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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 2 The Girl On The Road

Two days have passed since the order from my mother. Today's the day that I start my travels to the academy. I hope nothing wrong will happen during this trip.

Waiting outside, my coach had arrived. "Young Miss, I hope the carriage is to your liking." John, my coach for this trip, bowed and started going to the horse, getting ready for this trip.

Holding my package, I put it on the carriage with my package, and the carriage began to move. It was sad that no one was going to watch me leave. I guess I wasn't that important to the family, other than I had enough talent in magic. I wasn't close to anyone. Maybe that is why no one sent me off.

During these two days, I gathered some information about the school I would attend. Saint Maria Magic Academy, the academy itself, will have four years of studying, meaning I would have to act as a female for four years. Surprisingly the academy's founder was made by Saint Maria herself and was the only ninth-level magician recorded on this continent.

Sitting on the carriage made my bottom feel uncomfortable. The seat was hard, and there wasn't anything I could do to cushion it. This body had never traveled, making this ride a living hell. I wish there were cars in this era.

The trip would take three days to arrive at the academy with my carriage. It was slow and tedious. All I could see were roads and trees. During meal time, the food I ate was bland. Flatbread and dried meat didn't taste all that great compared to my past meals.

I realized that being trapped in the Solaris household was a million times better. If I got kicked out of the house, I would die from feeling homesick.

What sucked, even more was the coach giving me a perverted stare. I have nothing against gays, but if you're an older man in their forties looking at me like that, which was double my age, stop it.

Man, in the novel I read, the transmigrator had much more manageable. Where is my cheat? How did I even transmigrate? I can't remember anything about my past self besides my information. Overthinking about this isn't going to help. I will have to pass by somehow.

A day passed during my trip, and a girl was walking tiredly. She seemed like she was lost. It was sad seeing her walk around aimlessly. "John stopped the carriage for a while!" I shouted so he could hear. Listening, he stopped the carriage.

Seeing the carriage stop, the girl who was tired approached us. "Can you please tell me where Saint Maria's Magic Academy is?" Feeling lost, she was desperate to find her destination.

With this trip boring, should I ask her to join me? I could use this chance to establish a relationship with a possible classmate. I could also learn what kind of topics girls talk about.

I was concluding on my own. "Why don't we go together, like you? I'm also going to attend the same academy." I looked at John. His expression changed, looking into the girl's chest. I sighed, guessing he wouldn't mind if the girl went with us.

"Do you really not mind?" The tired girl asked in a hopeful manner. She was glad that I invited her to my ride.

It's not like I pity her, but talking to her would help me understand more about the world. "I don't mind, it's boring having no one to talk to for hours, so I can use a company," I said in my sweetest voice possible.

Seeing that I had agreed to her request, she gave me a hug. Her ample chest rubbing against me made it hard not to get flustered. On the other hand, John looked at us with a perverted smile. Man, John must really be down bad. I bet the family did this on purpose just to piss me off.

Calming myself down, the girl let go of me. "Sorry! I got a little excited." She gave me a very bright smile as she giggled, making me think she was as innocent as a child.

"Why don't we introduce ourselves?" It would be weird to keep calling her "girl" if she were traveling with me.

"I'm Charlie Solaris. Nice to meet you," I said as gracefully as I could. Seeing her reaction made me

think something was wrong. She was shocked, unable to say anything.

"SORRY! FOR SPEAKING RUDELY TO YOU!" She loudly said and was genuinely scared. Has she had a bad experience with nobles? Or was she too scared of talking to one?

"I don't mind. I don't like it when people talk to me formally. So you can talk to me normally," I said calmly, grabbing her hand.

Seeing that I grabbed her hand, I wasn't going to bite. Trying to calm herself down, she introduced herself. "I'm Olivia. Nice to meet you too!" She said nervously. Without any surname, one would be considered a commoner. For someone to attain a surname is for one to be born with one or to achieve the fifth rank. Once you achieve the fifth rank, the queen herself will give you a noble title and a surname.

Olivia herself was someone who looked like an astounding beauty but was a klutz. While she looked like a mature beauty, with her long black hair, and brown eyes that dazzled as she looked at the scenery, she was the same height as me, but her body was kind of erotic. Her ample chest is about the size of D to E with her nicely shaped bottom and smooth legs. Her body is sinful. If my identity was exposed, maybe I could use her and marry her and live a happy life.

Maybe I was being too optimistic. If I want that as my backup plan, I would need to improve our relationship a lot.

As I talked to her, she was stuttering as she spoke. Apparently, she took off two weeks ago to go to the academy, but she got lost in the middle of it. It made me wonder what would happen if I didn't show up.

The more I talked to her, her nervousness lessened, she was extremely clumsy, and I felt terrible if I had to leave her alone.

I don't remember being this kind of person. Was it part of Charlie that made me want to help her? I wouldn't know until I learned much more about myself. I began to look out the window and think about our journey.

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