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Crimson Overlord

Chapter 180 Fragmented Memory Of The Past 1

''What is thinking so heavily about let's eat or else it will be cold.'' Lily's voice brought Orpheus to reality.

''Ah! Sorry I was thinking about something for a second.'' He said before they began eating, the meal was delicious, so much that Lily had to ask for another serving, out of any restaurants she had visited this one's meal should be placed on top.

After they finished she said that the next time they shoulde together with Ella and Orpheus nodded with a smile. He was sure that she had something else behind her mind when making this suggestion however it doesn't matter because she would slowly fall into his hands, she had already started falling unknowingly. During the meal, she kept having those weird feelings as if she was about to grasp something but in the end, nothing happened to her disappointment.

After their return, Lily immediately went to sleep, she thought she was sleeping when she appeared somewhere. It was in the middle of a building, she seemed to be with someone. She could not see this person's face but Lily had the feeling that this man shared some similarities with Orpheus.

This room was large with many entrances and exits. There were many other sections besides the seating zones.

A few minutes later, the man and she walked through a crowd and arrived in a fairly open space. This place appeared to be an auction house and soon auction would be starting.

"I will check if private booths or premium seats are available," The man told her.

She nodded her head in understanding. He walked towards a booking desk for further enquires.

Meanwhile, Lily, or the woman she was at the moment because this woman was more mature than she silently stood near a pillar. She closed her eyes for temporary rest.

Just then, a voice came from behind.

"He is your man?"

Upon hearing the voice Lily turned towards the speaker. She saw a woman in either the late twenties or early thirties with an ivory skin tone, honey hair, and a healthy but slender build.

Lily's eyes focused on the jewelry on her earlobes for a moment. The jewelry was white, star-shaped earrings with red engravings in between.

"Cult of The Goddess of Life Mea.'' Lily identified what her earrings implied. For some reason, she felt funny like seeing believers.

"You are well-informed," The woman smiled and stepped forward.

"Forgive my manners. I'm******"

Lily looked at her for a moment before saying, "Mea"

The woman was shocked by her name but she was able to quickly get over this.

"I'm acquainted with Orpheus," The woman said. She was both right and wrong depending on one's definition of being acquainted. Lily was shocked, somehow this name had more impact on her psychic than expected but she calmed down because she was sure that what happening to her currently was a dream or memory of the past, either way, she would learn many through this.

Meanwhile, the woman was thinking about how she knew Orpheus, it was something that happened a few weeks ago, he was a womanizer back then and she was his victim that night, not that she disliked it, but she wanted to meet him again and try her luck.

Lily didn't reply or responded in anyways.

The woman let out a bitter smile. She was proud of her ability to read people but now she felt a headache.

Lily's face was expressionless and cold, or poker to be precise. Denisa hasn't seen any change in her face even before she started a conversation so she knew it was her natural expression.

"I saw you two close so I wondered if you werepanions," She once again said in the hopes of getting a response.

The woman Lily was possessing observed the woman for a moment before nodding her head.

"Lovers?" The woman frowned and asked. She has seen traces of warmth in her eyes when she saw Orpheus leaving her earlier. Now, that warmth was missing so she asked.

Lily shook her head.

"Ah!" The woman was stunned but she secretly sighed in relief.

"That's surprising," The woman said. "I believe a lovely girl like would not be lacking suitors."

Lily ignored herment and turned back.

The woman was left in an awkward position. Suppressing her inner embarrassment, she stepped next to her.

"Please forgive my behavior," The woman rested her back against the pillar.

"I usually don't interfere in the lives of others, much less being so outspoken but..."

She felt she was going against her natural personality. He didn't ask for any details nor tried to restrict her in anyways when she was leaving after having a wonderful time together.

"Anyways, I thought you two had something so I came to check," The woman offered a plausible explanation.

"Not like I have any right... I was curious, I guess."

Lily didn't reply but gave a slight nod of acknowledgment.

If it was a man, she would have been on guards, and most likely slapped him flying.

She has found most men were only interested in "rocking her world" even though she has no clear idea of what it meant. She felt whatever it was, it wasn't anything good given the lewd expression the men would have when they would mutter those words.

The woman looked in the distance where Orpheus was booking seats with a staff member.

"He is good, no, very good," The woman remarked with a knowing smile. "If you know what I mean."

The woman turned her head towards the twenty-one years old. She was dumbfounded to see a questioning expression on Lily's face.

"What do you mean?" Lily asked for the first time.

"..." The woman was left speechless. She felt sweat rising on her back as Lily continued to stare at her for an answer.

If she didn't know it better, she would have thought Lily was pretending to be innocent!

"Don't tell me she is a..." The woman wondered in her heart with shock.

She refused to believe no man ever tried to get in her pants. That was just impossible as far as she was concerned.

She looked back in Orpheus's direction and wondered why he didn't try. Recalling how he approached her for one night stand, she was sure he has skills in seduction.

'So this one is different, he has finally found the right one?' The woman smiled bitterly and this did not escape Lily's eyes.

'It's my first time in this world we discovered I'm - Eh? What?' Lily was shocked about this and before she could ponder this sentence she was forcibly dragged back to the real world.

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