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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 20

The sky was clear, allowing the huge sun to gaze down upon the world from its throne, releasing rays of heat that turned the winds hot and humid.

It had been five days since Amber first killed another human. After that day, apart from morning training, fighting against Orpheus summoned skeletons.

BOOM! Crack!

Amber had just killed the last skeleton; this one was bigger than normal. She had learned how to control the little amount of origin she had. Now she could efficiently use her blood origin when she activated her Blood Arts, the Blood Strengthening.

”Hah! hah! Hah! Although I can now control my origin, it is still tiring fighting against so many skeletons. Master is sure wicked to make me fight so many skeletons every day.” Amber sighed because Orpheus had said he would be absent for one day or two; the little vampire boldly said what she was thinking.

Unfortunately, Orpheus happened to come back at that moment; naturally, he heard everything, he chuckled.

Amber felt goosebumps rising all over her body as alarm bells rang in her heart. She jumped and readied her bamboo sword.

”Not bad, nice reaction, but you shouldn’t badmouth your master behind his back.”

Orpheus’s voice echoed inside Amber’s ear, making her tremble; she was unable to sense his presence, not even his scent.

Orpheus lifted his right hand and spanked Amber’s buttocks.


Amber froze, not believing what had just happened; she felt an immense pain in her buttocks that told her that it was not a joke.

”That’s your punishment for badmouthing your master behind his back.”

”So I can do it in front of him?” Amber asked, trying not to let her embarrassment be seen.

”Well, if you have the guts, that is.” Orpheus declared before taking a seat not too far from Amber; the latter could only sigh; she was too weak and too scared to do what her master said.

”Master, I thought you said-”

Orpheus cut Amber off before she could finish.

”I finished faster.” He said before tossing a sword at Amber.

Amber hurriedly tries to catch the sword to end up failing miserably.



The sword was so heavy that it left a small crater on the floor upon touching it. If not because she was smart enough to protect her hand at the last moment, Amber was sure that her hand would have been broken. She rubbed her red hand while asking.

”Master, why the sword is so heavy?”

”It’s because of one of the runes inscribed on the sword. Its current weight should be around 100 kg. This is your gift. A sword you can use until you reach Level 3.”

”Wow! Thank you, master. I will use this sword to slay your enemies.” Amber declared while striking her chest.

”You are closer to breakthrough, tomorrow or the day after you will become Level 6.” Orpheus analyzed when he scanned Amber’s, the amount of origin her origin core could store had increased.

Amber tried to pick up the red sword but failed several times but suddenly got an idea; she executed the blood strengthening before gripping the sword hilt, although she struggled to lift it, compared to when she tried without using the Blood Strengthening, it was easier.


Finally, Amber unsheathed the sword; a blinding light occupied her sight. The sword shone as if it had been fashioned from the blood itself.

Amber had one word to describe this sword, ‘beautiful.’

She inspected the rest of the sword. Touching the ornate cross-guard that spread out like a leaf, with a jewel embedded in the center; She ran her fingers across the runes filling the blade’s fuller. She had no thoughts about what the symbols meant but felt her finger tingle as she traced their lines. The balance of the weapon was impeccable. The metal of the carved guard, and leather-bound hilt, balanced the thick, heavy blade efficiently. She gave it a few more swings, adjusting her stance to compensate for the sword’s weight, which seemed to become lighter as she became accustomed to it.

It was as if this sword had been with her for years already; there was a certain feeling of familiarity she couldn’t quite put her fingers on. She wouldn’t go to the extent of saying this red sword was like the extension of her limbs, but she was sure that soon it would become one.

”Do you like it?”

Orpheus’s voice rang next to her ear, shocked she spun to check if he was behind her, but he was not; he was still where he had been sitting since a few minutes ago, the wind carried his voice to her.

“I love it, I can’t wait to start using it, but I know that I must use it. Besides, this child has not completely acknowledged me.” Amber said, trying to swing the sword a few more times but compared to a few seconds ago, it became problematic; the weight she had forgotten about came back, weighting more than she could remember.

Orpheus was shocked that Amber, on her first try, the first time she held a specially designed sword, could detect the spirit inside the sword; not every sword had one. He didn’t show surprise on his face. He designed this sword for her; to be useful to him, she needed a good weapon, the grade of this sword was extremely high. It was a growth-type sword, meaning the sword would grow stronger as its wielder grew stronger. It was a lie when he said she could only use this sword until she reached Level 3; there was no limit, as long she became stronger, so would the sword. Orpheus had said those words not to make her arrogant.

”Drop your blood on it to make it yours,” Orpheus ordered, and Amber was about to do that when suddenly, the sword vibrated.


”Ouch!” Amber cried in pain because she got cut.


The explosion happened inside Amber’s head before she felt connected to the sword, then her eyes turned blood red before turning dark.


She disappeared and reappeared in front of Orpheus and swung her sword. He didn’t move, just as the sword was about to split his skull.

Orpheus caught the blade between his fingers; it was like an iron grip; she couldn’t move.

”You should act like a slave should do,” Orpheus mumbled icily; his voice penetrated the sword, the latter trembled and became docile. Amber returned to normal shortly after. She was confused about what had happened.

”What I’m doing here?” She asked.

”Nothing, just leave the sword behind and get some rest,” Orpheus ordered; despite her confusion, Amber still decided to follow her master’s order; she was about to let go of the sword when the latter acted like a frightened rabbit afraid of being killed.

Vroom! Vroom!


Orpheus felt a headache coming. He regretted having used that soul as the sword spirit.

”Forget it, just bring it with you.” He said, chasing both master and sword away.

”Let’s go, Dáinsleif!” Amber said and dragged the sword with her.

”Dáinsleif? Huh! What a fitting name.” As he remembered one of the sword’s special abilities, Orpheus murmured while thinking about his own sword; he wondered how long before he had the chance to use it. Just thinking about it made him lick his lip while his crimson eyes shone dangerously. The room was soon filled with heavy killing intent before it quickly disappeared. Orpheus decided to take some fresh air to calm down.

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