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Olivia, who got her stuff, stood out of the way and waited for me. I gave the staff my recommendation letter.

"Charlie Solaris?" A surprise showed on the receptionist's face. My status as a Solaris surprised her. She was unprepared for my arrival. Not like it matters.

"Please confirm it by using your magic." She said with a bow showing her respect.

Not wanting to waste more time, I summoned a small sun on my palm, feeling the heat. The receptionist confirmed my identity.

Fun fact the Solaris family magic firepower is absolute. Any attacks from the same rank of heat-based magic would render useless against a Solaris member. Getting my school uniform made me less excited. Wearing a skirt as a male felt embarrassing.

"You will live in the house two blocks away, on the third house on the left." She gave me the key, it looks like the Solaris household hasn't completely abandoned me, or my identity alone gave me a house. If I were to live in a dorm, it would probably ruin the reputation of the Solaris family.

Leaving the area, I spoke to Olivia. "I'm sure you want to go to your dorm first. Why don't we go to our place and meet up at a later time?"

"I know this is rude to ask, but could I stay with you?" She looked at me with a cute expression. Hearing her wanting to stay with me made me freeze. I know Olivia is a good person, but I couldn't let her find out my identity as a male. We've only known each other for two days, and while I may miss her cooking, I can't let myself be exposed.

"Sorry." That was the only word I could mutter. If it was anybody else, I would have rejected them without remorse. This may be sad, but Olivia is the closest person to the current me, even if I have known her for only two days, but because of that, I need to focus on myself.

"Why? Is it because you're a boy?" Huh??? How did she know? When did she know? How do I get her not to talk? Should I pretend to not know what she means? Thinking about this, my head started to hurt in a split second.

"What do you mean?" I said with the first thought that I had in my head. I acted confused playing the dummy card.

"Charlie, I know that you're a boy." She said, sounding confident as she walked up towards me.

"If you let me stay with you, I won't tell." Did Olivia just blackmail me? Where did the sweet and innocent Olivia go? Why does she want to stay with me despite only knowing me for two days?

"If you knew I was a boy, why do you want to stay with me? How can you trust me that much? We only met for two days." I frowned, asking her what she wanted from me.

Olivia, who heard my question, stood there and took a few seconds to think. "I know this may sound weird, but in the orphanage where I stayed, the atmosphere wasn't so good, and because of that, no one there really enjoyed it much. Our ride in the carriage was the most enjoyable experience I had had in a long while. If I didn't force this situation, our relationship wouldn't improve in the future."

"So, please let me stay with you. I don't want to feel lonely again." Hearing her say that was pretty sad. It also made me feel bad because that was the most fun I had ever had.

Rejecting her here would do no wonder for the both of us. Curious, I asked, "How did you know I was a boy?" Was it my personality that made me feel like a boy? Or was it something else?

Olivia, who heard my question, blushed. Did something happen for her to find out my identity?

"When we slept the first night, I accidentally woke up and touched your p-pp-penis." She stuttered, trying to say the word penis.

So it wasn't entirely my fault that I got out. Sighing, I asked Olivia, "Can I trust you to keep it a secret?" I looked at her thoughtfully, wondering if I could trust her.

She smiled and nodded her head vigorously. "I won't betray your trust!" Seeing her enthusiastic about it.

"Let's go!" Leading the way, we could see some girls talking to each other. "Did you hear that this year we'll have all three families in the same year? I've heard of the Celeste and Lunaris before, but this is the first time I've heard about the Solaris having someone our age. Isn't it exciting!"

With the girls talking, overhearing them talk, I just realized something, the Celeste heir is the same age as me. Fuck! How could I forget the last time Charlie had seen her was five years ago? I don't want another headache. I will leave the future to me to handle her. All I want to do is take a bath after all this.

Olivia, who heard this chuckled, looked at me, and we walked away. After ten minutes of walking, we arrived at our home. Olivia, who was walking beside me, hummed happily. I think this will be the first time she will live in a house.

Going into the foyer, we inspect the room. The first floor has a kitchen, living room, and bathroom. On the second floor, we have four rooms and two bathrooms, with the master room having a bathroom. The basement has a living room and two rooms, and a bathroom. With four bathrooms, all of them except the first floor have a bathtub in it.

Sorry Olivia, but I'm taking the master room. I can't handle sharing a bathroom with anyone else. I'm not a clean freak or anything, but I don't feel comfortable if someone uses the same bathroom as me.

Unpacking my luggage, I check on Olivia on how she is doing. Olivia, who had a room next to me, was rubbing her face in the bed. Not wanting to disturb her, I went to my room.

My room was a 14mx16m room. The bed in the room was big enough for four people to sleep in. It looked much better than my previous room, the floor was made of wood, and the walls were white. At most, I had the bare basic of what a room should have.

Tired from today's event, I went to the bathroom connected to my room.𝒾𝖓𝓷r𝐞𝘢𝒹.𝒄𝗼𝙢

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