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The next day passed, and four more days were before the concert. Waking up, I heard a knocking coming on the door.

Opening the door, I found Barbara outside my door.

"Barbara, is there something you need from me this early?"

I didn't expect to get awakened this early and was still asleep.

"An unexpected situation has occurred. Boss wants you to deal with it."


I'm going to rant to Lua and give her ear a piece of my mind. Fuck! I should have stayed home and lived my life freely with Livie.

"Can't you do it? You would do it much more efficiently than me."

Barbara is a seventh-rank magician, so doing it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

"Sorry, but the boss said it would help you get used to your magic."

"Your assignment would be to assassinate three important people of this nation."

Did she say assassinate? What gave Lua the idea that I could do such a thing? I had never done assassination before.

"What gave the boss the idea that I could assassinate people? I had never done anything like that."

"Don't know, but you should believe in the boss more. She is doing this for the better."

I don't know if she had brainwashed Barbara, but whatever she did work. Her trust in Lua is absolute. And by that, I don't think I could get away by doing nothing.

"Who are my targets?"

Giving in to what I had to do, I asked Barbara who I needed to kill.

"You can go in any order you want. The first target is Gabriela Haines."

"She is a fourth-rank magician that lives half an hour away from here. Here is the full description of her."

Barbara then handed me a paper that I got, with all the necessary information about my target.

Gabriela is a dragonewt that uses light as her magic. Her blonde hair and gold eyes made her look extremely innocent.

But then I read what she had done and took back my thoughts. Looks really could be deceiving to those that don't know well.

Anyways Gabriela is a woman in her early mid twenties. She is also an assassin that works for the royal family. She specializes in killing men, so her success rate for the men-related mission is perfect.

After reading Lua's report on Gabriela, we have Greg. I didn't expect a male to obtain such power. He is the secret boss of an illegal underground boss. He has some ties with the ruler of Uthua, and due to this, their gang is the current ruler of the underground Uthua.

With Lua's magic, she can discern where Greg will be during that time. Greg is a human with black hair and brown eyes. A scar on his chin made it easy to know who he was.

And my final target was someone who I knew very well. Crystal, someone who I had last seen. Crystal Morton is the only child that would take over her family's name.

Lua does want to weaken the power of every nation. Does she plan to do a mass invasion or some sort soon?

"Barbara, is there a deadline for assassinating them?"

"You'll be leaving in a week. So, the deadline will be the time before you leave."

A week before I return? This will be a long week. I groaned, just thinking about it.

"Tell the girls I will leave for a few days."

"I will start on my mission right away."

Barbara smiled as I left my room. Leaving the hotel, I picked the easiest target to start with.

Due to her being an assassin, Gabriela doesn't have much protection. There is also extra information about her being a man-eater.

After sucking her target dry, she would use the chance to get rid of them. I heard that because of mana, women's sexual powers are much stronger than men's by a long shot.

Livie had struck gold getting me. The same could be said for me. And that is why we get along a bit too well.

It's still early in the morning. The first thing I should do is investigate the places where my target would mostly go.

But before I do that, I should get something to eat. Walking around the streets, I was still unfamiliar with where I was at.

"Mister, do you need a guide?"

Suddenly a male child came up walking toward me. From the looks of it, he seemed to be struggling with cash.

"Sure, I will pay you a hefty amount if you satisfy me."

It was rather convenient that someone approached me when I needed some directions. Hearing the word "hefty amount." The boy's eyes started to glimmer.

"Kid, take me to the best food stand."

"Follow me!"

With the kid leading the way, I eventually made it to a food stand where the line was packed. The child became nervous, seeing this line.

"There is a different store if you like."

Worried about my patience, I shook my head, not minding. It was still early in the morning, and my target probably wasn't even awake.

"What dishes do they serve?"

Since we were waiting, I might as well ask the kid.

"They sell grilled meat that comes from monsters that are attacking the border. Their seasoning and grilling skills are different from the rest."

The wait didn't take too long. After five minutes of waiting, I was up. The one working on the grill was a man in his forties. He looked rough but did his job as a chef.

"Give me five skewers of your best."

"Two silver coins for five."

I got the skewers and handed him the cash and two to the kid. The child was happy to receive the food and ate it right as he got it.

"Do you know where these bars are?"

There were five bars that Gabriela would only go to. I should check them out first. Maybe my target could be there at the moment.

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