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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 19 Emotions Are Too Hard.

Serena, who was still asleep on my bed, was lying on my bed peacefully. It pains me to do this, but I had to wake her up because she shouldn't miss a meal.

"Serena!" I shook her, trying to wake her up. Finally, after a few more shaking, she woke up. While she wasn't as tired as before, she was still tired.

"Charlie..?" She said tiredly, rubbing her eyes. She gave me a hug trying to go back to sleep on me. She did look cute trying to do that, but I couldn't let her sleep.

"Serena, it's dinner time. I can't have you wake up at night and eat at that time." Shaking her off me, I unwrapped the meat skewers. Eating them, Serena could smell the food I was eating. Then, awakened by the smell, I gave her a piece of pork from my stick.

"How was it?" I wonder how it tasted for someone who ate a lot of high-quality stuff. On the other hand, maybe she was just hungry and gobbling it. I ate as I continued to feed her.

"It's a nice change of pace." She was relaxed when eating. The current her was docile. Now that I think about it, she looks similar to Olivia. If someone had told me that Olivia and Serena were twins, I would've believed it if I didn't know them. They may look similar, but their magic is so different.

"Serena, was it possible that you had a twin?" It was possible. If a child didn't have any powers in their household, they might be abandoned.

Weirded out by my question. "No." She said, unsure why I asked. Maybe I was overthinking it, I thought to myself.

"Did something happen earlier? I heard something, but I was too tired to listen." She looked at me worryingly. If Serena had acted like this every time, this troublesome situation wouldn't have happened.

"You know my roommate... Olivia?" She nodded angrily. "Yeah... she saw us making love and locked herself in the room." Serena blushed heavily, hearing that someone listened to us having sex.

"I know we still have the bet going on, but do you mind if I try to spend it with Olivia tomorrow? I will try my best to make it up to you." I looked at her with my puppy eyes, trying to convince her.

I know it's terrible to talk about other girls to a girl that likes you, but it was an emergency. Her priority was higher than Serena's at the current state.

Serena, who was budging, needed to be convinced a little more. "Olivia was my first friend coming here. She was also the person that knew that I was a boy, helping me to keep a secret. Once you get to know her, I bet you will be good friends." Hoping that Serena would let me talk to Olivia, I hugged her tightly, looking at her eyes.

Unable to take the pressure of making me sad. "You may see that girl tomorrow, but you're still mine." Then, angry at her decision, she looked away in frustration.

"Why don't we absorb mana after finishing our dinner?" I said, trying to cheer her up. After finishing our meal, I hugged her and lay on the bed. With mana gathering at me quickly, Serena, who was with me, eyes widened. She didn't think she could absorb some of the mana I gathered.

"I know this is late to ask but did your mana grow when we had sex?" It was true that I could absorb mana from her, but I didn't know if there was any reaction from me taking it.

Remembering that she had gained mana. She licked her lips from excitement. "I indeed did." She happily said that she could grow stronger just from spending time with me, and with that, we spent the whole night gaining mana.

Waking up, I could feel I was forty percent within my rank. I would be a second-rank magician in a few days.

I then checked the time. There was an hour before class started. Serena, who was still with me, was gathering mana. I didn't want to wake her up if she was concentrating that much. Next, I should get us breakfast. It was a good thing I had bread in case of an emergency. I don't know if Olivia is still sleeping. I will go to her room in a bit.

I ate my breakfast silently, toasting my bread and putting chocolate onto it. I didn't know what to say to Olivia. Something like this had never happened to me. I stared at the ceiling, sighing to myself.

Staring into the nothingness, Serena tapped on my shoulder. While it seems like she woke up a while ago, she used her magic to fix her appearance.

"Nervous?" She chuckled at me. I nodded, unsure what to do. "Remember when you were always nervous because you were indecisive? I guess that part of you still remains." She grabbed a piece of toast and took a bite out of it.

"I'm sure you'll figure a way to it later!" She gave me a kiss and left, going to school. It looks like Olivia didn't go to class today. Should I go to her room now? Or is she still asleep? She is always sleeping in when she is with me. I guess I will wait a while for her to wake up.

Leaving the house, I went out to take a walk. Should I buy a gift for Olivia? Now that I think about it, what does she like? Even if we are close, we have only known each other for a week.

This thing was not for me. Complicated emotions are such a hassle. Walking around, surprisingly, there was a gift store. A place where I could find a gift for Olivia. Going to the store, I will find a gift that suits Olivia's taste. I hope something that I come across will be something that will catch Olivia's fancy.

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