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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 27 Blackmailed (Part II)

As I waited, the time was near. I should be going to the location about now. I wouldn't want to be late. It took me a while to dissuade both Olivia and Serena, but they were stubborn about my well-being. That is nice and all, but they could make the situation worse than it could be.

Even if they did something now, I hope they wouldn't do something that would make my identity leak. Having these thoughts, I left the house.

Walking out at night was different compared to the day. No one was outside, and the streets were quiet. I was also my weakest during this time of night. There was no telling on what was going on tonight.

The closer I got to our location, the more nervous I was. I couldn't help but wonder what kind of person the person who called me here was.

Arriving, I could see someone sitting on the bench. Was it them that sent me that note? It had to be that person with no one else in the vicinity.

Approaching them, it seemed to be humming while they swayed their legs back and forth. "Come and sit down." She patted her hand on the empty seat of the bench.

"Good night, Charlie Solaris, or should I call you Charlie?" It was a girl with silver hair that could attract anyone just by being there. Her golden eyes shone brightly in the night, having the height somewhere close to me as we sat shoulder to shoulder. With her perfectly sized chest and a figure that would attract any male, it wasn't hard to differentiate her from anyone I had met.

As I continued to analyze her, she spoke. "Are you thinking about something rude?" She told me as she was going to read my mind.

Shaking these thoughts, I changed the question and asked her what she wanted from me. "Do you need something from me?" I said quickly, wanting to know what she wanted from me from sending the note.

"Nope! I just wanted to have a talk~" She playful said, unconcerned about my nervousness.

"You could've just asked me in person if you wanted to have a talk." I couldn't tell what she wanted to gain from all this.

"Knowing you, you would've outright rejected my invitation." She faked a sad reaction putting her hands onto her eyes, trying to cry pitifully, making it obviously fake when she laughed playfully.

"Besides, it was fun seeing you nervous the whole night, hehehe~" Is this girl a sadist? Maybe I shouldn't get too close to her in the future.

"Don't worry, it was just a harmless joke~." The girl replied as she knew what I was thinking.

Suddenly she moved her head towards me and kissed me. Why? My eyes widened as she stuck her tongue inside my mouth. With her tongue playing around with my mouth, she seemed like she knew what she was doing, experienced in doing it.

My heart beat quickly, unable to process what just happened. I was confused about why she did that. We hadn't met before, so what compelled her to do that?

Stopping our kiss, I started to breathe in and out vigorously. I looked at her intensely, pressing her on why she did that.

She licked her lips with a slight blush as we finished our kiss. "That went better than expected. Our affinity for each other is perfect~." She stood up and looked at the sky, waving her hands.

"Charlie~ one day we'll be together. Our child would be someone important in the future. It was a short meeting, but I've something else I need to do. Let's meet again next week" She winked at me and walked away.

"Wait! What is your name?" I had more questions I wanted to ask, and just as I tried to stop her, she disappeared. She still didn't answer any of my questions. My head couldn't wrap around what had just happened.

I stared at the sky, unsure what to do. It was a stressful day. I didn't want to move and sat still looking at the moon.

I couldn't stay here during the night, so I dejectedly walked back home without gaining anything from tonight. When I arrived at my house, both Olivia and Serena were waiting for me. It looks like they haven't followed me.

""Welcome back!"" They said, welcoming me warmly and proceeding to give me a hug.

"Nothing bad happened, right?" Olivia was deeply concerned about my meeting and asked if something terrible had happened.

"Did you get information about that person? Then, we could get rid of her!" Serena wanted to know the identity of the person who blackmailed me.

"Nothing bad happened during the meeting. It wasn't something that I expected." I answered Olivia, who asked her question first.

"And the only thing I know about the person was her look. I doubt it would be easy to just find her based on her look. Besides, it could also be fake." I told Serena, who wanted to do something a bit extreme.

"I'm pretty tired. I'm going to hit the bed." So I went to my bed and closed my eyes. It was a tiring night. Having no thoughts, I eventually went to sleep.

??? Pov

"Ufufufu~" I chuckled at what transpired tonight. I didn't think I would meet him this early. We couldn't meet in almost any circumstance.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I first met him. It was everything I dreamed of. His looks were enchanting. I almost wouldn't think he was a boy if I didn't know about him, his nervousness was fun to tease when he didn't know what to expect, and his lips were great for tasting something I would want more of.

As I look forward to how our relationship will proceed, I want to see everything about him. After all, he is the one that I'm destined to be with.

I hope that our next meeting will be a memorable one. I chuckled to myself, having these thoughts.

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