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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 29 Monthly Test (Part II)

The four of us made our way to the large field. There were thousands of students here waiting to do their practical exams.

With the four of us, going to the test site didn't seem as significant as the other grade. Maybe our exams aren't as hard as theirs. I wouldn't know much about the different grades as I haven't spent much time in school yet.

Serena, still mad at Olivia's introduction, asked her a question that made Olivia nervous. She knew where to strike Olivia when she needed to.

"Hey, Olivia, how did the written test go for you? I saw you studied it earlier today. I hope you pass it with ease~" She replied with her unusual sarcastic tone that she does when she is not happy.

Hearing that, Olivia shifted her eyes left and right. She wasn't someone who really liked to read or study, so I wouldn't be surprised if she had some trouble with the written portion of the exam.

"Only an idiot wouldn't be able to do the written test well. But, Olivia, you're not an idiot, are you?" She slapped her back, making a joke of this situation.

Maybe I should stop her. I don't want Olivia's mood to go down if her test could be affected because of it.

I looked at Jenny and attempted to make small talk. "Sorry about that. They fight a lot. Despite it, they are good friends, but sometimes they take it too far. I hope you don't see Serena in a bad light because of it." I didn't want to make her feel awkward with these acts.

"She did say something stupid. I don't know what she would do if left alone during class." The more she talked about her, the more she sighed.

"Thank you for taking great care of Olivia, she may be careless and clumsy, but I appreciate it as a good friend of hers. You look like a good person to be around for someone with a rough exterior." I complimented her for taking care of Olivia without any difficulties, hearing that she looked flustered and unexpected from it.

"It's no big deal. Anyone can do that." She had to be embarrassed by my words, although she spoke cutely, despite wanting to sound harsh about it.

Seeing that both were still bickering, I decided to stop them. It was almost time for Olivia and Serena's test, and I couldn't afford to have both of them distracted because of it.

"Stop! You guys can fight later, but we have an exam to deal with first." I told them seriously. Seeing me intervene, they decided to stop knowing that I would ignore them if they didn't.

With both of their moods at rock bottom, tired from arguing, I gave them a warm hug. Hopefully, that would cheer them up.๐˜ช๐”ซ๐“ƒ๐™ง๐’†๐–†๐’น.๐’„o๐˜ฎ

Having that done and all, Jenny, who was watching, said. "Are you their mother or something?" She really was someone who couldn't be honest with herself.

"Do you also want a hug? You looked like you wanted one." I replied, knowing she would refuse because she would be too embarrassed.

"What are you talking about? I'm not so little that I need a hug from someone." She was someone fun to talk to for someone who was a tsundere. Maybe I will mess with her some more in the future.

"Students! Your test will officially begin after our explanation! Your practical test will be divided into two parts! The first test would determine how well you've been fairing in the amount of mana you gathered during your stay in this school! Then, we would rank you each by the end of the exam to determine if one of you would have a higher base level!" A teacher said as she explained the rules for the first test.

The first test was simple. It was to see how diligent we were during our free time to see if we had the will to gather mana for a long time. People who skipped class would have the advantage of using their time to collect more than the others.

"The second part of the exam would be tackling your specialty! As a magician, you must be an expert on one thing to prove what you're best at. The test would be the most important as it will mostly decide your ranking!"

Having to explain what the second exam was for me was easy. As a Solaris, our family was known for destroying. Our specialty was known for eliminating anything that our sun touches. With the amount of mana I have, I wouldn't be surprised if I took first place in the overall ranking because of this test.

The only person that would be able to compete with me was Serena, who most likely did better than me in the written test. And she had a month advantage of absorbing mana. So all I have to do is bet on the second practice test to make it to the top.

"Students would be called one after another to have their testing done. Please wait for your turn!" With nothing more to say, the teacher left and went to the field, so we may begin our exam.

I may sound cocky, but I'm guaranteed to be in the top two on our year's ranking. So I didn't need to worry about myself.

I just hope Olivia didn't do so badly on her written test that she wouldn't drop down her ranking for her class. While the chances of us being classmates were still possible. I had given up believing we would when she looked terribly bad when we mentioned our written exam.

"#### #### Please come to the front and have your magic be tested!" I wouldn't remember that girl's name with the testing beginning, but I hoped for the best. Going to the front, the teacher checked the progress of the student. Having to check her progress, the teacher wrote down the information she had gotten and proceeded to do the second phase of the test.

It looks like her specialty was attack power, just like mine. Using the dummies to test the damage value, it made a value of 650. It wasn't bad for someone in our group, I suppose.

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