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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 29

A few days later.

Demon’s continent, in the palace of the Dawn Empire, Allmaroth Asmodeus, the current ruler of the demon, leaned on his throne. Holding on to his chin, his eyes were closed. He was frowning and deep in thought.

“Your majesty, did you request for my presence?”

Shortly after, Seven, one of the advisors, walked in and bowed to him respectfully.


Allmaroth opened his eyes. A beam of light streaked across them but only lasted for a moment. He asked, seemingly casual, “Didn’t you find something about what happened a few days ago in Luxiria?”

The emperor was talking about Orpheus; he had alerted the powerhouses worldwide when he was trying to turn Amber into a vampire. Most of them were trying to find a clue, but until now, nothing was found.

Seven shook his head to acknowledge that nothing was found, even with the special team going over there to investigate.

”But we found out that recently vampires seemed to be causing trouble in the capital of Luxiria.” Seven explained.

Allmaroth’s eyes turned cold at the mention of a vampire; if it weren’t because it would be unbefitting a ruler to easily lose his self-control, he would have released a killing intent, that bloodthirsty race had caused too much damage to the world. In contrast, he hadn’t participated in that war; he knew how terrific it was; the angel race was gone while the demons lost more than half of their territory and population. If it weren’t because of that accursed race, the demon should have been the strongest of all and dominated the world.

”We shall one day eradicate them; for now, you must survey the capital because they might sneak in,” Allmaroth warned, and Seven nodded.

The emperor changed the subject.

”What do you think of the prince? Will he be able to complete our long-lost wish?”

Seven pondered and said, “The prince is talented; there is no doubt that he will succeed. ”

Seven did not doubt that the prince would succeed; his goal by going in the academy was to make the twins’ goddesses his while at the same time it was to dominate the others prodigies, to show the world that the demons were back, he must lead them to go into that special ruin.

”You are right; he will succeed. Go tell him to prepare.” Allmaroth ordered; Seven nodded after bowing he left.

Once alone, Allmaroth sighed; his son is too smart, sometimes he would appear like an old monster, a monster who had everything under his palm. While it was sometimes disturbing, the emperor was happy; as the future emperor, his son had the bearing of a true emperor; maybe with him, the demon’s race would rise and dominate the world.


In the Desolate Forest, after two weeks of wandering in the dangerous forest, Amber had made considerable progress; she had consolidated her level, she was even getting to the next level, level 5. She was not in a hurry to advance as with her current level, she was not any weaker than some level 5 Origin master.

She decided on focusing on acquiring a better battle experience.

Most importantly, Amber now possessed a spirit perception that was akin to that of a beast. She was extraordinarily sharp and sensitive, more than a normal vampire after acquiring a spirit perception.

Relying on the spirit perception, Amber had countless narrow escapes from deaths. She even got away from some extremely dangerous beasts before.

However, in recent days, the little vampire encountered some trouble.

The lord of the area where she was located, the wolf clan, had an astronomical number of members.

She encountered a wolf preciously. After a bloody battle, she killed it but unexpectedly provoked the endless hunting by the wolves.

If she were to fight them one-on-one, most wolves were not Amber’s match.

However, the most terrifying thing about the wolf clan was their patience and an acute sense of smell. Not weaker than that of a vampire, and for some unknown reason, she seemed weakened under their attacks, almost as if they were born to counter her, a vampire.

Amber had escaped from the packs of wolves countless times. But not long after, the wolves would hunt her down again with their keen sense of smell. It could be said there are the toughest opponents she has ever faced since her arrival. She was forced to flee non-stop; her body was riddled with scars; before her previous injuries could recuperate, a new one would get added atop of them.

If Amber’s body were not strong enough and not a vampire, she would have long died of exhaustion.

In the long and endless escape, Amber’s clothes had long been torn by the origin beasts during the combats. Thankfully to her master, she was not forced to wear some beast skin; he would secretly send her a new set of clothes every now and then. She was happy knowing he was watching everything from somewhere, it why she decided to make use of her brain; escaping was not the solution, sometimes to face your problem, you better use your brain, not only she must be the sharpest weapon under her master she must also possess the brain to think.

”It is time for the final showdown,” Amber mumbled while sending the wolve’s presence coming from behind her; it was the time to give them what they wanted; well, it was not like she wanted to die, but she must at least give them a good lesson they would never forget, in order to graduate from this training she must take care of this pack of wolves who had generously taken care of her in the past few days.

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