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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 17 I Got To Excited And Didn’t Check The Time (R-18)

"Hey, Serena, I know this is late to ask, but why are we naked?" I was naked with her, and I didn't know why.

"That's because I took them off." She snuggled onto me when she said that to me.

"I know you took them off, but why?" Unless she wanted to do it with me, I didn't know why she did it.

"I heard somewhere that people who sleep together without anything would be close." She rubbed her chest against mine, saying that.

Was that really true? I guess we did get closer. I laughed and found this situation ridiculous. Looking at her, she was different from the times I saw her, compared to before. She looked at peace, different from her desperation.

It was refreshing to say. So why is Serena blushing now? "Charlie.. if you really want to do it... I don't mind~" Serena was sliding her crotch against mine. When was my little brother this hard? I didn't even do anything for it to happen.

With my rod being played, I started to let out deep breaths. Unable to hold back anymore, I took her lips. Having both of our tongues intertwined, we began to move. Not used to this sensation, both of our tongues' movements were sloppy at first, but as we continued, our movement became smoother.

As we continued playing with each other, her face flushed. Then, taking a breather, we stopped kissing. As our tongues separated, the saliva mixed between us started to create a line between us. 𝐢𝖓𝓃𝘳𝙚𝓪𝙙.𝒄𝒐𝙢

I never sucked on someone's chest before. Then, out of curiosity, I sucked on Serena's breast. Sucking on it, it had a nice feeling to it, highly addicting. It was soft and comfortable to play with. Caressing it with my tongue, I played with it continuously.

,m Serena moaned in pleasure, seeing that she could not resist the delight rushing into her. I played with her other breast with my finger flicking her nipple back and forth.

"Mhmm! Mmmh! Hmmm!" Trying to avoid moaning, I used my remaining free hand to touch her sweet spot. It was wet. Her body fluids were leaking, and with her vagina wet enough, I used my fingers to enter it.

Still trying to hold her moans, she bit my neck, licking it, continuing what we did to her. Her body shook rapidly cumming from my touches. Her fluids which were released, made my mana grow. Did having sex allow us to absorb each other's mana?

"Charlie~ It's my first time! Make me yours~" Hearing her got me more excited. Serena was on top of me, inserted her vagina into my penis, and blood came out with my dick pierced through her hole. We haven't moved since I didn't want her to have a painful experience.

With minutes passing by, she started to move gently. I could see that she was groaning from the pain that she felt. She looked at me, saying that she could continue. With her hips moving, the pain started to fade, turning into pleasure.

"Ahhh! Awahh! Hah!" I then continued to move up and down, and her moans became more unrestrained. Both of our flesh were smacking each other, it felt good when she did that, but it wasn't enough. I wanted to do something while she was doing all the work.

Unable to take it anymore, I pushed her down, going on top of her. Then, pulling her towards me, I pushed my cock inside her. Letting out her loudest moan, I continued to thrust my rod in and out. Serena, being attacked rapidly, looked at me with lust, her face disarrayed from my constant knocking.

With the atmosphere filled with lust, all we could hear were the panting noise from me knocking at her walls every second.

Serena's moans from me plowing her and the bed creaking with every thrust made by us.

"Awwah! Ahhh! Haawh!" Serena, delighted from my thrusting, gave me a kiss, and her inner walls began to tighten significantly, trying to milk me.

Complying with her body's wishes, I released my seeds inside her. Feeling the seeds filling her, she also let her fluids out. Feeling the mana being absorbed, I became more excited.

Cumming, Serena gasped, breathing roughly, tired from our exchange. I wasn't satisfied with all my stress over the past week.

I then turned Serena's body over, showing her adorable ass. It was nice, round, and massive. Then, lifting her up, I pierced her pussy again.

"Wait!" Tired from what we did earlier, she wanted to take a breather. Not listening, I had my way with her and plowed her roughly.

"Awhhh! Awwah! Aaaah!" Unable to take a break, her tongue was sticking out, and her eyes became unfocused, only feeling the pleasure of being played with. Her breasts were shaking, moving up and down as I moved my hips. With such a sight, I moved faster.

Grabbing her hands, I used them as handles moving her body along with mine. With both of us moving, perverted noises were being made, and our flesh that was constantly knocked together kept on making the same noise.

"Wahhh! Awhhh!" As I continued to dominate her, she came again. Seeing that I could absorb the mana she let out, I didn't stop releasing the inner beast inside me.

Who knows how many hours had passed by as I enjoyed her body. Serena was lying there on the bed. Her body was constantly twitching from the sex that we had. She was half awake and half unconscious, barely working, exhausted from our session. Her eyes were dimmed without any light, whispering incomprehensible words.

The bed was a mess. It was filled with both of our scents. It would take a while for the smell to go away. Looking around, I could see the door open. Olivia, who was outside masturbating. Looking at each other, we were both embarrassed.

Olivia was crying as she masturbated, embarrassed; she ran away to her room, locking the door. I wanted to talk to her, but if I were her in her situation. I want to be alone for a while, taking Serena to the bath. So I bathed her and myself.

How should I face Olivia? After finishing the bath, I didn't know where to put Serena. The bed was too smelly and messy for her to be there. I hope she wakes up fast so she can use her magic to clean up quickly.

I think I would gain two days' worth of mana just by doing it with her. So maybe I should do it more with her.

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