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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 23

While Orpheus was out for some fun, back in the mansion, Amber decided to go out to buy some groceries for dinner tomorrow.

Having finished buying them, she decided to head back, but en route, she stopped by the orphanage. It had been a few days the last time since she visited.

Previously, the orphanage whose walls were crumbling and looked dilapidated was now new. It was all thanks to Amber, the money she offered after Orpheus paid her one year’s worth of salary was used to repair and strengthen the orphanage. Tall fences surrounded the orphanage; a garden was created as well.

The moment Amber walked in, the children playing on the balcony while waiting for dinner to be finished stopped and ran toward her.

”Sister, Amber is back.”

”Welcome back; what do you bring us this time?”

They didn’t allow her to talk before snatching the bag of candy she was holding; seeing this, Amber laughed before flicking them on the forehead.

”Like I used to say, always be patient. Got it?”

The children nodded; sister Mary appeared wearing an apron, walked out of the door; she must have finished cooking dinner, Amber thought.

”Good Evening, Sister Mary.” Amber greeted the middle-aged woman, who smiled brightly upon seeing her.

”Good child, join us for dinner.” Sister Mary invited Amber, and she happily nodded; she had not eaten sister Mary cooking in a while. Who knows when she would get the opportunity after leaving for the Wratharis Empire.

After the dinner, Amber was helping sister Mary to wash the dishes; she had refused to let Amber do it alone.

”How is your life over there?” Sister Mary suddenly asked, making Amber pause in her action, but soon she resumed washing the dishes.

”Yes, I’m happy,” Amber replied with a sweet smile; she was smart enough not to call Orpheus master, nor did she say anything about him, and sister Mary was clever enough not to probe when she could see the other party not wishing to share.

”Ok, that’s good.” Sister Mary said before falling silent.

Silence descended in the kitchen until the two finished. They moved to sister Mary’s study, where she prepared tea and served one to Amber. Sitting across from Amber, she looked at her, at the child she raised for a moment before opening her mouth once more.

”Child, I see that you are happy where you are. I’m happy for you. You like my child, I raised you, and I know you more than you think.”

Amber’s body stiffened upon hearing sister Mary’s words, but she remained silent and continued listening.

Sister Mary nodded, happy that Amber had matured a bit. She continued.

”While I will not ask you what happened that night, I know that you changed. Whether it is for good or evil, only the future will tell; however, I know that the child I have raised will always make the right choice, as what is right this decision is only up to you to make, just remember that I will always love you and welcome you with open arms.”

Amber was extremely moved; she couldn’t help but hug sister Mary and cry.

”Don’t worry, I am always here for you.” Sister Mary said while caressing Amber’s hair; she nodded repeatedly.

”I know you found what you truly want to do, so please give it your all not to regret in the future.” Sister Mary added.

Those words were etched deeply in Amber’s mind; her ice-blue eyes shone, previously, all the hesitation she had vanished.

Although she seemed determined last time when she said those words to Orpheus, she was but mere mortal a few days ago; even though she was reborn into a vampire, not everything was erased, she was still human at heart and could hesitate, but now after hearing sister Mary’s words she knew what she needs to do.

She was very sensible and did not want to stay for free like a leech – she also wanted to contribute. While she didn’t know her master’s true identity, she had the feeling that he was someone important. To never get discarded and do what needed to be done, she must be determined and never waver.

”Thank you, mother.” Amber simply said those words before hugging sister Mary tightly.

”It’s good that I managed to help you, my child. I’m always here for you.”

Amber nodded before spending a few more minutes before leaving. Looking at Amber’s back, sister Mary sighed and was once more reminded that Amber had matured; she was proud of her and couldn’t wait to hear of her future achievements. There was something she never told the children; she was a former origin master, despite losing her origin core causing her life as origin master to be over, her senses were still sharp, she could still detect origin inside someone’s body.

That night when Amber came back, she had changed; the previous girl whose body could not hold any origin could now contain it; she was a dual origin attributes wielder. Sister Mary was shocked but said nothing; whoever was able to change Amber, it was someone extremely powerful, she never wanted to anger that being by probing more than she could, and for some unknown reason, she was friendly, more open toward that person even while not knowing who he was.

Her words earlier were what she truly felt; after observing Amber a few times, she concluded that she was not being controlled. She was happy; this new life might be what she had been waiting for; the first time she held her sister Mary knew she wasn’t meant to be ordinary; it was why she named her Amber, a jewel that would always shine no matter where she went. It seemed that the time had arrived for her little girl; she could not wait to see how far she would go in the future.

On the other side, Amber, returning home, couldn’t stop smiling; now that she was determined, she already had an idea of what to ask.

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