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Cross Dressing In A Fantasy World Full Of Magic

Chapter 1 I Might Get Disowned?

"AHHHHHH!" My head was hurting, and I was rolling in my bed from the constant pain assaulting me.

Floods of information were gathering in my head. Fuck! Isn't there any way to make this pain go away?

Moments later, the memories of the body that I had taken over appeared, and the pain eventually faded away. I opened my eyes and looked around. I could see a familiar yet unfamiliar room. The room that I occupied was a room that seemed to be like a female child's room. It was the room where I lived.

The door opened with me inspecting the room as I contemplated, "Young Miss." A maid politely said. "Matriarch Selene has ordered you to go to the main room." The maid bowed and left the room.

Organizing as much information as possible, it seemed like I was the only child and the heir of the Solaris household. And today was the day that I would have a sibling.

The family that I was born into is the Solaris family. The Solaris family could create a miniature sun. Only the females of the Solaris family would be able to take over the family due to their ability to use magic. In this world, magic is a rarity that only females can use.

Females in this world are considered the superior gender. With magic, they could protect the world from any attacks from monsters or other attackers.

Coincidentally, the body I was occupying, "Charlie," was born with the ability to use magic. Not only that, the body has five times the magic capacity of an average female of the Solaris family.

With the birth of "Charlie," the matriarch or my mother was conflicted, unsure what to do. They had to decide whether to keep me or abandon me. The vote mostly leaned on keeping me because of my high magic capacity.

My mother, Selene, had to restrict the freedom of poor Charlie. He got forced to act like a female and dress as a female. I wouldn't be surprised if mana itself made me look like a female.

If I had my body from my previous life and saw this body, I would've been instantly charmed. I had bright long blond hair that reached to my to the upper part of my legs, coupled with pretty blue eyes that were as colorful as a sapphire. My lips would make anyone want to touch them, my nose was perfectly shaped, with my delicate body would make anyone want to protect me. I was at the height of 5'8. In short, I looked like a princess.

Heading out of my room, I went towards the main room of my family's house. With me in the main room, there was my "mother" and many of the elders surrounding her, which made it look intimidating.

"Mother, is there anything you need from me?" I said in fear, trying to mask it. Charlie himself deeply feared my mother, unable to shake it away. I nervously asked what she wanted from me.

"Charlie, my child. Today your sister was born. Your title as an heir is revoked, and your sister will inherit your title. Not only is your sister a female, but her talent has surpassed yours." I was surprised to hear that I knew something terrible would happen. I couldn't even do anything about it.

"Your sister Abigail will inherit the family, but you will be left with two choices. The first choice is that we disown you, stripping you out of your magic and never setting foot into the Solaris family." That wasn't something that I wanted to hear.

"The second choice is to attend Saint Maria Magic Academy, dressing as a girl and building a better reputation for the Solaris family." My head started to hurt when I heard my mother's words.

If I didn't accept her request, I would lose my magic, which is more important than my life. The second choice is to go to a girl's school, acting as a female, but if I were to be found out, my life would be over.

Without much choice to begin with, "I will attend Saint Maria Magic Academy." Losing my magic would be too much of a blow if I could not protect myself.

"The choice has been made. In two days, you will be attending the academy." Saying those words, I bowed and returned to my room.

My body was on the bed in my room with my face slumped into my pillow. Is this how Charlie felt when he knew he would be easily replaced? Being tossed away like you were nothing? Man, this feels like shit. It still stung even if I wasn't that close to my family.

Should I run away? Could I sneak out of the house without anybody noticing? No, I don't have the guts to do that. I wouldn't be surprised if I got killed or crippled if I did that. No one is on my side in this family. I sighed, hoping something good would happen if I were to go to the academy.

With the window open in my room, I went towards it.

As a person from the Solaris family, the sun was like a family to us. It boosted my magic during the day. Because of this, the Solaris family is considered one of the top families in this country.

Like the Solaris family, there is the Lunaris, which could control the moon's power, and the Celeste family, which controls the power of a Celestial. With these three families to defend Star State Country, people from the outside wouldn't attack aimlessly.

In this world, there are nine levels of magic. The introductory levels of magic are from the first to the third level. They are experts in their magic from fourth to sixth, and they're masters of their craft from seventh to ninth.

The matriarchs of each family head are at the eighth level of magic. Their magic alone could destroy a city of Star State, and no one but one person has broken to the ninth level of magic. It was estimated that they could destroy a country without any effort.

At the age of eighteen, one would start their magic training. If one were to start training too early, it could cause harm to one's body.

Being born into the Solaris family has its advantage. We can absorb magic faster during the day, giving us a boost in growth speed.

As someone born with five times the magic capacity, I would have five times someone's magic at the same stage.

With this vital information in my head, I nodded off. I would have to travel to Saint Maria Magic Academy in two days.

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