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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 24 The Day Of The Fight

Having to converse all night, both Olivia and Serena slept with me. Besides me were them holding my arms while sleeping. It was a sight to behold. But, of course, if any guy saw this, they would instantly be jealous, a reaction that I wouldn't mind seeing.

Feeling the mana I gained overnight in my kidney, I believed it was three percent finished at this rate. It would take a month for it to go to the next step.

Snuggling both of the girls harder in my arm, Serena woke up from my actions. Olivia was a heavy sleeper, so something like this wouldn't wake her.

"Morning." She yawned, just waking up for the day.

? "Good morning," I replied back. Then, I gave Olivia a morning kiss for the day to brighten her up. She smiled happily at my actions.

Groping Olivia's breast, she moaned in pleasure and woke up from the joy of being touched. "Good morning Olivia." Olivia, who was awoken from my prank, blushed and pouted, embarrassed by how she woke up.

I gave her a peck on the lips giving her a morning kiss. Then, easing her anger, I gave her a hug, with me showering her with affection. But she couldn't stay angry with me.

"Good morning Charlie." She answered back with a sweet smile. Seeing her smile, I smiled back. ๐š’๐”ซ๐–“r๐˜ฆ๐—ฎ๏ฝ„.๐˜ค๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ

With the three of us awake, we fixed ourselves to prepare for the day. Olivia's magic works like a wonder. With her magic, we ate happily. Then, going to class, Serena went to our room, and Olivia went towards hers.

Our teacher, Mary Celeste, was teaching us about monsters, leading to our current discussion. "After your first exam in school, dungeons and credit would be open to you in your first year."

Dungeons are closed-off spaces that occupy some parts of the world. They are generally located in caves, abandoned buildings, and places people don't usually go to. They're also resources for people that own them. They drop mana cores to items depending on the monster.

Mana cores are resources necessary for today's society. They're basically energy sources that power up standard devices. Although it could also be used as an energy source for yourself, it is not recommended for you to absorb them directly. Since they came from monsters, their impurities would affect your mana.

Credits are the main currency used in this academy. The first years currently don't have access to them because the academy wants us to focus on improving our mana without help. They want us to improve without us worrying about needing to gain credits for the first month, is what they say.

They could be used to buy many things related to magic and permission to enter buildings that we couldn't enter previously. With credit, we could buy equipment that would improve our magic capabilities. Magic resources would increase our mana pool and access to places that would increase our magic acceleration.

Having said that, class ended, and groups of friends formed this week, most of them alone. We wouldn't see some of our classmates at the start of next month, with how competitive people are, we needed to spend most of our time improving.

Serena, beside me, was in her own thoughts, thinking about something. "Serena, class is over." I nudged her, breaking her thoughts.

Awakening from her own thinking, she looked at me. "What were you thinking?" Seeing that she was lost in her own mind, I wanted to know what she was thinking.

"Don't worry about it. You have a match right now, right? With how much you have improved, I doubt you would lose." She said confidently, knowing that I would win.

It was nice seeing that she had so much confidence in me, but she must have something to deal with. "Thanks for believing in me, but do you think that Audrey has something to deal with, seeing that she challenged me?" I wanted Serena's opinion on this matter.

"Indeed, Audrey isn't the smartest in the shed, but even with all that, I doubt she would be able to break your attack having to experience that myself." But, on the other hand, she looked highly sure I wouldn't lose.

Olivia, who was next door, waited for us. Greeting each other, we speculated how the fight would be played. Then, leaving the school building, we went towards the battle arena where I would battle.

After arriving at the place, I could see Audrey and some of her followers? that I hadn't met. "So you haven't run away yet." She said arrogantly, leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

I sighed, wanting to get this over with. "Let's get this over with." I went towards an open space that no one was using. Like the battle with Serena, the arena was the same. We both went towards our side, waiting for the fight to start.

The people spectating went towards the sideline, not wanting to interfere with the battle. However, there were more people than I thought. Considering how confident she is in this battle, I wouldn't be surprised if she invited everyone here to watch the match.

"Do you know how long I waited for this moment? The Solaris family thinks that they're so great! Today is the day where I show my superiority!" She declared confidently that she had won this battle. It was naive of her to think that, considering she didn't seem to know much about the Solaris family despite being from a branch family.

Did someone from the Solaris family do something terrible for her to act this way? Or did she just hate being below someone? Well, I guess it doesn't matter now since we're going to fight. Why did she have to be such a pain? I groan from the annoyance I have to deal with.

The battle was about to start. I could hear cheering from both sides. I didn't think, other than my friends, that someone would cheer for me. Did they hate Audrey for her annoying attitude?

With the countdown going down, the battle had started.

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