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After waiting a few hours, I focused on cleansing the mana I had absorbed. Finally, Serena woke up but was tired from our activity.

"Serena, I know this is rude to ask when you're tired but could you fix the room up?" I didn't want to tire her more, but the room was in a bad state, and I couldn't do much to fix it.

Serena, who heard me, nodded tiredly and fixed it instantly. I took her to the bed, kissed her on the lips, and let her rest some more. Then, hugging her and comforting her, she dozed off again.

What should I do about Olivia? Should I give her a day and talk to her tomorrow? I sighed as I thought about how I should tackle the situation. I guess I should order takeout for Serena and me.

Leaving the house, I walked around the street. It was peaceful. I never walked out alone before unless I went home alone. Students talked to their friends and salespeople, coaxing people to buy their stuff.

Money wasn't an issue for me. While I may get disowned, the Solaris family was stinking rich. As the family that does the most destruction, our family gets hired to destroy things for a lot of money. Our abilities are one of the most destructive things in the world. The only reason why we're losing to the Celeste family is that we don't get much diversity in our abilities.

"Charlie!" Someone called out to me when I was walking. Looking towards the voice, I could see Tess running towards me.

"Is there anything you need from me?" She may have just wanted to hang out with me, but I needed to make sure what she wanted.

"Nope! I just wanted to talk to you!" She smiled brightly like an innocent child.

"Then do you want to go to the cafe with me? I wanted to relax with a dessert." Thinking about Olivia's problem gave me a headache. I didn't know what to do with her. I needed some sweets to wind down my head.

"Really? Let's go!" Tess held my hand tightly, dragging me to the cafe to have an excellent time. She was energetic and had a lovely expression. It was a nice change from my usual routine.

Tess, happily humming with me, had arrived at the cafe. Taking a seat, I wanted something refreshing, sweet, and cold. Picking my choice, I decided to go with a vanilla ice cream, plain and simple, something easy to relax with. So I ordered my ice cream, and Tess asked for various cream puffs.

"I heard you got into a fight with the Celeste heir. It was said to be a close fight. I didn't hear the details, but how was the fight?" She looked at me excitedly, wanting the details of my fight.

"How did you know? You didn't attend today's class?" Did someone tell her? Or was it widely known for everyone to see?

"Ehehe~ I was absorbing mana and forgot to check the time, so I missed class during the day. However, some of our classmates saw the match, and I just heard about it." As she was talking, our order came.

Taking a bite of my vanilla ice cream had a cold and soothing texture, was deliciously plain and straightforward, and was easy to take. The creampuff that Tess had ordered was nicely shaped. They were perfectly puffy with many kinds of flavors added to them.

Enjoying our treats, I began to talk about our battle. "When we battled, at first, I had the advantage. The attacks she dealt had minimal damage against me." Then, I started to explain how our match went.

Interrupting my story, "If she couldn't hurt you, how did you lose?" But unfortunately, Tess wasn't much of a patient person and tried to rush my story.

"I will get there!" Clearing my throat. "My attacks had hurt her. While her attacks were ineffective, I had more mana capacity, so all I had to do was use more mana than her." Trying to say what I said before the interruption.

"I lost because I wasn't a second-level magician. She had used an illusion masking her intentions of using sleep magic on me. If I was a second-level magician, I could have defended against that attack because I could have used that mana to block all those attacks."

When you reach the second level as a magician, your body will be surrounded by magic. Since I'm still a first-level magician, my mana is primarily located in the stomach at my core. So spreading my mana would take too much time for me compared to a second level who could instantly block attacks that could affect other parts of my body. 𝓲𝘯𝓷r𝖊𝑎𝘥.𝘤𝒐m

While I have more mana capacity because the mana I have is purer than all. I say that I have five times more mana than an average person because of the quality that my body produces and not the quantity of the amount that I have in my body.

As someone found the S class, I don't think I need to explain why I lost to Tess. She would understand how I lost.

After finishing our desserts, I ordered a slice of cake for both Olivia and Serena. I still needed to buy lunch. Tess, who was with me, had to split up because she had to do other things.

Walking around, I found a stand selling meat skewers, not just meat but monster meat. Monster meat from monster varieties from farm animals is much tastier than its counterpart and healthier, making our bodies stronger.

They may be expensive for ordinary people, but I could easily afford them. For example, ordering six skewers from two cockatrice meat skewers, two raging cow beef, and two muscle pig pork. Putting them in a plastic wrapper cost about fifty times the price of normal animals.

Tasting the cockatrice meat, it was tastier than a chicken. Enjoying a bite of my cockatrice, I walked back home with the food I had in my hands.

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