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Looking at the three, I could only tell the strength of the other two. Both people in front of us were in the fifth rank, while the one in the middle was presumably the sixth or higher.

"We welcome your arrival."

The one in the middle spoke. I was right. She is the leader of the three.

"Your concert will be held in five days. We have everything prepared. The success of your concert will be on you."

Five days? I looked at the idol group. Will they have enough time to practice? Five days is pretty short. We will have a tight schedule.

"So you're Charlie Solaris."


I don't think I ever met her. How did she know? She didn't seem hostile in her voice. I then looked at her, wondering if we had ever met.

Everyone who heard her words couldn't help but be surprised. I'm a celebrity at this point. There wasn't anyone who didn't know who I was.

My bounty and the fact that I'm the only male mage was something no one could overlook.

"May I ask how you know?"

There wasn't a point in hiding it. She seemed confident in her answer. And hiding it seems like it would make the situation worse.

"Boss seems to talk a lot about you, even if you're using an artifact to hide your mana. A seventh-rank magician could feel it."

So this artifact that I'm wearing isn't all that perfect. I will take note of it for a later date. But to think that they have a seventh-rank magician.

"Then could I ask what my task is? Boss told me to be their manager, but I have no idea where to start."

Hearing what I said, some of the members gave me a worried expression knowing that I knew nothing.

"I don't know. Since the boss had asked you to be their manager, you will get there one day."

"On an unrelated note, why don't you meet with my daughter."


Did I just get set up? Was there a way for me to reject such a request?

"I'm married. I don't think my wife would appreciate that."

Seeing the ring on my hand, they could tell I wasn't lying. Of course, that doesn't stop her from trying.

"You're married? Aren't you under the age of twenty? That's pretty early."

"I love my wife that much."

What I said is accurate, and that is a fact. Hearing what I said, the people watching couldn't help but be amazed by what I said.

"But with your ability, it would be a shame only to have one lover."

Persistent. She isn't letting me go.

"Maybe, when I'm free."

I tried to put it off, and the person in the middle shook her head disappointed. Observing the place we were at, it didn't seem like we could stay there for the night.

"What should we call you?"

She knew me, but I didn't know what to call her. That was the problem with being too well known.

"Oh, where were my manners? I'm Barbara, on my right is Leffy and on my left is Sistine."

"Nice to meet you all. And thank you for setting everything up."

Lillianna spoke when hearing the names of the three. The rest of them then thanked them after Lillianna.

"It was our job to do so, don't overthink it."

"Now that you have arrived, any questions?"

"Do you know any place we could stay? We're not well versed in this country."

We didn't have a place to stay, so asking that was my priority.

"Most high-class hotels are open, with many people flocking away from this country and place destroyed. The people that live here are mostly in hotels."

Money wasn't a current issue. So I didn't care whether I spent it, and besides, I would ask Lua for the funds if it came to the worst-case scenario.

"Where is the concert held, and what time do we have to be there?"

"The concert will be held in the city's main plaza, starting in the evening."

"Just arrive somewhere near lunchtime, then you will be fine."

"Then, is there a place where the five of them could practice?"

"You could practice here or find a quiet place to do so."

"How about recruitment? I had never done anything like this. So I have no idea what I will be doing."

"You don't have to worry about that. That will be the rest of our job to do so."

With that said, we have everything we need. We had five days to prepare and get ready for the concert. But looking at them, they didn't seem concerned, so I guess that was good.

"I see. Then we will be on our way."

"See you later."

"Thank you. For your help."

Everyone here bid farewell, leaving the room we had arrived at somewhere in a building. We were located somewhere in a library.

"Are you girls ready? You don't seem worried at all."

It would be weird not to talk at all during our walk. Most of them are friendly people, so I didn't want to ruin it for them.

"We had been practicing for months, and we're ready to go!"

Blanc replied and was overflowing with excitement. They looked like they had wanted to perform.

"Then we will get to practice after finding a place to stay and someplace to eat." π—Άπ—»π–“π«π˜¦πšŠπ˜₯𝐝.cπ™€π‘š

With that plan in mind, we first decided to find a place. There was a hotel nearby, so we went there to check-in. Entering, we went to the receptionist.

"Do you mind sharing a room? We could split the five of you into groups of two. And one for me."

They looked at each other and nodded, not minding sharing a room. The five of them could decide who they wanted to share by themselves.

"Could we get three rooms for a week?"

"That will be one platinum coin and two gold coins."

It wasn't exactly cheap, but I handed the cash.

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