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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 27

Time passed quickly, and the sun was gradually setting.

Amber was still sleeping soundlessly to recover; her injuries were severe to begin with, she needed time to recover completely.

Meanwhile, Orpheus, who left his previous location, appeared in another location.

The moment he appeared, terrific killing intent was locked on him. He was completely calm as he said.

”Beasts with limited intelligence are easy to lure out.”

The moment that he released a bit of his power to alter time to help Amber train better, he knowingly released his weakened aura as there would be some stupid beast that would try to get their hands on him; they would want to eat him to ascend in level.

”Human hand over your life, there is no escape.” A burly man appeared midair and uttered those words; he was 7.22ft (2.2m) and wore thick beast fur; he had lion tail and lion ears above his head. It was easy to see that it was an origin beast who had attained human form, a Tier 3 (Equal to Origin Level 4), a high-level spirit beast. A golden lion origin beast almost closer to Tier 4 (Origin Level 3), he wanted to consume Orpheus to step into the next Tier.

Floating beside him was another spirit beast but a woman this time, however unlike the male who looks almost human, this female had fur all over her body, even on her face, a leopard origin beast. She seems to be the male’s mate; her eyes were cold as she gazed upon Alex as though he was already dead meat.

The golden lion origin beast who had attained human form was shocked by Orpheus’s calm expression as though nothing in this world could affect him.

For a moment, one of the beast kings in the inner part of the desolate forest thought maybe he had misjudged the situation, maybe he shouldn’t have come out, but upon sniffing the air and saw that Orpheus was gravely wounded, any hesitation he had vanished.

”Human, I’m talking to you; stop pretending I know you’re injured; after using such high-grade technique, you don’t have any more origin left inside your body. Obediently hand over your life.”

The golden lion demanded, exuding a terrifying might and endless killing intent!

Crack! Crack!

Popping sounds could be heard coming from his body as the surrounding space seemed to shake under the beast’s powerful physical pressure.

Orpheus’s expression was unchanging; his lips were curled slightly, showing a faint smirk.

”Beasts are beasts after all.” He said those words slowly for the two beasts to hear.

The two beasts froze, not believing what they heard; Orpheus’s words shocked them more.

”Let’s me show you what a real killing intent feels like.”

Instantly, the world changed.

The man did not do anything, and his eyes merely shone with a blood-colored light, but a sea of blood instantly appeared in the sky, emitting a nauseating stench as it surged towards two beasts, not giving the beast any time to dodge.

The moment the sea of blood enveloped them, their bodies froze, and their minds shook violently; they were scared beyond words. As origin beasts that started from the bottom until they reached their current level, they have killed many beasts, humans, and people from other races included but compared this to man’s killing intent, it was like a drop of a bucket in the middle of the ocean. Orpheus’s killing was too frightening, so frightening that it materialized in the form of a sea of blood; how many did he have to kill to possess such frightening killing intent?

The two beasts didn’t even wish to know.

Orpheus’s killing intent was chilling to the bones!

The Golden Lion’s fur stood on ends and made his entire body seem much larger while his mate, the leopard origin beast, was almost frightened to tears.

Suddenly, Orpheus’s killing intent vanished as if it had never existed; the sea of blood vanished as well. The two beasts gasped for breath; the beasts couldn’t understand what happened; however, because the golden lion’s pride had been wounded, especially in front of his mate, he was furious.

”Stupid human, I will suck your blood and refine-”

Before he finished his sentence, Orpheus vanished and appeared before him, he reached the golden lion’s throat. He was way too fast.

The golden lion’s expression changed starkly as he raised his hands instinctively before him to defend.

”Stay still,” Orpheus ordered, and the leopard origin beast froze midair.

Meanwhile, Orpheus’s gaze turned cold as he stared at the golden lion in front of him. The moment he touched the latter arm, he exerted strength forward!


Origin beasts are known to possess tough physics, but in front of Orpheus, it was like a joke. The golden lion’s arms were snapped on the spot.

Flesh hung from his broken bones that were revealed as blood flowed everywhere in a grisly manner!


Shrieking tragically, the golden lion almost fainted.

Instantly, cold sweat started pouring from his forehead, and he heard the grim reaper final sentence.


Immediately all the blood inside the golden lion vanished; even his origin core was refined into blood essence that entered Orpheus’s body.

Upon seeing this scene, the leopard origin beast’s soul almost left her body. Finally, she understood Orpheus’s previous sentence; they had been lured into coming because they wanted to eat the injured man; however, on the contrary, it was them who got eaten instead, how ironic. Those were the leopard origin beast’s last thought before she was turned into a skeleton in the next instant.

After consuming two blood essences from tier 3 origin beast, Orpheus’s complexion changed slightly. He had recovered a little bit.

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