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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 26

Amber had no idea she was being watched, but currently, it wasn’t like she was in a situation to care about that as she was in great danger.

”Oh! No. I seem to have underestimated this beast.”

She was shocked by the beast’s sharp movement.

The snake origin beast slithered over, erratically moving its head. In that instance, Amber suddenly found it difficult to grasp the chance to strike and abolish all of her original plans.

If she were to fail in her first strike, she would undoubtedly die!

Having decided what to do, Amber acted; she exerted strength on her lower limbs while activating Blood Arts: Blood Strengthening. Her body backed off rapidly and averted the attacks.

At this moment, a swooshing sound could be heard. Before Amber could react, her small body had been hit firmly at the sweep of the snake’s tail and was thrown off.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After crashing into and breaking three trees consecutively, Amber fell onto the ground and vomited a mouthful of blood. Her face was as white as a sheet.

This collision had injured her significantly.

At this moment, Amber felt that her body was about to shatter. The pain was unbearable, and she did not have more energy to fight.

“Only one strike actually landed me in such a miserable state?”

Before she could finish this thought, she sighted the origin beast chasing closely and pouncing on her again. A black shadow engulfed her.

At the same time red lightning bolt descended, landing near her; it was her sword Dáinsleif. Amber gritted her teeth, twisted her arm, pulled out the Dáinsleif from the ground, and slashed forward with all her might!

It was a casual strike with no technique behind it; even so, it was powerful.

There were flashes of blood.

The snake origin beast gave a sorrowful cry. A bloody wound appeared on its head. One of the eyes was already blinded!

Having suffered such a grievous injury, the humongous body of the origin beast tossed and twisted continuously, causing the surrounding trees to break one by one. The sound and atmosphere were appalling.

On the other hand, Amber knew that she was not a match for this origin beast despite the latter’s injury. Their abilities were not on the same level.

Furthermore, she was more seriously injured. If she were to receive another crazy whip by the beast, she would definitely die on the spot no matter how resilient the vampire body was.

Biting her lips, she dared not stay any longer. She fled quickly using Blood speed.

Before she could run far, she felt drained of energy. Her chest felt stifled; she could not help but spit out another mouthful of fresh blood.

If Amber had not used the Blood Strengthening, that strike was enough to blast her body!

“Am I going to be buried in this place on the very first day?”

Amber bit the tip of his tongue and tried hard to stay sober. She decided to come here, and she would not accept such fate; she would not die here; if the world wanted her dead, she would destroy such a world. She didn’t come here to fail, she must, and she would survive.

Amber quietly pondered and said, “I must find a good place to hide as soon as possible. Otherwise, any origin beast that I encounter can kill me easily.”

After running for a while, she sighted a steep mountain wall in front of her. There was a cave on it a few feet from the ground.

Amber’s eyes lit up. It was a god-sent gift.

She arrived at the mountain wall and climbed up like a spider; she had no trouble climbing up; she was even shocked how fast she climbed.

Amber climbed up the mountain wall and carefully peeped into the cave. She flipped inside after ascertaining that there was no danger.

Everything she had done since escaping was like torture and had already exhausted her last bit of strength.

The cave was not big and could barely fit two people. Fortunately, the location was not bad and could avoid most terrestrial beasts.

After making herself comfortable, Amber lay against the cave’s wall and fell asleep while thinking of revenge. She knew she would have recovered by the time she opened her eyes again. After all, she was a vampire, a high-level one.

Even with her eyes closed, she was still on her guard; while she didn’t possess a spirit perception, she still had her senses, and her nose was extremely sharp; she could smell any origin beast closing. She wouldn’t make the same mistake twice; unknowingly, a formless origin escaped from her body and covered a radius of one meter; it was her spirit perception being born, it was still far from completion, but with just this alone, there was a high chance she could develop a spirit perception before leaving the Desolate forest.

Orpheus watched everything with a cold expression. He nodded his head in appreciation.

‘Not bad. I will help you a bit.’ He mumbled before stretching his hands; the space radius fifty kilometers twisted and got reshaped. The strongest origin beasts around sensed this phenomenon but dared not to step out because their instinct warned them that they would undoubtedly die if they were to step out of their lair. They couldn’t obediently lie frightening. Someone who could rewrite the surrounding laws as he wished wasn’t someone they could hope to go against.

Meanwhile, Orpheus sensed the beasts restless and was unfazed; his expression was unchanging except for his face becoming paler.

”Now it’s good.” Leaving those words behind, Orpheus disappeared somewhere. Because he had used a bit of strength, his old injury flared up. He must quickly find a solution; the answer seemed to be at the academy. After Amber’s training, they will immediately leave.

He would try to find a solution to recover while finding some answer about his past quickly.

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