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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 19

In Sakura, the capital of the Cherry blossom empire, in one of the villas owned by the royal family.

The room was lit up with expensive incense and was beautifully decorated.

A noble and young beauty was resting on a soft couch. She was dressed in casual clothes and perhaps feeling a little indecent, she picked up a white fox fur robe and draped it over her shoulders. However, one could still vaguely make out her clothes.

A fluffy and soft blanket was casually placed around her waist, outlining the soul-stirring curves of her slender waist and hips. She gave off an indescribable feeling of softness that could make even the toughest man in the world fall for her.

She was holding her chin in one hand, and her other hand was holding onto an exquisite fan. Her fair wrist was exposed; she had beautiful skin.

The young woman’s hair was draped over her body, making her look incredibly languid.

Suddenly, a maid walked in and bowed respectfully to the young woman.

”Greetings, Princess.”

”Oh! It’s sister Kirin!”

The young girl’s red lips parted slightly. Her voice was as pleasant as an oriole’s, but at the same time, it carried the grace of a noblewoman. It was to be expected this young girl was none other than the crown princess of the Cherry blossom empire, Kaguya Mio Sakura.

”Seeing you come to visit so late, it must be because mother sends you, right?” Kaguya asked.

”Yes! Your mother is furious because you weren’t present when Sir Itsuki visited earlier.” The maid announced.

”I didn’t come because I was busy talking to my subordinates. Well, if I say that, you will not believe me anyway. The real reason you know it, I don’t want to see him.” Kaguya declared without any emotions; her star-like eyes were cold as an ice pond.

The maid shuddered; the words she was about to utter disappeared; she was afraid of the princess’s reaction.

”Sigh! You don’t have to be that scared. I’m not going to do anything to you. My mother just sent you because the elders were annoying her. To show them that she still cared about their opinions, she sent you. How can my mother know what her daughter thinks when we are alike?”

Kaguya’s words made the maid nod in agreement. People would often mistake them for siblings instead of mother and daughter. They were both decisive and ruthless when they needed to be.

”Tell mother that I’m sorry. Next time I will be there.”

‘You are lying.’ The maid thought this after hearing Kaguya’s answer but didn’t dare to say it.

”Princess, I will take my leave. Have a good night.” The maid bowed before leaving the room in a hurry, almost as if running away.

”I’m that scary, Kuro?” The princess asked, but nobody responded; she could only sigh.

”I can’t wait to see how strong the twins’ goddesses and the others are. I want to fight them to see who’s the strongest. It is going to be fun.” The corners of Kaguya’s lips couldn’t help but tilt upward.

At the same time, in another location on the Eastern part of the continent.

In one of the training grounds of the Eastern Empire stood the twins from the Ren family, the ruling family, they were about to fight.

On the right was a handsome boy with black hair tied in a ponytail, eyes closed, standing, his hands behind his back. He was 5.7 ft (1.70m) tall. This young man is the crown prince of the Eastern Empire, Ren Xiaosu.

Standing opposite him was a beautiful girl with a bit of babyface, black hair cut in Bob cut, she had green eyes, 5.6 ft (1.68m). She was dressed in a short red cheongsam showing her pairs of shapely white legs. On her was a blade. This girl was the twin’s sister of Ren Xiaosu, Ren Xiaowen.

”Attack” Ren Xiaosu ordered.

Immediately the girl disappeared without making a sound before reappearing behind the handsome guy; while unsheathing her blade; she performed a [Quick Draw] while muttering a technique’s name.

[Gale slash]

She poured origin into her blade, and immediately twenty wind blades attacked the Xiaosu from all sides; he was calm; he stepped on the right, evading the first wind blades wave, then stepped on the left, dodging another wind blades wave.

Before silently muttering [Wind Dance], he executed a series of dances by rapidly advancing to the left then sidestepped on his right, dodging another wind blade as he appeared behind his sister, having anticipated that, the Xiaowen rapidly sends a thrust behind her without looking back, her tilted his head slightly to the left dodging his sister’s thrust.

Distancing herself from him, she turned to face him directly as she changed her stance to two hands as she said:

[Hundred Gale slash]

Hundreds of wind blades were sent in Xiaosu’s direction.

He knew if he took this attack lightly, he would suffer; for the first time since the beginning, Xiaosu opened his eyes; his eyes were green like his sister’s.

[Wind Armor]

Ren Xiaosu formed wind armor on his body; it was only a temporary solution. He clashed directly with the incoming attacks

Clangs* *Clangs* *Clangs*

He deflected all the hundreds of wind blades with his bare hands, coated in Wind origin attribute, then appeared before his sister with his hand against her throat-like blade as he calmly announced.

”You lost, sister.”

Xiaowen was surprised; she had not expected her brother to win so quickly; it could only mean one thing, he had progressed yet again.

”Indeed, it’s my loss. Brother, you progressed again; what is your current Level? Me, I’m already at the peak Level 6.”

Xiaosu chuckled before answering.

”Good progress, that’s not bad. I have just stepped into Level 5; I can barely be called Level 5 Origin master.”

”I see. No wonder. I need to work harder to catch up and surpass you soon.” Xiaowen declared with her head held high.

Her brother was surprised before bursting into laughter. Xiaowen frowned, thinking that her brother was making fun of her; she decided to counterattack.

”Well, I wonder if the twin’s goddesses are stronger than you?”

Xiaosu stopped laughing; his eyes narrowed.

”If they are stronger than you, especially Ella, then it means your chance of making her yours will be reduced. You have to work harder, and I’m going to talk with sister Qing’er.”

”You dare!” Xiaosu roared and began chasing after his sister, who had already run away after teasing him. She even stuck out her tongue before running away.

The emperor, secretly watching his children, chuckled, thinking it was good to be young.

Thinking about what would happen soon, the emperor could only sigh.

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