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Stripping my clothes, I went to the bathroom. With the water running and filling up the tub, I lean on it, finding it comfortable to be in. This world was culturally underdeveloped, but I'm glad someone created a bathtub and a toilet. If I had to do it on a bucket, I might as well kill myself.

Dipping myself in water, I stared at the wall. Today was a stressful day. First, Olivia found out that I'm a boy. All I can hope is she keeps it to herself. Now, what should I do about the Celeste heir? Should I avoid her? No, she would definitely find me even if I kept hiding. Should I just meet her right away?

Splashing the water around me, I heard the door open. I saw Olivia, who had a towel wrapped around her. "Olivia, what are you doing here!" Shocked that she entered unannounced, my eyes widen seeing her come toward me.

? Olivia stood there staring at my body in full glory. With nothing covering me, she stood there looking at me without doing anything. Dazed, in her own thoughts, I stared back without saying anything.

Minutes passed, and Olivia finally snapped back to reality, blushing from the sight as she walked towards me and sat beside me. It was a good thing that the tub was big.

"So, why did you come in?" What gave her the thought of coming into the bathroom when I was taking a bath?

"I wanted to chat with you. I didn't expect it to be so embarrassing, ehehehe~." She gave a wry chuckle. Is she that much of an airhead?

With our shoulders touching, her smooth skin glossed over my body. If I had no self-control, I would've popped something about now.

Now that I think about it, why does Olivia like to have skin contact with me?

"Olivia, why do you like to touch me?" Asking that question, Olivia blushed wildly. Oops, I shouldn't have been too direct with my words. She was sensitive towards stuff like that.

"It's embarrassing to say. When I touch you, it makes me feel warm." Olivia spoke, but the more she spoke the quieter she got.

Was she starved from the affection she didn't receive in her life? She was an orphan. Humoring her, I pulled her head towards me and gave her a pat.

Olivia, who had her head dragged, accepted my pat on the head quickly. Giggity from my pat, she looked like a cat meowing from excitement.

After a while, her serious expression appeared. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but why are you dressing as a female? While it's almost impossible for a male to have magic, Saint Maria's Magic Academy allows males." Stating her thoughts, I gave her an answer.

"My mother, the matriarch of our family, has a hatred of males because of an incident. When I was born, my mother always wanted a daughter. With my birth, I was supposed to be abandoned, but I had the power to use magic. The elders of my family saw that I had more talent than all the Solaris family, so they decided to keep me. Unable to get rid of me, my mother forced me to act as a female." Hearing that Olivia had tears coming out of her, she is a sucker for tear-jerking stories.

"Other reasons are that many female noble families have a gender superiority complex. If my presence were to be known, I would be assassinated." Olivia, understanding of my situation, nodded her head.

"A few days ago, my sister was born. She has a lot more talent than me, and because I wasn't needed anymore, I was given an option to leave the house and lose my magic or to come here and act as a girl." After finishing my explanation, I didn't talk anymore. Instead, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath saying a mouth fold.

"I know this is rude, but I'm glad you're here! Because of that, we are friends!" Then, going back to her usual happy-going mood, she shouted.

I didn't mind when she said that, surprisingly. "It's fine. I don't mind it as much anymore."

"Since you asked me a question, can you answer mine?" She nodded, giving me a chance to ask.

"How do you think I should act in school? Should I be a snobby rich lady? Or someone really arrogant?" Olivia, a girl, should give me valuable input on how to act.

She shook her head. "You don't need to act. Just stay as yourself. No one will notice that you're a boy just because of how you talk." I sighed in relief, knowing that acting as someone would be too tiring.

Having an idea, she spoke. "Let me wash you!" She grabbed the soap and washed my back without letting me say anything.

The pleasant feeling of her hands rubbing my back helped me relax. Then, having to finish washing my back, she washed my hair with her delicate fingers. After finishing, it was my turn. "Olivia! Want me to scrub your back~'' Olivia, surprised by my tone, tried to shake her head.

Without letting her, I touched her back, tickling her. Rubbing her body, her legs shooked, unable to hold her moan. Embrassessed, her face became beet red.

"Close your eyes. I finished washing your back." Done with her back, I started to wash her hair. Her hair wasn't in any harmful condition for someone born an orphan. Her hair was silky and easy to clean despite it being long.

Having to finish washing her, it was time to exit the bathroom. As we were about to leave, Olivia tripped. Having to fall, she pushed me down with her. Olivia, who fell, landed on me. Our lips were planted on each other, her ample chest was leaning on me, my manhood raised, unable to handle the situation. Olivia got up and ran, too embarrassed to take the stimulation she felt.

Olivia, who ran, left me on the ground. Laying there, I tried to process what had happened in those few seconds. Then, cooling down, I left the bathroom, and using my magic, I dried my hair. Tired, I went to bed and plumed my face onto the bed, drifting to sleep.

Waking up, and someone was holding me down. Olivia, who was on me, was holding me. Unable to move, I shouted at her. "Olivia, wake up! Class is about to start!" Shaking her, she woke up crying in surprise.

"Sorry, but you were on me, and I couldn't move!" I said while apologizing.

Still trying to sleep, Olivia hugged me and rubbed her face against mine. While it was comforting, I couldn't afford to be late.

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