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"Are you girls ready?"


? They screamed, ready for their practice. Since it would be a hassle to find a place to perform, I decided to use our base for them to practice.

Walking down the road, someone touched my legs and walked by. Touching my pocket, it seemed like I had been pickpocketed.

"Hey, wait up!"

I yelled at the person that had touched my legs. Even if the person had stealthily pickpocketed me, I was susceptible to being touched.

The five girls were confused by what happened and looked at me, wondering what was happening.

Seeing that the person who had pickpocketed me didn't stop walking away, I ran toward them—the idol group who was supposed to practice followed me.

Putting my hand on their shoulder, they stopped. Looking at who robbed me, it was a winged human male in his thirties.

"Do you need anything?"

Even though he asked calmly, I could see him shake from a bit of surprise. He was pretty jumpy for someone who didn't want to act suspicious.

"Could you return my storage bag that you stole?"

"Storage bag? What storage bag?"

Was he trying to play stupid? I'm being lenient and trying my best not to punch him in the face. If he is going to play that game, I might as well humiliate him.

"You pickpocketed my storage bag, and if you don't give it back, I will report it to the authorities. Pickpocketing is a serious crime."

What I said wasn't loud but audible for everyone around me to hear. I had already caused a commotion and had people surrounding us, preventing him from leaving.

"I don't have your storage bag! It was mine!"

Is this man for real? He started playing stupid and got angry at me for causing trouble. You know what? I don't give a shit anymore. I'm going to beat the shit out of this man.

"If you're going to waste my time, prepare to get hurt."

He didn't expect me to resort to violence in a crowd like this. But as long as I have proof, beating the thief was within my rights.

Punching him in the face, he fell to the ground. I had somehow managed to hold back. I might have sent his head flying if I wasn't too careful.

"Help! This man is crazy!"

Trying to get help from the crowd, I kicked him on his crotch. His eyes and body shook heavily as I had broken his lower limb.

The men who were spectating had their arms covering their crotch. They had imagined what if that had happened to them.

But before I could continue, the guards showed up and stopped me from attacking.

"What is the problem here?"

"He pickpocketed me and wouldn't return my storage bag."

"If he weren't stubborn in returning it, I wouldn't have hit him."

I explained my side of the story and told them what had happened.

"He's lying. The storage bag is mine."

Despite being significantly harmed, he tried his best to fight it out. Being too stubborn was never too good for anyone.

"There is an easy way to tell who's lying."

"I have proof that the bag is mine. My identity card is in my bag."

With what I said, the guard couldn't help but nod. After all, if the bag was mine, it should have my identity card.

"You're right. Take out the storage bag."

Seeing what I said was true, the guard commanded the thief to take out my bag. Knowing that the storage bag wasn't his, he paled at the thought of being caught as a thief.

"Take it out now."

The guard then took it out and checked for my identity card, confirming what I said was true. He returned it to me.

While I would prefer the guard not to look at what was inside my bag, there was nothing I could do about it. I had nothing illegal, so it was fine.

"For causing public disruption and thievery, you will be in jail."

"Wait! My family needs me! I can't go to jail! Please!"

The man who was caught was doing it for his family, or that is what he says. Honestly, I would have shown some sympathy, but for wasting my time and lying the whole time, I don't believe it.

Taking the man, the guard left. Now that everything was over, everyone returned to what they were doing.

I couldn't help but let out a big sigh. Lua said nothing terrible would happen, and I had already had problems within the first day.

"Are you ok?"

Looking at the voice, I saw it was Lillianna and her friends. I'm not going to lie. I had almost forgotten about them for a sec.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry for wasting your practice time."

We would have already been in the base if it wasn't for this incident. I couldn't help but apologize to them.

"No, it's ok. You can't be blamed for having your things robbed."

"She's right. Having things stolen from you is a serious issue you can't control."

"Yeah, getting robbed would suck."

All five didn't want me to feel bad for the commotion. With the schedule tight, we will have to do our best within the time.

"Then let's go now. We shouldn't waste any more time."


Agreeing with what I said, the six of us returned to where we all teleported. The place was small, but it was enough for them to perform.

There was no one here at the moment except for us. And with that, they began their practice.


"How were we?"

After finishing a few sounds or so, they asked for my opinion. While I was their manager, I didn't have much knowledge about music and dance tips for them.

The most I could do was help them with their shaky movement, and that was all. And after their practice, I told myself never to be an instructor.

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