes in each grade with fifty students in one class, S class being the top and I class being the worst. There are five hundred students in each grade and two thousand in the whole school. The only way to advance in classes is to beat someone in their score during each month's exam.

I was in class S, and Olivia was in class A due to a recommendation she received from the school. So, Olivia, my only friend, I wish you the best of luck.

Arriving at the school building, we walked to our class. With our classes being side to side, we could quickly meet up after classes are over.

"If you ever need anything, come talk to me." Although Olivia was nervous like me, needing to meet new people for the first time as an introvert was nerve-racking.

Splitting with her, I entered my class. I took the window seat in the middle row, hoping that the sun would shine on me. Since I transmigrated into this body, being in the sun has been the best feeling ever. I felt my energy level being raised just being graced by its presence. Is this what cats felt like when they lay on the ground while bathing in the sun?

Observing the classroom, many students were coming into the room. Different kinds of girls were entering, from humans to elves to fairies. Some of them talked as if they were friends before coming here.

While observing everybody, a familiar yet unfamiliar person arrived. A girl with blonde hair just like me, yellow eyes that could encapsulate the sight of many people, with her heels. She was about the same height as me, and her chest size was as big as Olivia's. Serena Celeste, the heir to the Celeste family, it's been five years since she and Charlie had met.

If Charlie's memories from five years ago were exactly as he remembered, then Serena had a great attachment toward him, but that was five years ago, and times changed. Maybe her feelings for Charlie had dwindled.

Their family separated them because Serena had feelings for Charlie, as both of them were the heirs of their family. As a result, they weren't allowed to have a child together. If one was born between them, it would make the situation too complicated for both families.

Serena, who saw me, smiled, I don't know why but the smile was pretty unsettling, and I wished she would stop.

"Charlie, it's been a while! Why don't we catch up?" Serena, who was overly enthusiastic and happy, asked me to talk to her after class.

Not wanting to ruin her mood, I accepted it. Then, just as she was about to talk, the teacher came in, walking to her desk.

Standing in front of her desk, the teacher used mana and pressured everyone to attract everyone's attention.

"Good morning, everyone. I'm Mary Celeste, Class S-1 homeroom teacher. You may call me Ms. Celeste or Miss Mary or a teacher, whatever fits your taste. Some of you may not be in my class next month, but it's nice to have you." She said in a monotone voice, sounding like she had read a script for today's introduction.

Hearing her name, I was surprised. I didn't think the Celeste family would have a teacher. However, the fact that she is the teacher of S-1 means that she is a capable teacher. Or her connections came into play.

"Since I introduced myself, the headmaster herself would give an opening speech for today's ceremony. We are to head to the gym immediately." Saying those words, she left.

Everyone here left one by one with their friends. Serena, who sat beside me, walked with me to the gym. Walking together, Serena suddenly held my hand. I guess she still had feelings toward Charlie. But I wasn't the Charlie that Serena knew back then. Letting go of our hand, she frowned in displeasure.

Not wanting to cause any commotion, "It's embarrassing to do that in public." I said, trying to dispel her displeasure. Finding my reason to be reasonable, she nodded, not putting too much thought into it.

While we were walking, this awkward silence made my stomach hurt. I wished this wouldn't continue any longer. When we finally arrived at the gym, more and more people came in as time passed. Serena was still beside me, staring at me, making me uncomfortable.

Not knowing how to handle someone like her, I stood there awkwardly.

When everyone in the school arrived, the place was filled and packed. There were too many people, and it was crowded. Serena used this chance to hold onto my arms. Unable to do anything, I just stood there. What am I supposed to do in this situation? I cried to myself in my head.

Contemplating to myself, the headmaster showed up. The principal was a woman that looked like she was in her thirties. Standing on the podium, she looked at me and smiled.

Does she know that I was a boy? It would be troubling if she didn't know and found out later. As long as she doesn't bother me too much, then it's okay.

"Everyone! May I have your attention!" The headmaster shouted. She had used mana to intimidate everyone here. Everyone was silenced and looked at the headmaster.

"Goodmorning, thank you all for attending today's opening ceremony!" The headmaster spoke with vigor.

"As the headmaster of Saint Maria's Magic Academy, I'm excited to see how all you students will grow!" As she kept blabbering about the things in school, I started to tune her out.

Remembering the opening ceremony in my previous life, I should have known this would be a long, dull speech.

Thirty minutes of talking and the principal stopped. "I thank you all for listening today! Since today's opening ceremony class won't start until tomorrow, I bid you all a good day!" Finishing her long speech, she left the podium.

With the headmaster leaving, everyone around started to disperse. Still latching my arms, Serena said, "Do you mind if I go to your room so we can talk alone?" Getting this over with, I agreed, and we started to head there.

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