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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 25 Title At The End Of The Chapter.

The battle had commenced, and both of us had readied our attack. Without wasting any time, we both launched an attack on each other. A hint of excitement rushed into me. Despite being troublesome, I didn't mind it much if I could get some thrill out of it.

With our magic clashing, the one that I cast destroyed the one she shot. She was shocked that her fire was beaten by mine.

Her fire was different from her family's fire. I guess the mutation did something to it.

The Blaze household are users of hell fire, a dark fire property that causes immense pain to everyone that touches it. There were rumors that their ancestors were part demons from how their magic works. However, the one she uses is much darker than the usual Blaze family.

She then grinned confidently. "Using your strongest move so early? How pointless!" What was she talking about? I only used a casual attack to test the waters out. She retaliated back with a stronger flame.

Even though the flames she sent this time were stronger, I didn't feel like I needed to block it. Did she really have something to defeat me? Letting the attack hit me, the fire she made was unaffected by me.

She is talented as a third-rank magician, but that is all she was to me now. If that was all she could do, then this was disappointing for someone who talks big.

"How did that not hurt you? I want to see you try blocking this?" The attacks she did earlier had no effect on me, which made her realize that she needed to go all out. It had shaken her. Having no choice but to use her most potent attack, she gathered as much mana as she could use to attack.

"BLAZING HELL!" Unleashing her magic, waves of dark flames came rushing in towards me. If anyone else was facing it, they would have frozen from fear. But as someone part of the Solaris family, it was ineffective.

Seeing how her attack was useless against me, the spectators were shocked. Such a powerful attack would at least do something to me than what they thought. Didn't they know the Solaris are unaffected by heat base moves?

This battle was disappointing. I was expecting something out of her during this fight. However, if her attack was at the stage of the fourth rank, then my body wouldn't be able to handle the energy.

"HOW? HOW DID MY ATTACK NO AFFECT YOU? YOU MUST HAVE CHEATED!" She screamed in shock, confused why her attack didn't work against me.

With that, everyone in the crowd knew the battle was over. Everyone who was watching the fight was silent. No one could cheer from the crowd. A match like this was hard to say. It was an utter defeat. Anyone seeing this would feel the humiliation from this battle.

"TELL ME HOW!" Anger raised as she talked. She felt humiliated by this fight. Yet, to her, this outcome was supposed to be her win.

"Didn't you know the Solaris are unaffected by fire?" I thought it was common knowledge if you knew about the Solaris family.

"WHAT! That's.. unfair.." She said as she was in disbelief. I was her natural predator. She couldn't beat me unless she used a different type of magic. Having nothing else to do, I exited the arena.

"Where are you going? The match isn't over yet!" I left without looking back. No matter what she said, it was over. She had no natural way of beating me. Her pride was destroyed, and there wasn't any way to restore it.

"I will remember this!" She cried in humiliation. She felt my pity, and I exited the battle arena with her last words. Today was a match I will remember for the rest of my life. It was an utter waste of time.

I went home after the battle was over. I didn't want to have to deal with any more problems at the current moment. I just wanted to live in peace without having to worry much. I went to the living room and sat on the couch. Serena and Olivia, who were spectating the match, returned after me.

"Are you feeling ok?" Olivia, who was concerned about my mood, asked. Although I was frustrated, I didn't want to ruin the mood because of this.

"I'm just disappointed." I lay down on the couch, feeling not motivated to do anything. Having to bear with my mood, Olivia and Serena tried to comfort me. Being spooned by Serena and Olivia made me feel better.

"Really? I thought you were gonna clown on her." Serena replied back. I looked at her funny, I may be an asshole, but I'm not that much of an asshole.

"You would think someone with that much confidence would be someone of a challenge. While I find Audrey annoying, I was still excited to test my abilities. I couldn't put any effort into someone who looked that pitiful." It would be bad if I was known as someone cruel. I didn't want people to talk about me all day, spreading nasty rumors.

"For someone who wanted to challenge Solaris' authority, she didn't even know that heat base moves are ineffective against us." I ridicule her in my mind, shaking my head from her sheer stupidity.

"What Audrey did was stupid. There was no excuse for her to not know that her attack would work on you since she was someone who worked for your family. But the fact that the Solaris is resistant against heat-type magic is fairly unknown. No one is stupid to challenge someone from the Solaris family. Much information about them is forgotten about time." Serena explained why some people were shocked by the fact that her magic didn't work on me.

"No one is that stupid to do an analysis on the major families. It would seem like you would be against them if you did." Thanks to Serena, my knowledge about my family increased.

Chapter 25: Broken Pride

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