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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 181 Who’s Orpheus?

Immediately after waking up Lily gasped for breath.

''Ah! Ah! What was that? A fragmented memory from the past? My memory? and who is Orpheus?"

So many questions she had, she wished to be able to rush out barging into Orpheus's chamber and question him but she knew she couldn't act like that, it was unbefitting her status as a lady, first, she must calm down and put order into her mind and once she does this she would think about what to do next.

And the second princess of the Luxuria family got the perfect place to calm down and plan, the Rose garden, the scent of roses would perfectly calm her down.

It was how she slept in the garden in the middle of many roses until morning arrived.

The early morning sunlight, soft and diffuse, gives way to the first strong rays of the day, the ones that bring true warmth. In this light, water evaporates in slow waves, waves that eddy in the gentle breeze, flowing upward to white-puffed clouds, ships of white in the blue above. The opera from the trees becomes all the more powerful as if these golden rays are their conductor's wand, and together they are the song that calls forth the spring.

Orpheus arrived at the Rose garden and couldn't help but stop for a moment to admire the beautiful scenery before him, he couldn't be helped after all.

Sunlight kissed Lily's lips to a soft red and her white shone dazzlingly under the sunlight; it plays upon her dress, alighting softly upon her skin. Sunlight gave her eyes just the right glimmer as she drops them into her shoes. But there was something about her that makes him want to see her in the twilight, to wrap her in the velvet black of night and whisper sweetness into her ears.

''Good morning Lily.'' He finally greeted her after a moment of short pause and Lily who had just woken up responded.

''Oh! Morning Kyle but who's Orpheus?'' She immediately fired a question and Orpheus who did not expect this was momentarily frozen but he quickly reacted correcting his expression and this didn't escape Lily who had been observing him.

''Keep following me and follow my orders and maybe you can find who this Orpheus is,'' Orpheus said not adding anything else, he was waiting for Lily's response and soon she gave one. in𝒏𝚛𝗲𝚊𝗱.c𝑜𝐦

''You don't have to tell me as it's exactly what I'm planning to do but as to following your orders that will wait and we will see if you're worthy to be the leader.''

Orpheus said nothing because he knew she was trying to provoke him here and he was too lazy to play along.

Lily pouted seeing this but her expression quickly changed as she asked.

''Where are we heading next?"

''You will know soon but first, let's eat breakfast,'' Orpheus said before leading the way eager to taste his culinary skill Lily followed him.


Many hours later, evening arrived in a certain city.

Gilbert Inn was located in the central region outside of the city, just a few kilometers from the Ruin the duo would soon visit.

This Inn was a high-cost inn for rich treasure hunters and strong Origin masters.

The inn was a two-storied building with the best facilities that can be available in the region. Luxurious food, crystalline wine, fabulous lodge, and so on.

Lily and Orpheus sat across a circular wooden table in the dining area. He checked the menu and ordered the specialty dishes he wanted to try. Lily did the same after which she became silent.

The tables around them were filled with most professional teams. They were discussing local news such as beast tides, the auction in two days, the activities in the village protected by the guardian spirit, and the threat targetting men exclusively.

Orpheus wasn't really interested in the gossip so he tried to avoid listening. A girl around fifteen brought him the dishes they ordered. He expressed his thanks and the girl smiled in acknowledgment.

Lily took out money from the spatial ring and handed it to the girl. The girl was stunned and looked at the gold with wide eyes.

"Thank you, miss!" The girl made a deep bow in gratitude. She knew this amount was a tip since the two patrons here have a tab.

Orpheus was left in an awkward position. He only thanked her but Lily gave a large tip even before they had their meal. He felt embarrassed by his conduct.

The girl's eyes sparkled and she looked at him with expectations as she said. "Mr, you won't be stingy, right?"

"...." Orpheus scratched the back of his head before letting out a hollow laugh. He didn't care about money so he took three gold coins.

The girl tumbled down in disbelief. She has been working here for almost a year but rarely has she seen such generous patrons. She quickly grabbed the coins, thanked the two, and left the table with happy strides.

Lily chuckled but didn't say a single word like before and started her meal. She liked today's breakfast so much that she took many servings, it was one of the many reasons for their lateness to arrive in this city. She never thought something like that would have thus she was ashamed not knowing what to say, it would have been great if she knew how to cook but unfortunately, she couldn't cook.

A few minutes later, they were munching down on their dishes when the dining room suddenly turned silent. There was a complete pin-drop silence.

Surprised, Orpheus looked around and noticed a man and a woman at the entrance. The man was around 6.5 feet in height with a bald head. He was wearing a vest thanks to which his overly muscular arms were fully exposed. There were tattoos all over his body and his fists were covered with chains.

The woman. It was hard to describe her features since she was covered from head to toe. She was in a white gown that enveloped every part of her body.

If one looks carefully, one could see she has an hourglass figure. The problem was that no one truly dared to look at the man and woman. Everyone had lowered their heads in deep dread and had stopped enjoying their meal and drinks.

What shocked Orpheus and especially Lily was the insignia on the two chests, a star, the emblem of the Saint Star Academy.

Never could she have expected to encounter students from a rival school here, Lily's eyes immediately shone and she thought of something. She secretly take out her insignia and Orpheus chuckled upon seeing this, he was well aware of what this girl was trying to do.

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