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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 3

”So you are the serial killer?”

A cold voice reached the vampire’s ears, making him freeze; he was about to finish Amber; the healthy young girl was nothing now but a bag of bones; she was dying. Slowly the vampire turned his head in the voice direction and said.

”Another prey has shown himself. I will-”

The vampire couldn’t finish his words because, in the next instant, a kind of fear, a fear he had never felt before, struck him making his body refuse to listen to his command, not even his creator, the person who turned him into vampire could make him this afraid. Fear was an emotion he thought he wouldn’t often feel after turning into a vampire, but the young man before him made him discover the true meaning of fear. It was like every fiber of his being, and even his soul was afraid of the young man with the crimson eyes.

The vampire had one thought at the moment, which was to flee, to escape from this empire, no from this continent as fast as he could. He mustered all his strength; all the blood essence he sucked from his victims kicked in, making him finally break through Origin Level 5. He felt immense strength coursing through his body, he momentarily broke free from the terrible fear, and he tossed the almost mummified Amber to the side, her body slammed against the wall, her mouth was forced open, but because she almost had no blood, no blood came out.

The vampire did not look behind, nor try to confront the young man with his newfound power; he immediately put strength into his legs, the ground under his feet cracked, he jumped into the sky, no he tried but failed.

Just as his body left the ground, it was violently slammed back into the ground.


The vampire’s face was thrashed into the ground, bursting it with pieces of stones and concrete. Before he could release a cry, an invisible force pulled him out and tossed him into the air. Then the vampire felt a huge force crashing into his belly.

His mouth fell open, and blood sprayed out.

He tumbled to the ground, his body convulsing with pain.

“Ple…please spare me!” The vampire begged. The pain had wiped out any resistance he had, replacing it with the sensation of approaching death. The young man had not moved even his finger; he just stood where he was since the beginning, only looking at the vampire.

“And why would I do such a thing?”

Finally, the young man opened his mouth for the second time and asked as he slowly approached the vampire-like grim reaper. He might not be wielding a scythe, but that only made him appear far more menacing. Vampire’s tough physical was like a joke before the young man.

Sensing his death approaching, the vampire overused his brain cells, but nothing came to his mind until he remembered something.

”Ple.. please spare me. I will give you a lot of money. I…I have money and treasure inside my space ring, s..spare me, and I will give you all of them.”

Although he didn’t expect anything as he said those words, the vampire still hoped that the young man would be enticed and let him live; the reason for this was because it was almost impossible to override another person signature on a space ring if you kill the wearer without him granting you the access to his space ring then it would be lost forever. Holding into this small hope, the vampire thought he could survive; however, the following merciless words said by the young man made it clear that there was no hope for survival.

”I hate people who acted strong before the weak and start begging when they encountered someone stronger. You should never beg.”

The vampire wanted to say he was wrong before in the next moment; his body exploded into a bloody mist which got evaporated in an instant.

”What a disappointment, after only a thousand years, you have turned into a lawless creature. I wonder what happened.” The young man mumbled while closing his right hand.

His expression was colder, making his surroundings drop in temperature. With just a thought, he cracked the vampire’s space ring; inside it, he saw a pile of gold coins, banknotes, and some worthless stuff. He decided to sort them out later in a calm environment. It was time to go.

However, just as he was about to leave, he heard a weak voice calling out for him.

”Plea….. please sa….save me.”

Naturally, this weak voice came from Amber, who mustered the last bit of her strength to beg to be saved.


The young man stopped and looked in Amber’s direction; she was lying on the ground, she was like an old lady at death door, her once platinum blonde hair was no more, it had turned completely white, her once ice-blue eyes had lost their luster, but the determination to live was still strong as ever. Unexpectedly, the young man felt his cold heart beating for a millisecond; therefore, he walked toward the dying young woman asking for help.

He stopped a few feet from her, lowered his body, and said those words.

”I understand, but what do you have to offer?”

The young man’s voice sounds sweet, almost enticing, like the sweet whisper of the devil. For an unknown reason, Amber felt like this young man whose features she could not see because of her weakened body was a being extremely powerful; whether this young man was evil or good doesn’t matter; the only thing that mattered was he could save her, so without hesitation, Amber declared knowing well what her words implied.

”I… I’ll my soul.”

The young man was shocked by Amber’s strong words, but it only lasted an instant. In the next moment, he stood up, the corners of his mouth perked up.

”Then we have a deal.” The young man with the crimson eyes declared.

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