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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 183 Ambushed

While Illya was lost in thoughts, Hellion her brother was panicking, still, he couldn't lose face here as it would mean losing the academy's face, their prestige would be tarnished especially facing students from the rival school. ๐“ฒ๐“ทnr๐’†๐šŠd. ๐˜ค๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

''Petty trick, I can -" Hellion didn't finish this sentence before it happened.


A resounding slap was heard with Hellion's body appearing on the other side of the room, there was a heavy silence in the air as nobody anticipated this nor they saw Orpheus moving, not even Illya managed to see anything. She could only stare foolishly at Orpheus wondering how stronger he was.

''Let's go.'' Ignoring the weird stares coming from all over the place, he dragged Lily out of the restaurant, she was shocked as well but still obediently followed.

Hellion with his right cheek swollen glared at Orpheus's back, if look could kill then Orpheus would been dead thousand times over already.

Illya's eyes narrowed and she took something out and mumbled silently. She couldn't lost all face like this and do nothing and besides she still wanted to test this man, to evaluate his true strength, everything was for the incoming tournament between schools not because she was interested in this man and because she hate to lose, Illya believed.

Meanwhile, outside Orpheus dragged Lily to another inn and before they separated to go each in their room, he warned her that tomorrow would be a busy day for her, it would be fun and Lily nodded she could more or less imagine what those siblings would try to do. She was looking forward to their little revenge.

The next day after eating their breakfast, Orpheus and Lily departed to their next destination, they acted as if they were unaware of the person secretly tailing them.

''Let pass through that forest to reach the other end.'' Orpheus suggested and Lily nodded at this suggestion.

''Sure, let do that.''

Soon, the duo disappeared into the crowd and the person following them took out something and mumbled.

''They will pass through the forest, tell the boss to wait for them. I'll join you soon. Hehehe! What a easy job.'' The man tailing them firmly believed so but he had no idea that not even their employer believed in them, they were just bunch of rats only sent to test the water for their employer.


The forest was enormous, misty, and young. Its canopy was competed for by poplar, holly, and walnut, and ample openings let enough dancing beams of light through for bright bushes to take advantage of the rich grounds below.

Curving creepers held onto every tree, and a range of flowers, which were found in the most quiet places, added colorful variety to the otherwise mundane terrain.

A clamor of wild noises, which were caused by varmint, added life to the forest, and almost completely muffled the occasional roar of a large animal trying to scare away predators.

Half of an hour later.

The morning sun was basking the forest with a soft radiance. The leaves in the trees were whistling under the fluttering winds.

It was a very lovely environment, but currently, Orpheus sighed as he had expected this, to think they would fall so easily into a trap set up by other, it was to the extent that it was pretty laughable.

Meanwhile, Lily stood beside him, her expression the same as ever.

Some fifty meters ahead, a group of twelve men stood, making sure there were no spots for escape.

They were middle-aged men, sporting improper expressions, lust flashing in their eyes.

This group of thugs was in the vicinity when they noticed Lily and Orpheus, it was how they acted but Orpheus knew they had been waiting for them and was trying to act as if they doing this because overwhelmed by lust, lust for Lily's beauty. Seeing Lily's her flawless figure, their hormones went out of control and became happy to have accepted the cloaked lady's commission for this job as they could do as they please while carrying their original mission.

The forest made it close to impossible for them to satisfy their natural urges. Now, such a gorgeous woman was in the area, and they found her perfect to vent on.

It wasn't every day they get to meet a young woman, much less such a stunning woman! Naturally, their old bones ached for action! Especially the lower part.

In civil society, the apprehension of law and fear of being outcast reduces such crimes. But in a desolate place like the forest, the criminal-minded people had no such fear. This was especially true when such people find a fragile woman.

They would never expect that the girl they think to be fragile was not and currently she was boiling of rage inside.

Of course, for men like them, they wouldn't care if a woman was fierce. They believed the true fun was breaking a strong woman.

"Haah~ Those fools not even until now they understood that it was trap," Orpheus thought as he saw the lewd looks on the group.

"We can do it the easy way or the hard way," A bulky man spoke first.

He was wielding a sharp knife which he pointed at Lily.

"Result would be same, but if you cooperate, you can save yourself some pain, and even have fun," Another man said.

He wore a fierce looking black gauntlets in the form of metallic pincers. With just a snap, he could crush a tree into splinters. He was closer to middle rank origin master Level 5.

The men laughed in delight at the scene that was about to unfold. They were twelve and there was no way two youngsters would dare challenge them.

Even if they did, just how hard it would be to overpower them?!

Twelve thugs against two! Experienced old men vs young!

The result was very obvious and didn't even need much thought.

The group of thugs continued to smile, their eyes locked on Ashlyn, and they licked their lips greedily. They felt there couldn't be a better start to the day.

The cloaked lady's had brought them a gift on plates, and it would be rude if they didn't accept the gift. Not after waiting in ambush for minutes in this hot weather.

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