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Having to order our desserts, the waitress brought us our desserts. Having the mango mousse on my table, I prepared to taste it. My expectations weren't that great. One thing I learned in my previous life was to always keep my expectations low. If you make them too high, you will also be disappointed by the results.

Mango mousse is my favorite. It brought me so many happy memories just by having them, I didn't have the memories, but I could feel it. Using my spoon, I took a medium-size chunk of it.

I took a bite out of the mango mousse, and my eyes widened. I didn't expect it to taste like this. I was comparable to the one at home. I felt drops of liquid on my face, I tried wiping them off, but I didn't know where they came from. Did it come from my eyes? Why was I crying? Was I really that homesick?

Wiping off my tears, Tess looked at me, surprised. It was embarrassing to say anything in this situation.

"Is it really that good for you to cry?" Despite being all friendly, she could be insensitive at times like these.

"No, eating this made me remember an important past." She dismissed the topic because I didn't want to get into it.

She took a bite of her strawberry cake. "Mhm! Delicious! This is the best cake I ever had!" Watching her expressive face had its perks. It was entertaining in its own right. Tess then took a piece of her chocolate mousse. She shook her head, moving side to side, with her left and right palms on her cheeks, savoring the taste and putting it in her memory.

Seeing her reactions, I also wanted to try it. "Hey Tess, do you mind if I took a bite of your chocolate mousse? I will trade a bite of my mango mousse for it."

Tess, who listened, agreed to my proposal, cutting a piece of her chocolate mousse with a spoon. Did she put her spoon out trying to feed me? Seeing someone trying to feed me when we met today was weird. Is this common for girls, or is it just her who does this? It probably would've been a date if I wasn't dressed as a girl.

I didn't want to make this awkward, so I moved my head and took a bite. It was great. The temperature of the mousse was fantastic, not too cold and not too warm, with the right amount of sweetest melting into my mouth. The lasting chocolate creamy effect in my mouth was significant. ๐”ฆ๐”ซ๐’๐˜ณe๐—ฎ๏ฝ„.๐‘๐™ค๐‘š

After finishing, it was my turn to feed her. Feeding it to her, she glomped on it. She was delighted by the freshness of it, sweet and savory, an excellent combination.

"Have you checked out the battle arena?" I asked. I haven't been there yet.

"I went there with some of our classmates yesterday. We saw our seniors there fighting. At first, I thought it would be scary, but before you could enter there, they'll give you a protection badge to ensure you won't be too badly injured." Tess told me about her experience with the arena.

"I heard that we might be tested on how well we could battle, so I need to prepare as much as possible. It was a great time spent with you. I hope we can do this again." Having to listen to Tess talk, my heart went warm. It was a nice feeling when someone enjoyed their time with you.

"You can ask anytime when I'm not busy. I don't mind spending time with you." Tess was someone who could become a close friend to me. I also liked spending my time with her.

After finishing our desserts and drinks, we left the cafe. It was an enjoyable experience. I should bring Olivia here and have her steal all the recipes.

"Sorry, I gotta go practice. See you next time." She said. She then walked away and waved me goodbye.

"Later." Saying our farewells, I went back home.


That bitch! I was supposed to spend my time with Charlie and make love with him. Instead, seeing him leave with his arms grabbing her infuriated me.

With them leaving, I was following them to a distance where they wouldn't be able to sense me or see me.

Seeing them walk together, talking to each other for the first time happily, made me jealous. But, when I spoke to Charlie, he didn't even feel happy to see me. Why? Why? Why?

Taking a deep breath, I continued to follow them. Both Charlie and Tess had entered Cafe Dulisseur. Taking a corner seat, I took a seat where they couldn't see me. Using my magic, I monitored them, and with them ordering, I decided to get something myself. As I ordered a red velvet cake, I continued to observe them.

Charlie, my beloved, ordered a mango mousse, and that thieving bitch ordered a chocolate mousse and a strawberry shortcake.

My beloved ate his food and started to tear up. Due to nostalgia? I don't remember him liking mango.

Was this an earlier memory of his? Or a memory after we separated. It still pisses me off how I'm view lowered than a stupid dessert. Why didn't he cry for me instead? I grumbled to myself.

Getting my cake, I started eating it, not bragging or anything. Still, as the heir of the Celeste family, I had chiefs or passieurs all over the world doing their best to entertain me. I do not expect much from this cake, but I hope it will reach my standards.

Taking a bite of it, it was better than I expected. The richness of both chocolate, vanilla, and cream cheese was well made. I might have to come here more often, seeing how good they were made.

Continuing to spectate him, I saw Charlie feeding that little bitch. I was fuming when that happened. My spoon was bent from my anger. I was deep breathing trying to calm myself.

Hearing them talk about the battle arena, I had an idea. I would make an example of that bitch for touching my property. So, leaving them alone, I went back to train.

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