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"Are you sure you don't want us to pay?"

"I will ask Lua back for the money. She should give us that much for doing work like this."

The five of them could give a wary smile when I said that. With three keys given, we went up to our room.

"Once you enter, we will reconvene in half an hour. You could do what you want during this time."

Agreeing with what I said, I entered my room. Since I have thirty minutes to do what I want, I will use my communication device to talk to Livie.


[Lillianna's POV]

The five of us entered our room together, our manager gave us a half-hour break, and we all sat down and talked.

"What do you think of our manager?"

Reina, who was usually quiet, was the first to ask. Everyone here had wanted to ask but didn't dare to do so.

"He doesn't look like a bad person. Despite his unwilling attitude, he is doing his best."

That was my opinion. I don't know much about him to give a complete conclusion. Everyone who listened nodded, and some of them drew the same conclusion.

"I was surprised that he was that "Charlie Solaris."

"Master has her way. To think that she could recruit someone like him."

We met him four months ago. While it was an indirect meeting, we saw her fight in the tournament four months ago.

No one had expected him to be male. I mean, he looked gorgeous as a girl. Everyone who had seen him wouldn't expect him to be male.

"But to think that he was male..."

Reina looked a bit distressed saying that. I remembered that Reina looked like she had been shot in the heart when she said that Charlie Solaris was male.

Charlie Solaris could be said to be the most talented magician of this generation. Reina had a lot of admiration for him.

Reina doesn't hate boys. Just her confidence as a woman had dropped seeing that Charlie was that good-looking even as a male.

Even I, who was confident, wouldn't be a match against him. I sighed, thinking about it.

"But to think he is already married."

"Right? I wonder what being married is like."

"We're idols. It will be hard for us to get married."

"I heard that Charlie was a lesbian, but I don't think that matters now since he is male."

There were rumors that Charlie was a lesbian, but seeing him married meant he was already in a relationship.

The five of us continued talking about our new manager, and the time passed instantly.


[Charlie's POV]

After thirty minutes of talking to Livie, I left the room and saw all of them in front of my door. I had expected them to wait in their room.

"Before we go, do you have an artifact to act as a disguise?"

We were wearing inconspicuous clothing earlier. It blended in with our surroundings but wasn't something one would want to wear.

"We're idols. This is an artifact we must have."

Lillianna sounded proud when saying so, and with their looks changed, we went out of the hotel and searched for a place to eat.

"Do you five have any food you prefer to eat?"

With what I eat daily, I think most food tastes bland. So I decided to give them the decision of what to eat.

"The country of Uthua's special dishes are monsters with flying monsters. Let's have a taste of those."

Uthua was a country filled with mountains. I heard that the monster king had wings and could fly around the country of Uthua like it was a playground.

Having to decide what we would eat, the six of us made our way to a reasonably popular restaurant.

We were lucky that there was a single table for everyone to eat.

"So, Charlie, right?"

"Call me Charles."

I had discarded my name. It may seem edgy, but my identity as Charlie is something I wanted to disappear.

"Then Charles, is your wife, Olivia?"

"It was said that she kidnapped you."

The Celeste family did paint Livie in a bad light. The Matriarch of their family wanted to get rid of her.

"That's not true. Olivia was originally born into a Celeste family, but due to her faulty magic, they wanted to get rid of her."

"As for my family, they wanted to use me as a breeding pig."

I let out a sigh, explaining the situation. They were immersed in my story and couldn't help but keep silent.

"Then we ran away together and found Lua."

"We were offered to join Ascension for protection."

"And here I'm."

"Must be tough."

Lillianna and her friends were trying to sympathize with me, which made me feel a little better.

I then wanted to talk about their experience with Avaris, but I decided against it. It would be insensitive for me to ask since they had a sour expression during that time.

While talking, the order that we had made had arrived. Meat from different flying monsters was served, and most meats came from the wings.

I know some people like bones in their meat, but it is a hassle for me. Everyone here looked like they enjoyed their meal.

Finishing it, I paid for the meal and the six left. It wasn't expensive, but I was still going to get Lua to pay me back.

"Do you want to rest a bit before you five practice?"

"We would like that very much."

"Please, do."

"My stomach is full..."

I didn't expect them to be big eaters. Judging by how they're, I don't think they would want to practice now.

"Then we will begin in thirty minutes."


The six of us sat down on a bench for half an hour. Despite the country being in bad shape, our city wasn't as bad as I expected.

While most people here are afraid of the monster king's next attack, the town is as typical as possible.

I hope Lua's prediction is correct and nothing terrible will happen.

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