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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 4

”Then we have a deal.”

The young man with the crimson eyes declared before moving his right thumb toward his mouth where sharp teeth could be seen; he brutally bit his thumb. A drop of crimson blood flowed out; the moment this drop of blood came out, it was as if the surrounding area had been turned into a sauna.


Suddenly the sky started rumbling, the clouds thundered, and several lightning bolts crackled in the sky, shocking many powerful beings across the world; they immediately understood that someone extraordinary had come or was making a move.

In Neon, the capital of the Wratharis Empire, the sleeping emperor opened his eyes; like the others across the world, he also felt the powerful force that made the world tremble, and as the strongest emperor, one of the strongest origin masters existing, he must be the first one to know what or who was the one responsible for this unusualness, even it means he would go to his rival empire.

The emperor’s son, Leon, opened the throne doors, a young man with a handsome face, golden eyes, and golden hair, the features of the royal family, the Neos family. Leon Ackes Neos wished to have an audience with his father, but to his surprise, the latter was going out. He didn’t even have the opportunity to greet him before the emperor stepped across space and vanished from the throne room, leaving him alone. Leon stood there for a moment before leaving; his expression was unreadable.

In the Holy church headquarter located on the north side of the Golden Palace, the Holy maiden, also known as the pope, trembled; her eyes couldn’t be seen because of a white cloth covering her eyes; she felt a sense of familiarity. Still, it only lasted a second; she didn’t do anything, sitting quietly inside her white throne as she sighed.

”A storm is about to come.”

It was unknown why she said those words. Still, the Holy maiden was sure that after thousand years, the fragile peace that existed would soon crumble; whether the new era would be a bloody one or a truly peaceful one, even with her unique ability, she could not tell.

In an unknown location, inside a room shrouded in darkness, a man was sitting on a black throne, his face was not visible, but his beautiful golden hair was acting like a beacon amidst this darkness. Sleeping on the ground beside the man was a white snow wolf.

”So it’s time.” The man mumbled as he also felt the change and knew why this was happening. As if the man’s words were some signal, the sleeping wolf opened its eyes; there was blood red.

”Awooooo!” The wolf howled before disappearing, and soon many other howls were heard across the land.

Back in Lux. The emperor of the Luxiria Empire, Adler Luxiria, also made a move. Every one of the strong origin masters across the world except for a few began to make their move to locate the source of this powerful energy.

Inside the alley, the young man knew he didn’t have too much time as if he didn’t hurry, this place would soon be swarmed by a bunch of powerful people. He was not in the state where he could face them. He shot the drop of crimson blood into Amber’s dying body; it was as if dried well had received water after thousand years, she greedily sucked the drop of blood like a starving beast, and in the blink of an eye, she was back to normal, no the current Amber was beyond regular, with just her physical strength alone she could fight an origin master at the Level 7, it how strong the current Amber was.

”Amber greet her master.”

Because of the blood oath tying them together, Amber immediately went on her knees. She had received a small amount of information on her master identity; she knew she was someone astounding, one of the strongest vampires existing. She felt honored to serve such a master.

”Greet, I’ll let you finish your unfinished business before joining me somewhere.” The young man announced; Amber was confused at first but soon understood as she felt a special connection with her master, she could tell exactly where he was, she knew there must be a range for this ability, but it must be because of this ability her master said she would join him after she was done with her business.

Holding Amber inside his arms, the young man vanished and immediately reappeared a thousand meters above the ground; he stopped and began to levitate in the air; his crimson eyes pierced through the clouds to land on the alley they had just left.

Amber tried to look past the clouds like her master, but she failed; her red eyes only pierced a few clouds before stopping.

The young man stared silently at the strong people that appeared and checked the alley; they found nothing, however, suddenly one of them looked into the sky, his golden eyes were like lightning bolts piercing through the clouds, trying to locate the weird presence he suddenly felt, but the man failed to find anything.

”What are you looking at?” Adler Luxiria asked his rival, the Wratharis Empire emperor.

”No, nothing, I was overreacting, probably.” the Wratharis emperor responded before he continued to check the alley in the hope of finding a clue.

After checking for another minute but finding nothing, those strong people left.

Looking at their departing back, the young man chuckled.

‘That golden-haired man is strong; the blue-haired one is also strong. I must watch out for those two.’ He thought before dragging Amber with him. Because they both shared their memories when he turned her into a vampire, he knew where they should go and what she needed to finish.

When they arrived before the orphanage, he stopped and looked inside the orphanage; his eyes were like x-ray scanning everything inside, he saw twenty people, sister Mary included, she was waiting anxiously at the door, probably because Amber had not returned yet.

The young man stared specifically at sister Mary for a moment; inside the orphanage door, sister Mary’s body suddenly shuddered before returning to normal.

”You should go, celebrate her birthday before bidding them farewell.” The young man said before disappearing, leaving Amber alone in the front of the orphanage.

Despite the confusion, Amber still pushed the door open; a worried sister Mary was there; she embraced her; Amber felt like everything was washed away with this hug. That night she smiled brightly celebrated with her loved ones before bidding them farewell; strangely, Sister Mary accepted easily Amber’s wish to be free. To not make them too worried, Amber promised to visit often.

Amber, the girl who had made a deal with the devil, disappeared from the orphanage; she was reborn into something new.

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