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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 23 Annoyingly Challenged

I looked at her as if she was an idiot. I don't care if she admits I'm better than her when I win. I don't care for her approval. It's not like her approval matters to me. This just seems like a troublesome situation to deal with.

I sighed, thinking how annoying this could get. "Sorry, but I'm not interested in that. I got friends that I need to go meet. I don't want to be late." I made an excuse and decided to not get involved with her.

As I began to walk away, she ran in front of me, blocking me. What did I do in my life to deserve this? "Can you move out of the way? I have some important business that I have to attend to." Making another excuse, I went past her, hoping she would give up.

With me trying to leave, she blocked me again. Is she going to follow me until I accept her duel? "Can't you see that I have better things to do?" My eyes twitch from the annoyance that I'm facing.

"I won't stop following until you face me!" ??? My head boomed. What's her problem? Beating me won't prove anything. I may be part of the Solaris family, but I'm someone who unsealed my absorption a week ago. She had much to lose if she lost; besides, her attack most likely won't be effective against mine.

Maybe I should just accept it, so I won't have to deal with her anymore. "I will fight you tomorrow after class ends if you don't bother me again."

"I accept!" Agreeing to my condition, I left without having the redhead follow me. "Am I a magnet for trouble?" I grumbled to myself, with no one listening to me.

Arriving at my house, I went to my room. If I didn't rank up, I would've meditated to absorb mana. But, unlike before, I couldn't mindlessly gain mana. Instead, I had to properly absorb mana at a pace my kidney could handle.

Unlike the outer part of the body, the inner part of one's organ changes over time when you absorb mana. Therefore, if one fills their organs with mana at a rate that is too fast for the organs to change, it would affect them significantly.

It's like over-exercising, it's good to exercise, but if you exercise too much, it will hurt your body more than improve it.

Clearing my mind, I slowly gathered the mana around me. I began to absorb them slowly to check if there was any discomfort. Then, with nothing wrong happening, I started to increase the pace. Finally, going over the limit of what my kidney could handle, I fell down and screamed from the pain I had received.

It felt like my kidney was about to burst. It was the worst physical pain I have ever experienced. What's worse, I couldn't do anything about it.

It was a good thing I found my limit. I could absorb about half of the amount that I usually absorb. Knowing how much mana I could absorb, my body began absorbing at half the pace I usually did.

They were about to finish the class. Using this chance, I bathed, knowing I wouldn't do anything. I wasn't in the mood to do any sexual activities with those girls.

Getting out of the bath, I saw Olivia and Serena in my room. Both of them probably went here together after their class finished.

""Charlie!"" Olivia and Serena said. Happily, they walked toward me and gave me a hug. I was still naked, so I had to find something to wear. Going to my closet, I took some clothes and wore them.

"How was class today?" I asked both of them, wondering if there was anything important that I had missed.

"My teacher was teaching us the history of magic," Olivia chirped, excited to learn something new.

"It was the same for me." It was a good thing I didn't attend today's class. I wasn't the history type of guy back in my old world, and I definitely wouldn't be in this world, either.

"How was your day?" Olivia asked, wondering if anything interesting happened, and it did, which I hated.

"I got challenged to a duel." I regretfully said. "WHAT???" Serena yelled loudly, concerned about what happened. It was nice for her to be protective of me.

"Which bitch challenged you?" She said, wanting to know who challenged me.

I looked at her and sighed. "Audrey Blaze, a family that is under us." Is she that dissatisfied that her family works for us? If so, why not just break it off?

"That overconfident lowlife?" I looked at her and thought of the first time I met her. But, then, it seemed like she knew her. Olivia, who heard her, took offense to that. "Don't worry, you're an exception." Olivia, who heard that shrugged it off.

"Do you know her?" If she does, she is probably a well-known person in this generation.

"Yes, I have seen her at my family's banquet." It is known worldwide that the Celeste held a feast every year, but due to problems of our past, I wasn't allowed to attend.

Seeing that Olivia and I never attended their banquet, an idea came to her. "How about you both attend it this year?" I never went to one. I was curious about what it felt like going to one.

"Really?" Olivia's eyes shone brightly, hearing that excitement to go. Serena, who saw that nodded her head and smiled proudly, puffing out her chest.

"Getting back on topic, when we met at our banquet, she was unpleasant to talk to because of a mutation that she was born with. Her fire magic is said to be somewhat similar to the Solaris family, and hearing her talk about it constantly is annoying."

"I still don't understand why she challenged me. Hot-based attacks are ineffective against me." Did her fire magic have something special that worked against me? I could only hope that it would be for tomorrow's battle.

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