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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 6

Ivy Villa, in one of the indoor training grounds. Ella and Lily were facing each other.

”I will not use my right hand. Show me what you got.” After saying those words, Ella tossed a bamboo sword at her sister while she readied her bamboo sword.

After receiving the bamboo sword, Lily positioned her left leg forward while clutching the bamboo sword before.


She shot forward like a rocket; she seemed to have used the world origin to increase her speed for a short period. Her movements were refined. She elegantly moved forward as she swung her sword forward, aiming at Ella shoulder; she even used the world origin to make her swing more complex, more challenging to see through.

However, Ella could easily see her sister attack, and she lazily dodged and gave a casual counter slash.

Seeing her incoming slash, Lily frowned and evaded the slash as she thrust her sword at her sister. It was not average thrust as it was powered by origin, making it cut through the air like a bullet

Ella didn’t get startled as Ruby expected and parried her attack with a counter thrust. It was a normal counter thrust without any power-up; still, it was deadly, and because of that, Lily instantly stepped back as she saw her sister’s counter-attack approaching her.

‘I’m still far from being able to make her go all out with using my origin attribute, but I will still try.’ Lily thought before putting her thought into action.

Formless origin gathered under her feet to propel her forward.

“Ha!” Lily quickly closed the distance between them as she threw an overhand cut.

However, Ella instantly reacted; she stepped to the side before using her sword to pry Lily’s sword from her hand and pointed her sword towards her neck. It happened in an instant giving Lily no time to counter.

“You lost, dear sister.” Ella smiled.

‘This quickly?? I thought I’d last a bit longer than usual. Today I didn’t hold back, and she still disarmed me. Is the difference between us this big?’ Lily couldn’t help but feel like a child trying to spar with an adult. The gap was too much; she felt she could never overcome it but knew better than anybody that if she continued to believe this, then she would never really progress.

While Lily was lost in thoughts, she was forced to stop because of Ella’s harsh words.

”Tell me, sister haven’t all our lessons taught you anything? You keep making the same mistake again and again. Do you think life at the academy would be easy? It’s not because we are born luckier than others that it would mean we will not put on some effort. The way you use the origin energy to move is wrong; it messed up your movement.”

Lily was ashamed that there was nothing she could say; out of all the teachers she had, her sister was the most patient one. It was not that she was dumb but compared to her sister, who could learn anything fast, she was a tad bit slower.

Having noticed that she went a bit overboard, Ella sighed and decided to show her sister what she meant once more. Her became gentle again.

”I will not use my sword this time, so attack me as you did previously, but you must at the same time pay attention to the flow of origin in my body. Understood?”

Lily nodded and readied her bamboo sword. Applying origin under her foot, she lunged forward as she threw a cut at Ella. Ella let the origin spread through her entire body before she twisted her body towards her side as she dodged her attack.

The origin was still spreading through her whole body, but she focused a small part of this origin into her hands to make it faster; it was adding boost over an already existing boost, this made Ella extremely fast, then she instantly grabbed Lily held out wrist, and, using her momentum, she spun her around and pinned her towards the ground.


Lily, got slammed into the ground. She felt all the air inside her lungs escaping; she felt like throwing but managed to swallow it back.

”You lost again. This time have you learned something?” Ella asked while offering her help. Lily accepted her sister’s hand and got up. She breathed in and out before answering.

”I did learn something. Finally, I understand I was not using my origin as I should. Like what most people do, they focus the origin on one part; however, by doing that, your attack, defense, or speed would not be at their maximum. Your method is like adding a boost atop another boost. No wonder I couldn’t do anything facing you, sister; you’re a genius to have thought of this method. I’m curious, how did you think about this method?”

”I will tell you if you manage to land a blow on me.” Ella declared with a gentle smile; she tossed the bamboo sword at her sister, who caught it and grinned in return; she was up for the challenge.


Lily disappeared, but this time she didn’t make too much noise as she copied her sister; she first spread the origin through her body before concentrating a small part on her legs to increase her speed. She must admit it, her she felt different, she arrived behind her sister in an instant, from her body dark origin spread out and covered the bamboo sword.

”Moon Sword 1st Form: Butterfly!”

Lily’s bamboo sword moved so fast, so elegantly that it created an afterimage in the form of butterflies trying to swarm Ella.

Ella simply chuckled when she saw this move; she covered her sword in white origin before calmly blocking Lily’s moon sword move.

”Got you.” Lily mumbled as she reappeared behind her sister, busy dealing with her attack, and thrust her sword forward; she was sure of her victory.

”I knew you would do that,” However Ella had anticipated this, she said without turning back and caught the bamboo sword with two fingers.

”What?” Lily was shocked when she saw this, but she suddenly smiled and declared proudly.

”I won. You said if I hit, touching your fingers could be considered as hitting you.”

”Hoh? You’re not wrong, but you should look closely first before jumping on a conclusion.” Ella calmly responded, making her sister frown, but this frown was turned into astonishment when she saw that the bamboo sword didn’t touch Ella’s skin; the white origin blocked the sword.


Lily gulped; her sister was at another level. Projecting an origin outside and moving it as her sister did was not something many could do. Only those closest to the Origin Level 5 could do.

‘Sigh! She has progressed yet again.’ Lily thought, she also decided to work harder from now on to catch up because she was falling behind; despite the two of them being called genius, her sister work harder, so she needs to work harder as well, for herself, for her sister.

”I lost, but I want you to teach me that move.” Lily accepted her loss and immediately asked for her sister’s assistance.

Naturally, Ella gladly accepted but postponed it for later.

”Let go, father is back.” She said, and Lily nodded; a rare smile bloomed on her face; she loved her father even though she was too shy to admit it, she was happy whenever she saw him.

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