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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 15 Magic Test (Part III Final)

With our score two to two, the match was coming to an end. One more win for any of us would decide it all.

"Charlie, I would like to make a proposal. Why not make our last match a battle? It would be pointless if we didn't fight each other after getting this far." She said, smirking, entertained by her idea.

Listening to her proposal, I wanted to agree to it. But, on the other hand, it would be a nice change when I blast my magic into her stupidly smug face.

"Since we're going to fight, we should fight in the battle arena. However, fighting here would limit my ability." Although I couldn't fully use my abilities without the sun, I also wanted to test my abilities to the fullest of my capability.

Serena, who listened to me, agreed to my arrangement. Even if she won, she wouldn't feel proud of beating me when I couldn't use all my strength.

We left the practice area, and people who saw this were curious. But, of course, the teacher didn't stop us since we didn't have to attend any classes. All they cared about were the results we produced each month.

Walking with Serena side by side, we were silent. Both of us were planning our fights out. But, before the match started, we wouldn't let each other distract one another.

Serena and I then made our way to the arena. There were multiple people spectating others fighting. There were a lot of spaces in this place. The battle arena was a giant coliseum with many arenas we could choose from.

This place could fit almost a thousand challengers selecting a space to choose. Finally, we picked a square ring about 75 feet long and 75 feet wide, a perfect place for us to battle without any interference.

Standing on the platform, we were waiting for the signal to start. Both of us were staring at each other. This was the second time I saw Serena looking at me this desperately. The last time she looked at me like this was something that I didn't expect to happen.

I know that the old Charlie and she were close friends. Even so, what made her obsessed with him? Did something happen during the five-year time frame? Making it hard for her to forget about him.

There is no point worrying about it now. With the match starting, Serena, who made the first move, "Wind Cutter!" sent a fast wind attack towards me. The speed of it was too fast for me to physically react. Using the sun, I made a plasma shield to cover my front, making the attack ineffective.

Retaliating, I made multiple "Plasma Beam!" shoots toward her. With my attack heading towards her, she used a water barrier to defend my attack. Unfortunately, the wall broke instantly shattered when making contact with my beams.

If I can overwhelm her with enough "Plasma Beam!" my chances of winning would significantly improve. I continued to spam more, hoping for a hit to land. Serena used "Space Absorption '' to completely absorb magic, making them disappear, using this move to drain a lot of her mana.

"Is that all you can do!" Trying to taunt me, I shot at her again, landing a hit. Serena, who felt it grunted in pain. Touching it must have hurt, considering how hot it was.

The longer we fought Serena, who knew that blocking wouldn't be an option anymore. She couldn't waste any more mana just to defend my attack. So, going on the attack, she shot a "Lightning Bolt." Shooting me with her lightning bolt, I had to use ten percent of my mana and make armor made of plasma, blocking most of the damage, but I still felt it. It hurt like hell, making me feel clunky from her attack.

Her attacks weren't working as she hoped. So instead of using attacks that would physically harm me, she tried a different approach. "Sound Blast" Using another type of magic, she wanted to hurt me internally. Serena, who made the sound, made my ears start to ring. Unfortunately, I couldn't block the move since it was too fast. I know she could use any magic she wishes, but I didn't think she would use sound magic here.

Running towards her, I used my magic to create a blinding light flashing on her "Solar Flare!" Unexpecting me to use an attack that would blind her. "Uwahhh!" She screamed as her eyes were blinded. She rubbed her hand into her eyes, trying to clear her vision.

With her trying to gain her vision, I wanted to finish this fight. So charging for my final blow with this last attack, I would win this fight.

Serena, still blinded, felt me gathering mana and tried to stop me. But, unfortunately, she used sound magic, making high-pitched noises that were painful to the ears, making the mana I gathered disperse.

With her vision back, her eyes were red, and a teardrop fell from my flash attack. She glared at me for this attack.

"I will have my way with you after this is over!" She screamed from the top of her lungs, angered by my attack. Without saying anything, I launched another "Plasma Beam." Landing another blow, both of us were tired. We used a lot of mana during this fight. We could feel that the match was going to end soon.

Being the ass as I'm, I launched another "Solar Flare," attacking quickly, which blinded her again. Without any hesitation, I will finish her with this attack. Using most of my mana, I launched the sun with the size of a soccer ball. If this attack lands, then it would be my victory.

Serena, who felt my magic frowned. "Sorry! but I need this win!" Saying these ominous last words, I felt something had happened to me.

What had she done to me? My body was wobbling, unable to support myself. Finally, I fell to the ground, unable to stand up. This is so unfair, I thought. I was so close to winning that with no time left, I blacked out.

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