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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 22 Ranking Up And Duel

It has been two days since the first time I slept with Olivia. These two days were hectic, but in the end, it worked out somehow. Serena and Olivia were different. At first, Serena was picking a fight with Olivia. It was a good thing Olivia wasn't the type of person to be provoked easily.

With the days we spent together, their relationship improved drastically. They became friends with me, trying to smooth out their relationship and Olivia's easygoing attitude. They're basically best friends now.

Our relationship worked because I would fuck with one of them each during the day, and we would all sleep together during the night. It was relaxing. The stress that piled within during the week was gone. I felt like a new man thriving from the success that I currently had.

Today was when I reached the second rank of a magician. My mana capacity was 2,500, five times more than a second-level magician. So I went to the practice center to test my abilities.

There were many changes that I didn't think would happen. The color of the sun that I used turned into an orange-reddish color, making it hotter. It was much easier to make a plasma cloak, protecting me from any attack.

Compared to the first time I hit the dummy, my attack was about four times what it did. The last time I did the dummy was at the value of 970. My attack quickly did 4000 without overcharging any type of magic I used. If I had the sun outside, I probably would have done 6000 damage making me insanely strong for someone my age.

I wouldn't be surprised if I could defeat a third-rank magician. However, some types of magic would be troublesome for me to defend, such as sound magic that could hurt my vitals.

Using plasma to protect me in the defense training, I could hold it for three minutes without being hurt. Almost doubling the results of Serena when she first did her test.

With my mana, it was harder to control every use of it. I was overflowing with mana, making it harder to handle. I need to find a way to control it more, making it accessible.

With nothing left to do in the practice room, I left. "Charlie Solaris!" Leaving the place, I heard someone calling out to me. It was an unfamiliar voice, so it wasn't someone I knew.

Seeing the person that called me out was a girl with long red hair tied to a ponytail. She had bright red eyes that had a unique charm to them. With a height of 5'6 and a chest size of C, it wasn't too big or too small, perfectly average.

"Do you need something from me?" I questioned her, wondering what she wanted, I didn't know her, but I doubted her intentions were good.

"I challenge you to a duel!" A duel, you say? I don't think I did anything wrong to upset her. I didn't even know who she was, so why did someone want to challenge me? Does she hate the Solaris family or something?

"May I know who you are? I don't think we have a grudge or anything?" Saying that anger flared from her. Did I say anything wrong? What is wrong with these people? I sighed.

"I'm Audrey Blaze, a second-year student! A senior! The second daughter of the Blaze family! I will show you that the Blaze family is no less than the Solaris family!" She loudly said. The Blaze family is one of the families that work under us, and to think I would be challenged by one of them.

Why is she so damn loud? Should I accept her challenge? I gain nothing from winning, and I lose a lot from losing. What a pain in the ass. I should try to reject her.

"I don't think there is a need for a duel Miss Blaze. You won't prove anything from beating me, who just awakened the ability to absorb mana." So I said as I was trying to get out of this annoying situation.

"Are you afraid that you would shame your family?" She said with a grin, trying to provoke me. I mean, yes, but I don't get anything from beating her, and I don't think I need anything from her.

"There is no merit for me to participate in this match." I annoyingly said to her face. Just because I had nothing better to do, doesn't mean I want to spend my time fighting someone from a branch family just because they think they're better for no apparent reason.

And besides, where did she get that much confidence from? A second-year student should be at the peak of the second rank, and the top of their grade should be the third. Unlike the second level, which would take a month, the third level needed at least a year to complete.

The difference between the second and third is that the second rank completes the outer part of your body. In contrast, the third level completes your inner part, which is more complex. So, first, you need to fill your kidney, then your liver, and after your liver is your lungs, with the final two, the hardest being the heart and the brain.

The third level is the most critical process for a magician. One significant error in this process could destroy your career as a magician or end your life if you're not careful. It also may be the biggest obstacle for me.

If I absorb too much mana for my inner parts to handle, my organs will explode. Of course, it doesn't help that I absorb at a quick rate. I hope that it wouldn't hinder me.

As I was doing my explanation, someone interrupted me. "How about a bet? The loser would have to admit that the winner is superior!" I looked at her like she was an idiot. I have no care for that.

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