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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 30 Monthly Test (Part III)

The person who went was decent. However, I wouldn't be surprised if she was going to be an A-class student, having said that her test was finished and she left the field having someone else replace her.

While it wasn't efficient to do it individually, we could see who to watch out for when we scout everyone.

Everyone would have to be called one after another, by alphabetical order. Our first names were called with students going by. It was finally my turn. "Charlie Solaris, please come up to do your following exam!" Saying my name was a big deal, everyone who heard it listened and watched closely towards the testing spot.

It was nerve-racking having everyone stare at you with eyes of expectation. I know my results were going to be good, but I'm someone that doesn't like having the spotlight on me.

I then stood in the middle of the test field. My homeroom teacher Ms. Mary was walking toward me to test my progress. When I was about to do my test, I realized that they had to scan my body to check my progress. If it was any other teacher that was going to scan my body, I'm pretty sure I would've been found.

I'm sure only Ms. Mary and the principal knew I was male. Cold sweat dripped from my head. If it was another teacher, I wouldn't know what to do. The first part of the test was about to begin. Ms. Mary grabbed my shoulder and began to pour mana onto my body. It felt weird like someone was caressing me inside.

After finishing the first part, Ms. Mary retracted her hand. I was surprised when I saw her blush. However, I didn't want to worsen the situation, so I stayed silent, ignoring what had just happened.

The second part was right after the first test. "The second test has begun. What would you like to be tested on?" She asked like she didn't know what my family specialty was.

"I would like to be tested on my magic's power." My time to shine was about to start, I would've preferred it to be seen by a few people's eyes, but I needed results at the end of the day.

With the dummy out on the field, I guided my mana in a single point, focusing on condensing my fiery ball of destruction. Then, using the sun to strengthen and fasten the effect of my magic, I launched it at the dummy without any reserve.

I then used my magic and hit the target, showing the results. Anyone who saw the damage done to the dummy had their eyes sockets dropped. The damage value of 8900 during their first month was unprecedented. It would beat the old record by a long shot, and beating such a record would be almost impossible.

"Monster." My teacher said, depressed in a quiet murmur barely audible to my ears.

The crowd was silent. The students couldn't believe someone from their age group could be that strong. Some of them thought they could get first, but after seeing my results, they shattered their dreams of getting first place.

? Getting back to my friends, Olivia and Serena, was happy for me. On the other hand, Jenny could not mutter a word towards me.

"Are you scared of me? You don't need to. I don't bite." I pinched her cheeks, enjoying the sensation of her skin.

"Pah! Who's scared of you? I was just getting hyped up for my turn." Then, snapping out from her thoughts, she shook my hands off of her trying to maintain her image.

Since I was done with my test, I only needed to wait for my results. Then, of course, I could leave right away, but it wouldn't feel right to leave Olivia and Serena here.

As time passed, I spectated some students that could be interesting to see. Some could pass in my eyes. Jen was called shortly after. I was interested in what magic she would show us.

I could simply ask what her magic was from Olivia, but that wouldn't be much of a surprise. Seeing that her teacher had finished checking her progress, it was time to see what her specialty was.

It seemed like our specialties were similar. A dummy was made to check how strong Jenny was. She used her magic to create a magic cannon. Shooting her magic, it made a green laser beam and did a damage value of 700. She wasn't a second-level magician, so her magic was something to look forward to.

"Jenny magic is so cool!" Olivia said as her eyes gleamed with excitement. Her magic was flashy, but it was nice to look at.

"I could do the same." Serena looked at the results, unimpressed by them. She could do the same with her magic, I suppose.

Jenny, who finished, walked toward us and gave us a smug smile. "How do you like my magic!" While it wasn't as good as mine, it was still one of the best shown during this exam.

Humoring her. "Your laser beam was impressive." Hearing my words gave her an ego boost.

After Jenny, this whole show began to bore me. I tuned everything out and waited for Olivia's turn. Her final part of the exam was going to be different from most. She didn't have high firepower magic. It was unconventional magic.

All she did was make food accessible for the teacher to eat. After that, it was to test how much it would improve someone's magic.

"Good work!" I praised her for not folding under pressure, for someone with a timid nature. Hearing that, she nodded and gave me a smile.

With everyone but Serena, who was in our group, done, all I needed to do was wait for her. Finally, her name was called out after ten minutes of waiting.

For her specialty exam, the one she chose was a particular one. As Celeste, she could use magic that could be made by her thoughts. So she could use most magic she had seen while some had limitations.

Showing off the diversity of her magic, she gained the admiration of most students, and finished, she went back to us.๐˜ช๐”ซ๐“ƒ๐™ง๐’†๐–†๐’น.๐’„o๐˜ฎ

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