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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 5

The Ivy Villa, located in a quiet and luxurious area without any other buildings or villas nearby, was the home of one of the royal family members.

Looking from afar, it seemed as if the villa was located on an oversized private estate that spanned at least a few kilometers.

Beyond the villa’s doors was another world, a wonderful world.

The villa design was beautifully thought, the whole villa seemed to be a sort of glasshouse, but one couldn’t see what was inside. To make it more beautiful, the architect put a waterfall behind the villa. Inside the villa, several elegant courtyards spread around the estate.

The villa itself was half as huge as a small kingdom palace.

There was a garden; this garden had a luscious grass plot, which was flanked by neatly trimmed bushes. A greenhouse stood in the center of the garden, housing all sorts of fruits, vegetables, and more exotic flowers. The rows of flowers formed a miniature world of their own, full of mysteries and wonder.

In this beautiful world were two girls who were about to sit around a table. Their beauty highlighted the already beautiful garden, the two girls were twins, but unlike normal twins, they had almost the same features. They both had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin. A pair of arched eyebrows. Their delicate ears framed a button nose.

To differentiate them, it would be through their hair.

One had flowing moon shadow-black hair, while the other had dazzling white hair reminiscent of snow. The two had constellation-blue eyes, which pushed their beauty to another level.

People referred to them as the Twins goddesses, the current Luxiria emperor’s nieces; it was to say their father was the emperor’s young brother. The one with the moon shadow-black hair is Ella Emea Luxiria, while the one with the white hair is Lily Emia Luxiria. One had a gentle personality, while the other was a troublemaker unlike what her would suggest.

Just as the two sat, a maid around her mid-thirties entered the greenhouse and served them tea.

”Thank you, Aunt Lea,” Ella said while lifting her teacup. She took a sip from the ambrosial tea and her eyebrows raised. No matter how many times she had drunk this, she still enjoyed it and found it highly pleasant to drink.

While her sister thanked their maid, who was like a second mother, Lily enjoyed her tea, saying nothing. Her behavior might appear rude, but the maid didn’t find it rude as she knew deep down that Lily was not a bad girl, only shy to truly express how she felt even though she would not want to admit it.

”Fufufu! Thank you, little Ella. I shall be taking my leave then, and little Lily, I’ll send someone over to bring you your favorite sweets.” Aunt Lea left acting as if she had not seen Lily’s body flinching when she mentioned sending someone to bring her sweets.

She harrumphed like she was angry at the maid for poking where it hurts; she was a sweet lover but didn’t like when people pointed this out, especially when it was to make fun of her.

”Pft! Lily being honest won’t kill you, nor it would do you any bad.” Ella decided to tease her sister; her smile was so captivating that Lily was mesmerized for a second before she harrumphed.

”Ella, have you heard about the recent disappearances?” To change the subject, Lily asked this question.

Ella put down her teacup, and her eyes became serious.

”Yes, I did. I even urged father to investigate.” She explained, her face as she said those words was as though she was going through a lot of pain. It was why people loved her sister; she was compassionate, she cared about everyone no matter who this person was, she didn’t care about status or ranks. She was like a Saintess; even as her other half, she envied this side of her, acting without expecting anything in return; it is not something everyone can do.

Lily’s first thought when she heard about people disappearing, even though most of those people were from the slum, was how concerned her sister would be. So, naturally, she started to investigate secretly while she even planned to ask for their father’s help once she got a clue.

”So, it’s why father is not back yet since he left last night,” Lily said while playing with her teacup; she had already finished drinking the ambrosial tea but was afraid of Aunt Lea making fun of her if she called back asking for another cup.

Ella sighed and explained. ”Yes, it is probably related to that, but last night huge energy was felt at the entrance of the slum. This even caused the sky to rumble and lightning bolts crackled; many powerful people came shortly to investigate.”

Lily didn’t ask her sister how she knew all these things because apart from her gentle personality, she was also really powerful; she possessed sharp senses. Lily also felt that energy, but it was only for a second; she didn’t know that shortly after, many powerhouses came to investigate. But there was also another thing she felt besides that powerful energy; it was a sense of nostalgia. She did not know why she felt like this, but she was sure that whoever the person possessing that kind of energy was, that person might be related to them. She was not the only one who felt this way; Ella also felt like that because not only did the twins look alike with almost no difference, they sometimes shared the same feeling.

Ella decided to change the subject as she felt the heavy atmosphere lingering.

”You know that the academy would open its doors soon.” Her words made Lily frown.

”Ugh!” She disliked training but knew that with her sister, there was nothing she could do about it.

”Yeah, I know. Let’s train you training freak.” She didn’t wait for her sister before leaving, almost as if running.

Seeing this, Ella chuckled but still followed her sister. Sparring with her sister was always fun.

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