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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 21 Olivia (Part II R-18)

Olivia was sleeping with her, still hugging me, and was now at peace. The problem has been dealt with, and I don't think that anything wrong will happen for now. I guess I should use this opportunity to gather more mana.

After hours of gathering mana, I felt something wet on my lips. Opening my eyes, I saw Olivia giving me a kiss. It wasn't something that I thought would happen right away. Olivia was blushing when she saw me looking at her.

It was a welcome surprise. I smiled, looking at Olivia. "Do you want to do it?" I whispered into her ear, then glomped into it, only for her to shake from the sudden surprise I had given her. Then, hearing my question, she nodded furiously.

Getting the okay! I pulled her up from the bed to strip her. Then, with nothing left, I pushed her down on the bed. Olivia, who had no experience, was looking at me to lead her. She didn't know what she could do to help.

Looking at her was like looking at Serena. They were shockingly similar. Olivia was just a little smaller than Serena because of the impression they gave. You wouldn't connect them together unless you look at them closely.

Lowering my head, I gave Olivia a french kiss. It was her first time doing this, so her movements with her tongue were clumsy, and she was just moving her tongue randomly. While we were kissing, I groped her breast. It was the same size and feeling as Serena, so it felt oddly familiar to touch.

I could see her expression. She was in absolute bliss. She couldn't take her eyes off me; lust was filled within her, and she couldn't help but feel more.

Stopping our kiss, she replied. "More!" She said, breathing loudly from the kiss earlier. Agreeing to her request, I put my hand on and rubbed the outer layer of her pussy. Only her breath could be heard when I touched her. She pleaded for more, and the more I felt.

Having Olivia be excited, my fingers began to enter her. "Mmhm!" She moaned using this chance I entered her. Then, unable to contain her feelings, she began to kiss me again, wanting to feel more love.

The more love we made with each other, the closer Olivia felt ready for us to consummate. "Haaah!" She moaned from her organism. With that, her body was ready, and her mind was nervous. It was her first time, and she didn't want to disappoint me.

Making up her mind instantly, she said, "I'm ready!" Complying with her request, I entered her slowly, not wanting to rush the process. Entering her, I felt something stopping me. It was her hymen. Pushing through it, I tore it open. Olivia cried in pain, hearing that I stopped moving.

"You okay?" I asked her, and seeing her hurt made me want to help her. But, unlike Serena, who felt nothing from losing her virginity, Olivia felt it a lot more. Tears came from her eyes. Trying to help her ease the pain, I kissed her, stopping my movement.

With us just kissing for a minute, we stopped. "You can move." She said, looking at me, not wanting to stop just because it hurt. Saying that, I moved my hips. There was some pained movement from her eyes, but it wasn't causing her too much harm.

The more I thrust my hips, the pain Olivia felt was slowly replaced by pleasure. "Faster!" She screamed. Putting in more effort, I moved faster. Olivia's hands held onto me tightly, not wanting to let go. With her legs spread open, she put them around me, making it easier to fuck her.

Unlike doing it with Serena, The big difference was the change expressions that Olivia made were highly erotic. Compared to the usual her, it had a different touch to it. She was usually sweet and someone who you could quickly get along with. But, seeing the faces she made right now gave me a desire to dominate her.

"Ahhhh!" She came from the pleasure she felt from the constant poking that I gave to her. Her inner wall was trying to squeeze every last drop from me, unable to hold onto it anymore. So I poured everything I could inside her.

"Charlie! Give it to me more!" Even after doing it once, she was ready to back up as if nothing had happened. I guess she had more sex drive than Serena. Changing our position, I bent her over and took her from behind.

"Pah! Pah! Pah!" Clapping noise could be heard from our bodies colliding, and our bed shook violently as we had sex.

"Charlie! I love you!" She said as we indulged ourselves with each other's bodies. I was happy when I heard those words. I may be selfish that I couldn't return her love, but I still wanted her around me.

The constant clapping noise and the moans she made echoed through the room. Without anything holding back for the both of us, we had sex for hours. Unfortunately, Olivia's body gave out at the seven-hour mark of our session.

The mana I absorbed from it made me thirty percent away from the second rank. I could feel that I would rank up in two to three days.

On the bed, unconscious, Olivia was filled with my body fluids around her. Serena would be back in an hour or so. Olivia couldn't be as dirty as she slept, so I cleaned her up and took her to the bathroom.

Dragging her to my room because of the mess we made in her room, I had to clean her room. But, having to make up with her, I hadn't many problems. I hope this peace will last for a long while.

Taking the sheets from her bed, I drowned them with water and put some baking soda to remove the stench. Then, drying the bed sheet, I returned to my room and hugged Olivia for the time being.

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