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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 22

Meanwhile, Orpheus, who was still in the bar, was unaffected. Seeing baldy and the others leave.

Because Orpheus trounced baldy and his gang, a sense of fear arose in the men and women present in the bar. Occasionally, several hot chicks would send coquettish gazes at him but were ignored and could only give up seducing him.

Right as Orpheus was about to sit on the sofa, he sensed something he had overlooked because he didn’t spread his senses. In the corner of the bar was a stair well hidden. Orpheus spread out his senses and checked what was underground, and his lips curved upward into a smile.

‘So, there was something interesting going on underground.’ He mumbled with a strange smile before beckoning the bartender to come over; he whispered something. The bartender nodded before giving Orpheus a black coin; using this coin, he took the stairs leading underground, and when he entered, he saw another bar, but unlike the one upstairs, this one was bigger and was filled with strong people.

Even with his face, those inside only gave him a glance before continuing what they were doing. Orpheus was not offended; on the contrary, he found this situation quite refreshing. He walked forward, and soon the reason for his presence here was seen. His eyes zeroed right onto the bar dance floor, right onto the two men who were about to fight. At first, there was nothing odd about those two, they appeared like two-level 7 origin masters, but they couldn’t fool his sharp eyes.

Orpheus found a quiet corner and sat comfortably on the sofa. He decided to watch the exciting show that would be unfolding soon.

”Those two names seem to be Hank and Trey.”

Orpheus mumbled while enjoying his drink. Hank seemed to be a hand-to-hand fighter, while Trey was an assassin using a longsword.

Hank and Trey faced off on the wooden dance floor of the bar. The area was wide enough for the two of them to fight and not hurt others.

Hank wore fitting black clothes with a cloak on top; he threw his cloak away while slowly drawing a long sword from his belt; the blade made a hissing whisper as it was removed from the sheath. All the while, Hank’s eyes never left Trey; he was holding Trey firmly in his gaze.

Trey was wearing a brown sleeveless shirt and loose-fitting black pants. On either hand, he had red sturdy metal gauntlets. Trey bent down and stretched his back. He turned his neck from left to right and popping it with a series of clicks in rapid succession. Then, he proceeded to do the same with the rest of his body as he loosened up the rest of his body.

“Don’t hold back, or I am going to break you.” Hank snarled at Trey.

The latter shrugged his shoulders, smiled, and slowly brought one foot behind his back. He put his weight on it and brought an open palm up, ready to attack.

Hank rushed toward Trey. He dipped and weaved right as he was about to reach him and slashed downwards with the sword. Trey didn’t panic; he parried the blow with one of his gauntlets, and the blade clashed against the metal strapped to Hank’s arms with a shriek that sent sparks flying into the air. The swordsman was quick and uppercut slashed at the hand-to-hand warrior, attempting to catch Hank off guard.

Hank sidestepped to the right just enough, and the blade passed a hairs breath from his face.

Quickly, before Trey could respond with a follow-up, Hank swiftly punched Trey in the solar plexus, knocking the wind out of the swordsman and stunning him for a brief moment.

The fight had taken the two dangerously close to the edge of the arena where Hank had his back almost to the wall, despite his counteroffensive.

Trey was still open for more attacks, though, and Hank was not done.

The quick blow had opened Trey up for another attack, and Hank obliged him, putting a simple sidekick into the swordsman’s stomach, doubling him over. He followed that up with a quick rising uppercut.

The crowd watching their fight let out a collective wince for the man. The blow was strong.

Taking the opening and using the environment to his advantage, he backflipped onto the wall and pushed off towards Trey. The maneuver sent him front flipping towards Trey, and just before he reached the swordsman, Hank flattened his body out, feet first. Instead of colliding against Trey, Hank opted to wrap his feet around the latter neck instead.

The maneuver caught the swordsman off guard as he was recovering his wits, once again.

Hank chuckled mid-air. He used his momentum in a creative, instead of piling into his opponent; instead, he jerked to the right and swung around Trey. Then, when he was directly behind his opponent, He curled his legs into his body and angled his body towards the ground, changing the direction of his fall, putting the weight of his jump into a powerful throw.

Trey was pulled off his feet violently and was thrown across the floor. He skidded and tumbled along the ground, uncontrolled. He was stopped by the other end of the dance floor, about five feet from the wall at the back of the dance floor.

A groan escaped his lips as the pain from the attack started setting in.

Hank glided across the wooden dance floor like a snake; he appeared before Trey, who seemed to have not recovered with a double punch.


A dull impact rang out as the two punches collided against Trey’s chest before his mouth was forced open, and he spurted blood. Just as he was about to fall from the wooden dance floor, the swordsman did something unexpected; he moved his left leg like a whip, wrapped it around Hank’s leg, and dragged him down. Everything happened too fast. Before Hank knew it, he was already on the ground with Trey.

The crowd was silent until they began clapping; pleased with the fight’s outcome, women sent flirtatious glances at the two; among them were two women, two-level 6 origin masters with a scarf around their necks and pale face. They sent kisses toward the two before they began whispering something to women beside them. Soon, another two women joined them before they disappeared somewhere.

Orpheus watched everything from the corner of the room with a smile.

”Time to play two.”

It was unknown when but Hank and Trey had disappeared a long time ago.

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