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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 13 Magic Test (Part I)

Arriving at the training area, we could use different facilities from places where we could test the power of our magic, control, and aim.

It's too bad that this place was in a building. If it was outside, my chances of winning would be higher. After this, I would vent my stress on Olivia, hoping she would help me relieve my stress. π”¦π”«π˜―rπžπ–†π—±.𝑐o𝙒

"Since you came up with the bet, I should be allowed to choose the challenges." If I couldn't do that, my chances of winning were close to zero.

"Hmph! But you need to choose at least five events and win three of them." She was reluctant to let me choose the events, but she knows that her level as a magician is higher than mine, so the chances of her winning are higher the more events there are.

"Deal." I looked around, checking for the test that gave me the highest chance of winning.

Finding one, I saw an event that I knew I could win. Mana capacity test may be boring, but it's a test that I will win.

"Our first challenge is to test which of us has the higher mana capacity." Declaring our first test, Serena didn't look worried. She was expecting me to pick an event like this. She probably thought that it was the only challenge I would win even if I got a win.

Serena and I then began to go to the test venue. There was an orb that showed the numerical value of one's mana. So when someone touches the ball, it would show how much mana a person has.

"Do you wanna go first or me?" But, of course, knowing the outcome of the competition, it really didn't matter who went.

"I'll go." She touched the mana calculator, and the value showed as 510. For one to become a second-rank mage, one's magic capacity must be 500. You must have your mana filled up your entire body to reach this point.

At the second rank, to become a third rank, you have to fill your vital parts with mana reaching 1500. But there are exceptions to this rule, and I'm one of them. For me, when I fill my body with mana, my value would be 2500.

Since Serena went, it was my turn. Touching the orb, it was calculating my mana capacity. I won this match with the results, and my capacity reached 750. At this rate, I would need nine more days to get the second rank.

With the result shown, it was one to zero. Looking at Serena, she didn't look worried about the outcome. She expected to lose this match since the next few rounds would be easier for her.

Thinking of the next match, I decided to go with target practice. To me, this match is one of those ones that I have a chance at. However, I will instantly lose if I choose a match that requires control over one mana.

"Let's go to the target practice training area." Serena, who heard that smirked. Was she good at this? Did I pick the wrong one? Or was she just simply too arrogant? No, overthinking this would distract me.

"Why don't we go at the same time?" Well, it really wouldn't matter what way we do it. If I were to lose in a match like this, I would probably also fail if we did it one at a time.

Seeing her suggestion, I agreed. There wasn't any point in wasting any more time. Standing at the shooting range, we stood a meter from each other. The time set was a minute to hit as many targets as possible.

When the first target popped up, the match had started. I shot a hot beam at it using this chance, scoring a point. After hitting the target, the second target showed up. Serena saw how I hit it, shooting a lightning beam that was quicker than my beam.

Fuck her bullshit magic. She had the advantage in a situation like this. When the third target came out, I immediately shot a tiny bullet, scoring the point. The score was two to one, but there were still about fifty-five seconds left.

She sent a wind bullet copying my style when the fourth one came up. She was mocking me. Trying to hit the fifth target, she hit it before I could. She was now in the lead with fifty seconds left.

We were hitting our targets every two seconds. Ten more seconds had passed, and the score was six to four in Serena's favor. Needing to overcome this, I prepared my magic in advance, skipping the step of summoning my magic. I landed the following four targets with a score of ten to six.

Since half a second had passed, two targets showed up simultaneously. Seeing that Serena was going to prepare her magic in advance, I needed to step it up. Summoning more sunny magic bullets, I shot them rapidly, without minding my accuracy.

There were twenty seconds left, and the score was twelve to ten. Our scores were getting near, and the gaps between us were closing. Suddenly Serena used different magic to hit both of the targets.

Now that's cheating, using space magic to instantly hit the target. With the scores twelve to twelve, the score was tied. Seeing her use space magic, I knew my chances of winning were zero. Unfortunately, there wasn't any other way for me to catch up. Using space magic again, she gained another two points.

The two targets reappeared, but my bullet couldn't reach them before her space magic. The score was sixteen to twelve, and I had no way to catch up.

With the remaining time left, she continued to hit them. With no time left, the results were out. It was my loss by a large margin. I had lost by twenty points. It was a good thing I had chosen this event earlier. I had seen some of her capabilities of what she could do, and I could use this for my next event.

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